Video: Kingz Konnected – Value of Adaption
Thursday November 26th 2015,
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Here’s the first video the Corrupted Citizens LP, courtesy of a couple of thuns from down this end of the planet who I’ve enjoyed copious amounts of booze with on occasion. Video executed by Josh Davis and Heath Kerr.

Three Bizarre Incidents Involving Rap on British TV
Monday October 26th 2015,
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All of these clips are equal parts bizarre and amazing. The first features interviews with Schoolly-D and Mantronix while they were on tour in the UK, while overlaying ‘witty’ comments and alleged statistics about violence at rap shows in a manner which suggests that the producers of the segment were either taking the piss or genuinely concerned that hip-hop was going to corrupt the youf. Next up we have the always lovely Real Roxanne performing ‘Bang Zoom (Let’s Go)’ in front of a crowd of slightly confused children, before some of the braver kids are shoved onstage to ‘bust’ some moves of their own. Finally, we get to see the spikey-haired host declare that Full Fiorce is her favourite group during an episode of Music Box in 1986. Some fine work from the Beat of the Street You-Toob channel for bringing us these ‘special’ moments.

Street Smartz feat. Sadat X – How It Used To Be
Wednesday October 21st 2015,
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As far as Get Off My Lawn Rap goes, this does the trick. Produced by Jay.En.P and directed by T.D. Hoople.

Video: Large Pro – New Train Ole Route
Monday October 05th 2015,
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Latest video from the Re:Living LP.

Video: Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire – Ice Cups b/w Anthony Mason
Friday October 02nd 2015,
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Produced by Constrobuz.

Video: Erick Sermon feat. Method Man and Redman – Clutch
Monday September 28th 2015,
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Where Keith Murray at?

Video: Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire – Sweet Chick
Thursday September 24th 2015,
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eXquire gives this Alchemist track a thorough rinsing.

Video: Agallah – T.R.O.P. [They Reminisce Over P]
Tuesday September 15th 2015,
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Agafella dedicates this one to the late, great Sean Price.

Video: Sean Price feat. Illa Ghee – Figure More
Thursday September 03rd 2015,
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Respect due.

Bonus: Footage of the Sean Price Memorial Show at S.O.B.s:

Video: Food Warriors – Broadway Junction
Tuesday August 25th 2015,
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Raf and Dallas discover that Broadway Junction is a food wasteland as they continue their quest to find the best spots to eat on the A line.

Awesome Dre > Eminem
Wednesday August 12th 2015,
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I always wondered why Detroit’s Awesome Dre had a song going at Kool Moe Dee on his highly enjoyable 1989 album, You Can’t Hold Me Back. Now that I’ve heard his second single, it makes a little more sense. It appears that Dre took it upon himself to fire shots at both LL Cool J and Moe Dee on separate songs. This mystery was finally solved when Werner interviewed Dre in 2009:

Video: Cole James Cash feat. Spit Gemz and Chris Rivers – Akuma VS Gouken
Wednesday August 12th 2015,
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I posted this by accident the other day with the Soundcloud but apparently it’s now authorized because reasons.

Video: THE MTN MAN – The Alligator’s Belly
Monday August 03rd 2015,
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Some new Jersey action, produced by K-Def. Video shot ad directed by richdirection.

Video: The Wiresons
Tuesday July 28th 2015,
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Casimir sez:

Theme from Season 3 of The Wire. Clips from ONLY Season 3 of The Simpsons.

Whistle – From Rap Group To New Jack Swingers
Wednesday July 22nd 2015,
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Forgive me if this is common knowledge, but I only just realized that the group Whistle, best known for their 1985 hit ‘(Nothing Serious) Just Buggin,’ released four albums on the Select label. Jazzy Jazz, Kool Doobie and DJ Silver Spinner were the original line-up, with Kraze and Terk joining in ’90 after Jazzy Jazz Doobie broke north. At this point they abandoned rapping altogether and got on some Boyz II Men type shit for their third album Always and Forever. By the time 1992 rolled around, the crew was riding the Bel Biv Devoe wave and broke out the mustard hooded t-shirts to join the New Jack Swing movement bfore they rode off into the sunset.

While Whistle were doing R&B style love songs as far back as their first Howie Tee and Kangol produced debut album, it’s always amusing to watch groups adapt to the times. Although I guess it’s no worse than how Heavy D & The Boyz or Prince Markie Dee flipped their sound. Whistle should also be remembered as having recorded one of the worst Christmas rap songs ever.

Video: Ghostface Claps Back At Action Bronson
Monday July 20th 2015,
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Ouch. Let’s give them four minutes each over ‘Impeach’ to settle this.

Pretty Tone Capone Is A Great Man
Friday July 10th 2015,
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When Pretty Tone Capone went for delf and landed a deal with Def American subsidiary Ill Labels imprint, he unloaded the excellent ‘Case Dismissed’/’Kidnapped’ single and the slightly less amazing ‘Across 110th Street’ before Rick Rubin presumably decided he was bored with rap. Tone’s Mob Style crew were infamous for being gangsters who rapped as opposed to rappers who pretended to be gangsters, and as the ‘Case Dismissed’ video demonstrates, there’s no need to wear a shirt to court if you have enough juice.

Video: Diamond D feat. Scram Jones – I Ain’t The One To Fuc Wit
Thursday July 09th 2015,
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Video number nine from The Diam Piece.

Video: Da Buze Bruvaz – Dos Equis
Saturday June 27th 2015,
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As featured on the Straight Shotz In Dirty Glassez EP, out now on Chopped Herring


Magnum Opus: The Making of Gang Starr’s ‘Mass Appeal’
Thursday June 25th 2015,
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Complex keeping it one hunned with this mini doc about the classic Guru and Premier single.

Video: The Doppelgangaz – Rox Wid Her
Thursday June 25th 2015,
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Taken from the free Parts Unknown EP.

Video: Czarface – The Great (Czar Guitar)
Saturday June 20th 2015,
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Great to hear the Rebel INS over the production he deserves again.

Video: Dr. Yen Lo feat. Roc Marciano – Day 81

Newest video from the year’s best rap album.

Video: Grand Daddy I.U – My Neck of the Woods
Tuesday June 16th 2015,
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P.I.M.P is available now.

Video: TheBeeShine Cypher #6 – T La Rock, Silver Fox and Kool DJ Red Alert
Thursday May 28th 2015,
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Great to see Terry and Fox in action again with Uncle Red on the decks.