Capone-N-Noreaga feat. Tragedy Khadafi – Even If


The War Report crew bring back Grandmaster Vic for some of that Queens blend tape magic.

Tragedy Khadafi – Running
Tuesday November 25th 2014,
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New Tragedy Khadafi, from the Pre-Magnum Opus LP, due December 16th.

Video: Tragedy Khadafi feat. Starvin B and Royal Flush – Lazarus Pit

This ticks all the boxes for CRC approval:

– Trag and Royal Flush raps
– Non-progressive lyrical content
– Low budget video
– Classic loop

Video: Tragedy – The Story of Queensbridge [Full Movie]

For anybody that didn’t cop this when it dropped, this is mandatory viewing for any QB Rap fiends. Featuring Killa Sha, MC Tee, Blaq Poet, Capone, Havoc, Marley Marl and more.

Tragedy Khadafi – I Cried [Chemo Remix]
Monday September 05th 2011,
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Here’s a remix from Chemo out of the UK, taken from his forthcoming The Stomach of The Mountain LP.
Additional vocals by Ayah Marar, cuts by Mr Thing.

Album Review: Tragedy Khadafi – Thug Matrix 3
Monday September 05th 2011,
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The Thug Matrix series were originally mixtape CD’s issued by Trag‘s 25 Ta Life label, which were later bootlegged and then re-issued through Fastlife…although 2005’s Thug Matrix seemed to be mostly new tracks, so it gets confusing. There’s no doubt, however, that Thug Matrix 3 is all newest/latest material, weighing in at a lean 32 minutes over ten tracks, it certainly doesn’t outstay it’s welcome. Musically it’s a lot stronger than the last couple of CD’s The Foul Mahdi issued prior to his up north trip, and although Trag still retains many of his trademark catch-phrases he seems to have focused more on the political angle of his work and eased back on the gun talk, if that sort of thing matters to you.

In stark contrast to Prodigy, who saw seemed to have gotten lazier and more uninspired since his return (and has received far more media attention for everything except his music), Tragedy hasn’t missed a step and sounds more focused than he has in years. ‘Gorilla Warfare Status’ is a stand-out, featuring one of two posthumous appearances from Killa Sha, while Ayatollah supplies another quality backing for ‘Black Prince’ (which also shout-out’s Combat Jack) and Audible Doctor wins with ‘Outstanding’. Consider this a warm-up for the official LP, The Last Report, which I’m expecting to be a worthwhile addition to the legacy base don what I’ve heard here. Time will tell…

Cop it on iTunes.

Tragedy Khadafi – Ill-Luminous Flow
Monday August 01st 2011,
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Trag is back with the lead single from the Thug Matrix 3 project. Cop the song at iTunes if you’re fucking with it. The official album titled Last Report will follow soon afterwards…

Tragedy Khadafi – ‘Ill-Luminous Flow’ [stream]

Track listing for the new album follows…

Trag Invasion: Escaping The Matrix, Vol. 1 (Substance Over Form)
Tuesday March 01st 2011,
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As Unkut Dot Com returns from hiatus, what better way to set things off than the first installment of a new series of regular features written by QB Rap pioneer Tragedy Khadafi

The Intro

Rising above form and into substance…that’s what this is primarily about. Learning to think outside of the box and for some…outside of the block – as it relates to hip hop and life in general. We are officially in ‘that’ era where virtually anything is possible when applying the right information and utilizing the right kind of power…the people of Egypt manifested an aspect of that raw power in recent times by alleviating what they deemed as their ‘oppressor’, ultimately by acting upon knowledge. Does knowledge equate to power? Not exactly. Sure a lot of us have heard the cliché ‘knowledge is power’…but it’s a lot more to it than that…knowledge is nothing if not properly utilized or put into ACTIVATION. Just how the majority of hip hop is straight ‘zombie-music’ with no life in it because most of the vital information that has been released and or developed over the years is no longer being infused in the music we’re being fed, therefore the only thing where acting upon is MISINFORMATION. This basically means that the misinformation isn’t developing real knowledge for anyone to act upon which will produce real wealth and power in the lives/minds of the listener. And this produces no growth. Growth isn’t or shouldn’t just be equated to what an artist or entertainer in the industry is making dollar wise or generates based on sales. Because that isn’t really a sign of TRUE GROWTH. Just as a person’s wealth can’t be defined by the cars, jewelry, and or clothing they possess. But as stupid as it is, that’s exactly how a lot of us define wealth and growth.