Video: Bars in the Booth, Session 6 – Bumpy Knuckles
Wednesday November 26th 2014,
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Freddie Foxxx over a quality DJ Premier track.

Willie D vs. Melle Mel Boxing Footage Found
Wednesday September 04th 2013,
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I’ve been obsessed with finding out more info about this legendary event ever since I first read about it in The Source. Last year some highlight footage turned up, and now today we have some Yo! MTV Raps outtakes featuring more footage of Melle Mel getting his ass handed to him by the Clean-Up Man.

Fat Joe feat. Action Bronson – Your Honor
Sunday August 25th 2013,
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I’m 99% sure I’ve this Bronson verse on something else, but it’s always good to hear Fat Joe doing his token couple of CRC songs in between sporting his own version of Pitbull‘s Magical White Suit. Beat courtesy of DJ Premier.

Bumpy Knuckles and Statik Selektah – Animalistic
Wednesday October 03rd 2012,
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Freddie Foxxx comes off better than he has in a long while on this one. The new album certainly lives up to it’s title, as Ambition clocks in at 19 tracks deep…

Video: Footage of the 1st Annual Rapper’s Boxing Championships!
Thursday January 19th 2012,
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Thanks to the ultimate random find over at Gwar Izm, some footage of the 1st Annual Rapper’s Boxing Championships has been uncovered, 6 minutes into the above clip for the ‘Dance Energy Special 1992’. This legendary, one-off event was originally covered in The Source (scan) and has been a topic of amusement for me ever since. So much so that I felt compelled to ask Freddie Foxxx about his involvement:

10 Fat Joe Songs You Might Have Missed

Fat Joe has released ten albums? You’ve got to respect that kind of dedication, despite his fondness for shitty club music on three quarters of them. But regardless of the direction that he may taken over the years in order to survive in the music game, Crack has done pretty well for a guy who admits he couldn’t rap for shit when he started out and had to strong-arm himself into the spotlight. He once admitted that he knew he was wack back in the days, but no one had the heart to tell him when he grabbed the mic in case he broke their nose with a right hook. While his debut was carried by top-notch D.I.T.C. beats, by the time he delivered Jealous One’s Envy he had refined his Shout Rap style into something more convincing, and continued to display and great ear for music. Once Big Punisher came into the picture, Joe was forced to step his game up in a major way and ever since has made the most of his somewhat limited vocal talents. I was surprised to find that his latest, The Darkside, has a few burner’s on it. Even more shocking is the fact that Cool & Dre actually out-shined the Premier and Just Blaze contributions.

Anyways, I though this would be a good opportunity to throw a few of Joey’s less renown work out there. Beyond the posse cuts, ‘Twinz ’98’, ‘Flow Joe’ and ‘Lean Back’, here are some of the big fella’s finest moments:

Deja Vu
Friday January 08th 2010,
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A post I just read on a forum called Hip-Hop Utopia seems kinda familiar for some reason….

6 Reasons Why Hip Hop Is Gonna Be Booty In 2010…

M.O.P – I’m A Brownvillian
Saturday September 05th 2009,
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All bets are off. Run ya garments!

M.O.P –I’m A Brownvillian

Unkut Theatre Presents: Raekwon + Goonies X Joe Buddens Eye

A little something something I put together on my recently acquired Nintendo DSi using Flipnote

Video: Blaq Poet feat. MC Eiht and Young Marlay – Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed (Remix)

I fucks with a lotta old LA shit, so it’s good to see that dudes like Nipsey Hussle and Jay Rock bringing back that pre-G Funk era. And MC Eiht over a Premier beat again? Approved!

Also, here’s the latest from Nut-Rageous aka Nutso, produced by Reef.

Nut-Rageous feat. Jay Rock – ‘NYC To LA: Respect The Flow’

Unkut Vs. Combat Jack: EPMD = Great, But Not The Greatest

If you have even the slightest clue about this here rap shit, then you have to acknowledge the fact that Erick and Parrish pretty much had the game in motherfuckin’ headlock with their first four albums. They brought a brand new funk to the scene with Strictly Business, delivered cutting-edge beat science on Unfinished Business and executed a near-flawless B-Boy document with Business As Usual, while Business Never Personal showcased the mighty Hit Squad at the height of their powers while slapping the shit outta listeners with ultra-hard cuts like ‘Boon Dox’. Combat Jack is going to tell you that based on the strength of this discography they automatically qualify as rap’s ‘Dopest Duo’ (word to Craig G), but that’s not the whole equation. My main motivation behind the ‘M.O.P are the greatest’ declaration is the fact that they’ve outlasted everyone and are still bringing that heat. It soon became clear that the most effective way to illustrate the Mash Out Posse‘s superiority is through the classic Take An ‘L’ Comparison Test. Let’s get it in!

Unkut Vs. Combat Jack: M.O.P = Rap’s Greatest Duo

“M.O.P. are rap’s greatest duo….yeah I said it.” So I threw this out there the other day.

“Huh? This douchebag can’t be serious, can he?” Damn skippy, sonny. Yeah, Run and them are bigger than rap now and let’s be honest, they’re Hip-Hop’s Greatest Trio. Outkast? Meh, they don’t even appear on my radar. Bill and Fame have been delivering that uncut dope without fail ever since they strong-armed themselves into the rap game, regardless of how many times they’ve been cock-blocked by induckstry fuckery. They asked “How About Some Hardcore?” and rap fanatics answered ‘Fuck yeah!’ in no uncertain terms. EPMD might’ve dropped four certified classic albums in a row, but they’ve since tarnished their legacy with the gawd-awful dolo joints and the Days Of Our Lives type ‘make-up to breaks-ups’ shenanigans. When was the last time you rocked the last three Erick and Parrish albums? Exactly.

Rap’s Ultimate Tough Guy – Round 5
Thursday April 16th 2009,
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The search for hip-hop’s bare-knuckled champ continues…

Rap’s Ultimate Tough Guy – Round 4

Whether it’s turf talk or tough talk, these MC’s don’t need to talk trash. Actions speak louder than words as we continue to search for the Grandmaster of Gully.

Rap’s Ultimate Tough Guy – Round 3

Some shoot their mouth off, some just shoot you. Or better yet, punch you in the wind-pipe.

Rap’s Ultimate Tough Guy – Round 2

It’s one thing to talk tough in the recording booth, but who’s got the stones to take it outside?

Rap’s Ultimate Tough Guy – Round 1

All that gun talk is easy to throw around when you’re in the booth, but what about those MC’s who were able to back-up all the tough talk in the ring?

Blaq Poet – Too Strong

“I’m ready to name names – you lucky Preemo is cool with you lames!”

This vinyl-only exclusive is the best song I’ve heard this year – I’m non-progressive like that. Taken from the ‘Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed/Don’t Give A Fucc’ single on Year Round Records.

Blaq Poet – ‘Too Strong’

The Blaqprint tracklisting:

Crooked I Reads Prodigy Letter, Not Pleased

It seems that after HipHopDX did a post about the Prodigy Top 40 Letter that a certain comment about Slaughterhouse member Crooked I seems to have gotten back to him and as you might expect, he’s pissed. And wouldn’t you know it – he just happens to do a blog over at…yep – HipHopDX:

I read your letter and you disrespectfully mentioned my name. If you don’t know why Vibe magazine chose to put me in the Best Rapper Alive issue maybe you should have researched me before you wrote what you wrote. Since you have time on your hands, you should check out week 1 thru 52 of my historical Hip Hop Weekly series. Week 33 was a freestyle over your song ‘Get Away’ (one of my favorite Mobb Deep songs). All things considered, there is a price for speaking on a real nigga sideways. Out west we call this price a ‘fade’. I need you to catch my fade, in other words, fight me 1 on 1. Nobody else, just you and me. I’ll wait for your release date since I don’t forget about shit.

P.S. Do some push ups.

The fact that P doesn’t have internets access kinda makes this whole thing pointless unless one of his loyal Stans prints out Crook’s blog and mails it P in the bing, but let’s not get bogged down in the minor details.

On the plus side, this whole thing has given me a reason to listen to something by dude:

Blaq Poet – Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed Video
Monday February 16th 2009,
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5 Classic Willie D videos
Thursday February 05th 2009,
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Willie D – ‘Clean Up Man’

Freddie Foxxx – The Unkut Interview


There’s not much that Freddie Foxxx hasn’t done in his long career. Whether it’s working with all your favorite producers, stealing the show from big name MC’s with his legendary cameo spots or just plain knocking rappers out for charity, Bumpy Knuckles has got you covered. Fresh off the release of his shelved Crazy Like A Foxxx album through Fat Beats last year, Foxxx was ready to talk about his ups and downs in the rap game, as we discussed everything from the early days of Long Island to his battle with Kane.

How did Supreme Force come together?

We were just trying to emulate the Cold Crush 4. We were puttin’ together a crew of young, talented guys who ended-up sounding really good together. We used to do backyard parties, we had battles with other crews and were buildin’ up our stamina. When we heard Run-DMC it was a whole ‘nother level right there. I wanted to make records professionally at that point, and we all felt the same. We started off with two DJ’s and five rappers, then it ended up bein’ the two best crews who always battle in our town – we ended up merging those crews together – the best of each of each one. One of my DJ’s actually started rapping, so it was him – which was Cool CEasy E and myself were rappers, and we kept two DJs. Then I ended up gettin’ rid of the two DJs and goin’ to Queens and finding another DJ, and that’s when we made the first record.

What kind of a response did you have when that record came out on NIA? Did you get good feedback?

Not really, because we didn’t really have no promotion behind the record. Local cats knew it, everybody was happy we had a record out. We knew we existed at that point, and that’s what utilized it for.

Had you already known Eric B. before your solo album?

Nah. Eric wanted to sign me initially and I didn’t think that Eric was serious at first, but he kept sending the message to me that, even though he ended up working with Rakim, did I still wanna sign? So we finally ended up getting in the studio together. I actually produced Freddie Foxxx Is Here. Eric gave me a platform to produce it – it was his studio time. He used to tell me, ‘Just work until Rakim show up’. There were a few times that Rakim didn’t show up at all, for whatever reason. I just kept working and I ended up doin’ the album in a month.

Cutty From The Wire’s 2008 Rap Round-Up
Wednesday January 07th 2009,
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Dennis “Cutty” Wise (aka “Coach”) doesn’t take shorts. Whether he’s doing a 14-year stretch or working the heavy bag at his gym, this dude don’t eff around. That’s why he was the only possible contender to host Unkut’s 2008 Rap Round-Up. If you remember Bobitto‘s Blindfold Test column where he plays records and asks for a response then you know the deal here.

Prodigy – H.N.I.C. 2

Cutty: Mmm hmm, this boy curses too much, man! Got a real unsociable attitude, too. Kinda like that boy who done put two in me when I was tryin’ to talk to Michael on that corner. That song with some Spanish in it was OK, though. You know I picked up a few of those Spanish curse words from doin’ them lawns, sonny.

Krohme feat. Kool G Rap, Chino XL, C-Rayz Walz, Sean Price and Hell Razah – Goon Opera
Tuesday November 04th 2008,
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Krohme feat. Kool G Rap, Chino XL, C-Rayz Walz, Sean Price and Hell Razah – ‘Goon Opera’

That ‘Murder Goons’ break gets another go-around.

Video: Mash-Out Monday Live In Baltimore
Monday September 29th 2008,
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M.O.P ‘Stick To Ya Guns’ & ‘How About Some Hardcore’ Live In Baltimore

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