Video: Willie The Kid – The Fly Movie Trailer
Monday April 29th 2013,
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Willie The Kid has got a short film dropping soon. As the current era demands, instead of a story about a dude coming home from jail and trying to stay out of trouble it’s about a masked rapper and a broad. He’s one of the nicest on mic devices right now but let’s see if The Kid has any acting chops…

A bartender in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has a secret identity. His past lover returns to town, after years of living in New York City, to investigate a story. Their rekindled romance entangles with the secret nature of the bartender’s alter-ego, The Fly—a renowned underground music artist and fan favorite, whose true identity is hidden from the world.

Video: Mobb Deep – Murda Muzik: The Movie
Thursday April 04th 2013,
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Big Noyd deserved an Oscar for his stellar work as a thespian in this fine cinematic masterpiece.

The Unkut Film Critic Reviews Kanye West’s Runaway
Tuesday November 09th 2010,
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Highly esteem film critic Rodger Tossenpot just submitted his thoughts on Kanye’s latest piece of ‘creative jeanious [sic].

No one man should have this much Power. The power to make me weep at the frailty of the human condition, laugh at our faults and marvel at the beauty of Great Art. Many dismissed the idea of Mr. West directing a short film as self-indulgent navel gazing, but only because haven’t experienced the majesty of his vision. Combining the story-telling prowess of the Brothers Grimm with the gritty edge of a young Scorsese, Mr. West has delivered our generation’s Citizen Kane via this 35 minute Rap Opera.

Unkut Theatre Presents: Raekwon + Goonies X Joe Buddens Eye

A little something something I put together on my recently acquired Nintendo DSi using Flipnote