Three Bizarre Incidents Involving Rap on British TV
Monday October 26th 2015,
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All of these clips are equal parts bizarre and amazing. The first features interviews with Schoolly-D and Mantronix while they were on tour in the UK, while overlaying ‘witty’ comments and alleged statistics about violence at rap shows in a manner which suggests that the producers of the segment were either taking the piss or genuinely concerned that hip-hop was going to corrupt the youf. Next up we have the always lovely Real Roxanne performing ‘Bang Zoom (Let’s Go)’ in front of a crowd of slightly confused children, before some of the braver kids are shoved onstage to ‘bust’ some moves of their own. Finally, we get to see the spikey-haired host declare that Full Fiorce is her favourite group during an episode of Music Box in 1986. Some fine work from the Beat of the Street You-Toob channel for bringing us these ‘special’ moments.

Kartoon Korner: Operation Doomsday and MM Food Sample Footage
Wednesday April 22nd 2015,
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You Toober Eddie Frank has pieced together the original footage which MF Doom used to create the memorable Operation: Doomsday and MM Food skits. Comic nerds and fans of poorly drawn animation, unite!

Searching For The Akafella – The Akinyele Video Collection


Inspired by this Martorialist Akineyele Deep Cuts compilation, I began to revisit some of Akafella’s later work, and it turns out that it’s a lot more entertaining now that the bitter taste of disappointment of him abandoning the genius of songs like “Exercise” and “Outta State” for endless variations of songs about poon have since been blotted out by years of excessive liquor consumption.

You may have read a few years back that Ak opened a strip club in Las Vegas called Lollypops and claimed to have clocked $5 million in the first week. According to some comment section gossip, which I always take as fact, “Last I knew he owns a strip club on Queens Blvd. in Queens, NY. He got he start due to a an accident he had years ago & won the lawsuit.” This was followed up by another blog of questionable validity posting this:

“Akinyele made up the story that LolliPop’s strip club made $5-Million in one week for press. His planned worked, but the dude who put up the money is pissed because Akinyele didn’t mention his name in the press. How the fuck can LolliPop’s make $ 5-Million in a week? The place is as big as a cupboard. Dude kicked Akinyele, out of the club and banned him from the spot. He ripped up the contract between him and Akinyele, but Akinyele is going to fight him in court. They did have an agreement between them.”

Back in 2008, Ak told AHH that he’s been in the game for a long time:

“Akinyele: Aww man. My first club I started in probably 1995. I got introduced to that whole game by a friend of mine. I did it first just for fun. Just thinking, “Hey I can probably get girls to come in here and dance,” and I did it for straight up p****y. Then I realized it was a business.”

As for his film work, of Aktapuss: The Sexcom, Amazon customer W. Curtis Mcdonald Jr. wrote:

“This movie was’nt even worth the postage…A few scene with some tight Sistas is the only reason I did’nt throw it out of the window !!!!”

According to this story from last month, Akinyele Adams can now be found working as the general manager of Disco Rick‘s infamous King of Diamonds strip club. Sadly, the reality show that was talked about a few years back never came to fruition…

Video: Mantronix On Kids TV Show In 1986 UK
Thursday November 28th 2013,
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All praise due to grandgood for unearthing this piece of YouTube gold. As you see, I learned everything I know about interviewing rapper dudes from the host of Lift Off.

Video: Joe Fatal Live at CBGB’s, 1992
Friday October 25th 2013,
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Some rare footage of Joe Fatal’s brief rapping career, at a showcase that also included Artifacts, YAGGFU Front, Total Pack, Hard 2 Obtain and Legion of D.U.M.E. I had to emancipate this from the original account since they deaded embedding. You can catch footage of the other performances over there.

Video: Degrassi Unscripted – The Drake Episode

Aubrey hangs out with his mom’s, sneaks his grand mother chocolate in between giving her daps, shows us his CD and shoe collection, drives his 2004 Acura, reads out some pretty creepy fan mail from a guy called Jason, shares some footage of his starring role in a local production of Les Miserables and pulls out his collection of tear-stained rhyme books. Bless his cotton socks!

Shouts to Grand Daddy IU for digging this up.

Video: Mobb Deep – Murda Muzik: The Movie
Thursday April 04th 2013,
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Big Noyd deserved an Oscar for his stellar work as a thespian in this fine cinematic masterpiece.

Video: Live Squad – Game of Survival: The Movie
Thursday March 21st 2013,
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Stretch, Majesty, K-Lowe and Biggy Smallz of the Live Squad ensured that no shorts for this outstanding VHS exclusive which features random shootings, babies getting thrown out of windows, contact killings and hooker executions. Poor old Stretch also took the fall for Tupac getting shot and robbed in New York, which allegedly resulted in his execution exactly twelve months later.

Part 2:

Video: DJ Clark Kent, Large Professor and Pete Marriott Debate Sampling at the NMS, 1993
Wednesday March 20th 2013,
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Pete Marriott gets a spirited defense of sampling in hip-hop courtesy of DJ Clark Kent, while Large Professor chimes in as well in this vintage New Music Seminar footage from 1993.

Ralph McDaniels – The Unkut Interview, Part 2

ralph mcdaniels 2

Continuing the session with Video Music Box legend Uncle Ralph McDaniels, he discusses his Classic Concept Productions music video company, dealing with the competition, working on the movie Juice, his Lifer’s Group documentary and why $amhill is ahead of his time.

Robbie: When did it get to the stage where Video Music Box became your full-time job?

Ralph McDaniels: Eventually the station was like, “You’ve got to make a choice. You’re either going to be an engineer or you’re going to do Video Music Box”. From that point on, that was my full-time thing. On the show it was Ralph McDaniels and The Vid KidLionel Martin – he was a guy I grew-up with, who went on to direct some of the best hip-hop and R&B videos in the 80’s and 90’s. I produced and directed, but he directed more than me because I was doing Video Music Box more at the time. We formed a company called Classic Concept Productions. Some of the first videos that we did were MC Shan “Left Me Lonely”, Roxanne Shante “Roxanne’s Revenge”. We worked a lot with Cold Chillin’ Records, so all of Biz Markie’s first videos, all of Big Daddy Kane’s first videos, Kool G Rap and Polo. If it wasn’t for Cold Chillin’, I don’t know if we’d have been as successful in the video business. Before the Genius was the GZA, we did his early videos, Masta Ace, “The Symphony” for Marley Marl. We started to move into some R&B stuff, all of the Bel Biv Devoe stuff. I did all the X-Clan videos, I did Wu-Tang Clan “C.R.E.A.M”, Raekwon “Ice Cream”.

Ralph McDaniels – The Unkut Interview, Part 1


“Uncle” Ralph McDaniels is an institution in New York hip-hop. Creating the city’s first music video show – Video Music Box – in 1983, he delivered rap videos, concert footage and interviews years before Yo! MTV Raps and Rap City hit the airwaves. He was also involved on the other side of the camera, producing and directing music videos for the Juice Crew, Nas and Wu-Tang Clan amongst others. Celebrating thirty years on the air this month, Uncle Ralph took some time out to discuss how he started off his career as a DJ, the birth of music videos and the impact of filming Fresh Fest 2 in the first part of our interview.

Robbie: Where did you grow-up?

Ralph McDaniels: I grew-up in Brooklyn and then I moved to Queens as a teenager, and that’s where my music really took off. In Brooklyn I was young, but I was influenced by my family, they’re Caribbean and American, so we listened to all types of music in the house. We listened to soca, we listened to reggae, we listened to R&B, we listened to soul music. By the time I got to Queens and started getting some type of DJ set-up in my house, then I could play new music that I listened to and that’s how that whole thing jumped off. When I went to college, I moved back to Brooklyn.

How did you get your start in music?

It was me and my partner, Lionel Martin. Back then, he was called DJ Trip. We had a crew we used to call The Brothership – don’t ask, it’s a crazy name. We started doing clubs, and my first gig in a club was a place called The Blue Ice. People used to pack it in, 300-400 people. That was a lot to me. Back in the days when DJ’s would play, there would be a band, and the band would be the headliner. The DJ was secondary, and then after a while the DJ became the headliner because the promoters didn’t want to pay for a band. Around that time I met Russell Simmons, he lived in our neighborhood and he was a party promoter. They were called Rush parties. Somehow he started working with these record companies and he started becoming a record promoter.

Video: LL Cool J Live In 1985

Amazing footage of Ladies Love Cool James rocking a school gym. “Mommy, what’s a super sperm?”

Youtube user Kodiak Starr writes: “LL Cool J at age 17 and DJ Cut Creator perform live. 1985, Colby College, Waterville Maine. 5 months before Radio was released. My dad tried to get RUN DMC, but could not afford them, so Def Jam told him he should bring up LL Cool J”.

You can also catch a painful rendition of “Memories” at the 19 minute mark.

Video: Black, Rock and Ron – You Can’t Do Me None [1990]
Tuesday January 22nd 2013,
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Watch Black Rock and Ron drive around in a limo and rap over “To Be Real.” Please note the extra deep V-neck sweaters, Ron Scratch’s portable drum machine and their dancers sporting the world’s most colorful overalls. Just remember kids, “When it comes to skeezers, I lay pipe like a piper!”