Video: Meyhem Lauren and Buckwild feat. Action Bronson – 100 MPH
Saturday March 14th 2015,
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Straight Queens flourishments.

Strong City Released Four Videos?
Wednesday March 11th 2015,
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Four of Jazzy Jay‘s Strong City groups released an album during the Uni Records distribution deal – Ice Cream Tee, Busy Bee, Don Baron and Nu Sounds. I vaguely remember owning the Mackin’ album at some stage but not really enjoying anything off it, and listening back now it’s clear that these guys were totally run-of-the-mill. Still, considering their modest talents they did well to have two videos shot, get Afrika Bambaataa to chant the hook, rent some colorful suits and still have enough left over to hire some hawt cheerleaders and video skeezers. ‘Condition Red’ is a slightly better track if you enjoy distorted phone crank callers, otherwise notable for being Skeff Anslem‘s first production credit.

Video: Kool G Rap – All Elements Radio Interview
Monday March 09th 2015,
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DJ J-Ronin talks to G Rap about his legacy, his old school influences, meeting Big Pun, his friendship with Grand Daddy I.U. and more. Plus KGR mentions that his next LP is titled Hustler’s Bible.

Video: Agallah The Don – Somebody Tell Me
Friday March 06th 2015,
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This beat is too ill.

Video: Diamond D – Superman
Friday March 06th 2015,
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Salutes to DJ Scratch for keeping those drums loud.

Video: Willie The Kid – Sweet Sorrow
Friday March 06th 2015,
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Clip from 2014’s The Living Daylights.

Video: Trailer for the Mr. Wave documentary
Tuesday February 17th 2015,
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WAVE: A True Story In Hip Hop is clearly a film that Mr. Wave had made about himself rather than an impartial documentary, but it looks like it will have some rare footage worth checking out.

Video: K-Hill & Debonair P – Whenever I Write
Thursday February 05th 2015,
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The new video from K-Hill, who appeared on Counterstrike 2 with Ominscence. His new EP with Debonair P is available on vinyl here.

Video: Uncle Murda – Rap Up
Wednesday February 04th 2015,
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I’ve got to admit, Murda took Mad Skillz whole gimmick and bodied it. If he does another one of these next year it will remove the need to ever read a TMZ Rap Blog ever again!

Video: Diamond D feat. Grand Daddy I.U. – The Game
Monday January 26th 2015,
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One of the best tracks from The Diam Piece gets a video, directed by Pritt Kalsi.

Video: Food Warriors – Nostrand Avenue
Tuesday January 13th 2015,
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Season finale of Raf and Dallas’ quest for the best food near the train station.

Video: Chairman Mao Interviews Marley Marl [RBMA Tokyo 2014 Lecture]
Monday January 05th 2015,
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This slipped past me last year. No explanation required as to why this is required watching/listening.

Video: Psycho Les – Show Me Thoze!
Monday December 29th 2014,
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Psycho Les carries on Beatnuts tradition with this dedication to racks.

Video: Positive K Performing Stand-Up Comedy
Friday November 28th 2014,
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I was directed to this in the comment section of my Pos K interview last year by hotbox but forgot to post it. Take my wife…please!

Video: Bars in the Booth, Session 6 – Bumpy Knuckles
Wednesday November 26th 2014,
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Freddie Foxxx over a quality DJ Premier track.

Video: Your Old Droog – Nutty Bars
Tuesday November 25th 2014,
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If you need me, I’ll be hanging around the comment section of this video until that crab who insists that Droog is ‘miming’ his rhymes turns up.

Spotted at ego trip.

Video: Diamond D feat. Pete Rock – Only Way 2 Go
Tuesday November 25th 2014,
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Two ‘Best Producer’s On The Mic’ connect, politic, ditto.

Video: Food Warriors – 59th Street, Columbus Circle
Thursday November 20th 2014,
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Has Midtown got any got spots to chow down? Will the IC’s dine on swine or take the ‘healthy option’?

Video: Food Warriors – 125th Street
Tuesday November 18th 2014,
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Shout out to your boy with the parrot on his shoulder as the IC’s continue to explore Harlem spots to grab grub from.

Video: Food Warriors – 145th Street
Wednesday November 05th 2014,
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Dallas drops bars while Rafi keeps it CRC all day with his tucked shirt steez as the IC’s investigate grub up in Harlem.

Video: Royal Flush – Autobiography
Sunday October 19th 2014,
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Flush and Grand Papa Tra provide a clip for this stand-out from the Grand Capo LP.

Video: Ruc Da Jakel aka Mr. QB feat. Tragedy Khadafi – QB’s Own
Sunday September 28th 2014,
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New joint from Roc Da Jakel‘s I Am Queensbridge project, featuring Tragedy.

Searching For The Akafella – The Akinyele Video Collection


Inspired by this Martorialist Akineyele Deep Cuts compilation, I began to revisit some of Akafella’s later work, and it turns out that it’s a lot more entertaining now that the bitter taste of disappointment of him abandoning the genius of songs like “Exercise” and “Outta State” for endless variations of songs about poon have since been blotted out by years of excessive liquor consumption.

You may have read a few years back that Ak opened a strip club in Las Vegas called Lollypops and claimed to have clocked $5 million in the first week. According to some comment section gossip, which I always take as fact, “Last I knew he owns a strip club on Queens Blvd. in Queens, NY. He got he start due to a an accident he had years ago & won the lawsuit.” This was followed up by another blog of questionable validity posting this:

“Akinyele made up the story that LolliPop’s strip club made $5-Million in one week for press. His planned worked, but the dude who put up the money is pissed because Akinyele didn’t mention his name in the press. How the fuck can LolliPop’s make $ 5-Million in a week? The place is as big as a cupboard. Dude kicked Akinyele, out of the club and banned him from the spot. He ripped up the contract between him and Akinyele, but Akinyele is going to fight him in court. They did have an agreement between them.”

Back in 2008, Ak told AHH that he’s been in the game for a long time:

“Akinyele: Aww man. My first club I started in probably 1995. I got introduced to that whole game by a friend of mine. I did it first just for fun. Just thinking, “Hey I can probably get girls to come in here and dance,” and I did it for straight up p****y. Then I realized it was a business.”

As for his film work, of Aktapuss: The Sexcom, Amazon customer W. Curtis Mcdonald Jr. wrote:

“This movie was’nt even worth the postage…A few scene with some tight Sistas is the only reason I did’nt throw it out of the window !!!!”

According to this story from last month, Akinyele Adams can now be found working as the general manager of Disco Rick‘s infamous King of Diamonds strip club. Sadly, the reality show that was talked about a few years back never came to fruition…

Video: The Alchemist – Shut The Fuck Up
Tuesday September 16th 2014,
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Roffle Harris at this video. Rapper’s Best Friend 3 drops 30 September. Video directed by Jason Goldwatch.

Video: Timeless Truth – Out of the Loop

Catch the crew at Webster Hall on 3 September. Taken from the Dominican Diner EP.