Non-Rapper Dudes Series – Spencer Bellamy Interview
Monday February 03rd 2014,
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After coming up with Howie Tee as DJ and then producer, Spencer Bellamy started East Flatbush Project and released a series of quality records on his own 10/30 Uproar label at the beginning of the mid 90′s independent hip-hop vinyl movement. Best known for being the man responsible for the legendary “Tried By 12″ instrumental, Spencer talks about the ups and downs of his experiences in the rap game.

Robbie: Can you tell me about how you started off with Howie Tee?

Spencer Bellamy: He used to have a crew called Count Disco. We were a local crew – myself, his brother and Howie would DJ – and then he had the MC’s, the Sureshot 4 MC’s, so they would do their routines. I hooked-up with him when I was around eleven years old. We played together for a few years and then we just became cool. After he cut-out of deejaying and went more into the production side of it, I would just watch what he would do. I was kinda like an apprentice, so to speak. From there, I tried my hand at production.

Video: The 45 King Discusses His Heart Attack Recovery
Sunday February 02nd 2014,
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45 King is back home and trying to stay off the Newports. Salutes!

Video: DJ Skizz feat. Big Twins – Poison

Everyone’s favorite gravel-voiced QB trooper heads to LA for the clip from this stand-out last year’s BQE album from DJ Skizz.

Video: Roc Marciano feat. Knowledge The Pirate – Slingers
Friday January 31st 2014,
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Clip for this Pimpire Strike Back track with The Pirate. Vinyl for this album is dropping on the 18 Feb and can be pre-ordered over here.

Video: Willie The Kid and Bronze Nazareth – The Guilt
Thursday January 30th 2014,
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The Kid refuses to slow down as he continues to supply us with that work. This is from The Living Daylights project with Bronze Nazareth, which drops 11 Feb.

Video: The Food Warriors – 207th Street
Thursday January 30th 2014,
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Dallas and Rafi investigate the best place to catch a feed near the 207th Street (Inwood) A train station New York City.

Video: Illa Ghee feat. Lil’ Fame – Salute The General
Thursday January 30th 2014,
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Ghee and Fizzy take Hoody Rap into the great outdoors for this DJ Skizz produced effort.

Video: The Doppelgangaz – Holla x2
Tuesday January 14th 2014,
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“Shorty teeth lookin’ like her tongue in jail”. Peace Kehd drops next month.

Video: Cappadonna – Winter Warz
Tuesday January 14th 2014,
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Nothing says, “OK guys, I give up!” like recording the video to your most acclaimed verse 18 years later. That being said, someone throws an old TV on the ground!

Video: J-Zone – Crib Issues
Monday January 13th 2014,
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Here’s the second MS Paint style video from the excellent Peter Pan Theory LP, as Zone explains why it’s always better to smash at your own spot for the home-field advantage and lack of cats.

Video: Royal Flush – Grand Capo Album Preview
Thursday January 09th 2014,
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Royal Flush – who hasn’t missed a step in terms of that buttery Flushing, Queens delivery since he dropped the amazing Ghetto Millionaire in 1997 – is finally dropping a new album next month called Grand Capo. Shit sounds correct based off of this video, especially the first track…

Video: Money Boss Inc. – Blam Blam
Thursday January 02nd 2014,
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Even though this P Brothers song dropped in 2006, it’s still great enough to warrant a video eight years later. Also note that Eddie Cheeba and Trey Bag have changed their name back from Boss Money Gangsters to Money Boss Inc. and have removed the outro and all references to Nottingham in this version.

Video: Willie The Kid – The Pleasantries / Moving Forward
Tuesday December 17th 2013,
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“I’m spilling Jamesone, naming the famous cities I’ve been”. Video for two tracks from the Aquamarine tape.

Video: Food Warriors: Jay Street – MetroTech
Wednesday December 11th 2013,
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Dallas and Rafi scope out the best grub near the Jay Street – Metrotech A train station in New York City. Great to see that the fellas are sticking to CRC-approved attire with the polo and rugby steez on deck.

Video: Marco Polo feat. The Doppelgangaz – R U Gonna Eat That
Thursday December 05th 2013,
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The Groggy Pack and Bambi Rose are gafflin’ for left-overs on this cut from Marco Polo‘s PA 2: The Director’s Cut, which has a series of collectible vinyl editions available through Slice of Spice soon.