Searching For The Perfect Remix: Da Beatminerz

What’s the greatest remix in rap? Tough question. A lot of people might say Pete Rock‘s remix of ‘Shut ‘Em Down’, but I figure the best way to narrow down the field is to group it by artist or crew for each round. You might want to grab some popcorn, this could take a while…

Mr. Walt & DJ Evil Dee are the foundation of Da Beatminerz crew, even though it’s membership has at various stages included Baby Paul, Rick Black, Chocolate Ty. and even Aaron “Freedom” Lyles and Ike Lee for the ‘Poppa Large’ remix (which Walt and Evil Dee weren’t involved with so I’m excluding it). While the crew has delivered some of their strongest work on original projects, they’ve also laced some top-notch remixes over the years. Here are eight of the best:

Final: What Is Show’s Greatest Beat?

Let’s get this decided…it’s pretty clear that this is basically ‘Spit’ vs. ‘Sound of Da Police’ based on previous results. If I was a betting man, I’d have my cash on the Blastmasta. But I’ve been wrong before – maybe one of the wild card entries will seize victory?

Round 3: What Is Show’s Greatest Beat?

Truth be told, the entire Runaway Slave album should be nominated for Show‘s greatest work with Andre The Giant, but since I’m sticking to the script of ten per round, that’s not going to happen. I don’t want to sway the votes here, but you’d be hard-pressed to find better beats than ‘Medicine’ and ‘Stand Strong’ in any producers discography.

Round 2: What Is Show’s Greatest Beat?

For the second round knock out, let’s focus on the work Showbiz was contributed to his D.I.T.C. peoples. The final round will of course be dedicated to his classic work with Andre The Giant

Round 1: What Is Show’s Greatest Beat?

Mistakes were made in the last ‘Search For The Best Beat’ feature…namely, Alchemist has too may cot damn tracks! This time I’ve selected a producer who is a little more restrained in terms of his musical output, but still a beast on the beat – the Bronx Bomber himself, Show. While his early work featured a signature sound that was easily identifiable, Show’s style developed into a tighter, more refined minimalism by the time Goodfellas was released. While the majority of his work has been with his Diggin’ In The Crates crew and Wildlife, he’s contributed tracks for a select few over the years. The first round is dedicated to production outside of his immediate D.I.T.C. circle. Hopefully we can get this one sorted out in three round this time.

The Search For The Alchemist’s Best Beat – Final Round

This risked dragging on forever, so let’s quit while we’re ahead. I’ve taken the top two from each round and added a couple of wild card entries. I also can’t understand how only seven people voted for the perfection that is the beat for Big Twins’ ‘Wanna Be Down’…regardless, let’s get this get this over and done with.


The Search For The Alchemist’s Best Beat – Round 3

There have been a lot of tracks suggested that I haven’t included because…I just like these shit’s better. As Shakespeare once said, ‘My bad’. Here are another ten winners from the brother with a haircut you can set your watch to.

The Search For The Alchemist’s Best Beat – Round 2

For the second round I’ve chosen the best ten suggestions from the last bunch of comments. The third installment will probably be more obscure or slept-on shit. It’s also pretty clear that ALC saves most of his best work for his boys from the Mobb

The Search For The Alchemist’s Best Beat – Round 1

Alan The Chemist disproves the theory that weed smokers are unproductive, as his discography of around 450 retail tracks goes to show. The tough part is figuring out what his finest work had been so far. To set things off, here are ten ALC beats that win, as selected off the top of my head. More to follow tomorrow…

Best Rap Catch Phrase – Final Round
Tuesday February 16th 2010,
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Although Jadakiss and Flavor Flav took top honors in the first and second rounds with 17% and 26% of the vote respectively, just to keep shit interesting I thought I’d give the runners-up from each a second chance, and throw in the Thug Life president for shits ‘n gigs. Now’s your chance to go for gold, Jeezy fans!

What Is Rap's Best Trademark?

  • Jadakiss - AH-HEARGH! (28%, 325 Votes)
  • Flavor Flav - YEEAAAHH BOYYEEEEEE! (26%, 304 Votes)
  • Too $hort - BEEYITCH! (25%, 290 Votes)
  • Young Jeezy - YEEEEAAAHHHHH! (15%, 170 Votes)
  • Tupac - HOLLA IF YOU HEAR ME!!!! (5%, 62 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,151

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Best Rap Catch Phrases – Round 2
Monday February 08th 2010,
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Sure, most of these are noises/adlibs/back-ups rather than ‘catch phrases’…but you say tomato juice, I say vodka.

Snoop fans please note: the man is a walking catch phrase – there’s no way to narrow it down to just one.

What Is Rap’s Greatest Catch Phrase? – Round 1
Friday February 05th 2010,
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In an attempt to stand-out from the crowd in the ever-expanding rap world, many rappers have adapted catchy phrases and ad-libs. Some are memorable, some are annoyingly addictive and others…not so much. Here’s some of the first ones that we thought of…thanks to Legend for the assist.

Who Is The Best Producer On The Mic? – Grand Finale
Wednesday December 16th 2009,
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So let’s just say that the results from the first two rounds of this survey have been a combination of disturbing, disgusting and just plain disgraceful. But that’s what happens when you run a poll sometimes – you can’t control who votes for these things once they’re let loose over the intehnets. In this case, it would appear that a bunch of ringers that consider fruit-flavored rap to be the truth decided to drop by and eff shit up. Instead of just pitting the winners of the first two rounds against each other – Kanye West with a staggering 57% of the votes from Round One, and Q-Tip with a respectable 28% in the Second – I’ve decided to include the top 3 from each, which at least gives the voters the opportunity to redeem themselves with a more deserving winner. Failing that, I could always just rig this shit….

Final Round:

Who Is The Best Producer On The Mic? Grand Finale

  • Q-Tip (22%, 144 Votes)
  • The RZA (18%, 118 Votes)
  • DOOM (18%, 117 Votes)
  • Kanye West (16%, 100 Votes)
  • Diamond D (13%, 85 Votes)
  • Wildcard: Pimp C (7%, 42 Votes)
  • Havoc (6%, 38 Votes)

Total Voters: 644

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Previous Results:

Who Is The Best Producer On The Mic? – Round 2
Wednesday December 09th 2009,
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Seems like a few of you are pretty butt-hurt about the first round. Ha ha ha….jokes on you jack! We made another round! Since there was also a lot of confusion over the initial criteria, I’ve decided to extend the definition from producer’s who later rapped to anyone who is as respected for his beats as his rapping, so that all the DOOM stans don’t jump out the window.

Who Is The Best Producer On The Mic? – Round 1
Tuesday December 08th 2009,
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Tough question. Made even more difficult by the fact that many rapper’s have made beats for themselves, but aren’t necessarily classed as ‘producers’. KRS-One was credited as having produced most the early BDP records, but he also had DJ Doc and D-Nice helping out with the programming – so does he qualify here? Not really, because otherwise this could take for forever. To keep shit simple, I’m only including dudes who were known for their beats before they rapped or are more widely recognized for their MC status, which excludes people like Schoolly-D, Biz Markie and Lord Finesse.

Champagne = Still For Dames
Thursday November 26th 2009,
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I fucking detest champagne. I don’t care if it’s that $10,000 a bottle type of bubbly, it’s still trash. Sure, it’s a good ice-breaker to impress a piece of skirt at a club, but when it’s time for some classic man-style drinking, it’s not time to be popping bottles. If history has taught us anything, it’s that the best way to get effed-up on booze is the classic neat whiskey with a beer chaser. No sweet shit, no bits of fruit floating around your glass – just the facts, ma’am. Personally, I’m rolling with your classic Jameson. Not that extra aged joint, either – just the regular version. Combine that with a case of Heineken tall cans or some Budejovicky Budvar and you’re ready to getitin. Considering that drinking has now replaced breaking as the third element of hip-hop, it seems like an ideal time to get a feel for what everyone is guzzling on when it’s time to dumb-out, get numb and try to get some. All teetotalers and Corona sippers please wait outside while us grown folks are talking.

What’s your choice of liquor when it’s time for a bender?

Lil’ Fame: No Beat Biter
Wednesday September 16th 2009,
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Sure, it was good for a laugh when the fake Lil’ Fame post appeared in response to the accusation of beat jacking. And yeah, there was always a strong possibility that it was bullshit, but this being the intehnets, it was worth running the story anyway. It’s since been revealed that it was all a mix-up by M.O.P‘s managed Laz-E-Laze, who hurriedly scribbled the credits together to make the album deadline. The producer of the track, Kil, has excitedly explained that he spoke to Fizroy over the phone, and everything’s gravy, so anyone who was planning to burn the new M.O.P CD in the streets as a form of protest – stand down.

While we’re on the topic, which of the blockbuster September albums are you planning to (or have already) bought?
Note: You can vote more than once.

Which rap records are you buying this month?

View Results

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Can A Grown Man Still Be A Rap Fan?
Monday August 24th 2009,
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Is there anybody over the age of twelve who’s actually willing to admit to being a fan (or, in the more extreme cases, a Stan) of any rappers these days? Now that everyone is a producer, MC, DJ, blogger and CEO of their own ‘entertainment group’, is there still room for those of us who aren’t teenage girls to be fans of the music? Personally, I don’t mind admitting that I’m a fan of certain artists (and nearing Stan status with a couple), but at the same time no one wants to come off like a groupie…it can be a fine line.

But what exactly is it that defines a fan? To hear Ghostface tell it, you have to cop his latest album and produce it on demand when he performs in your town. If so, does that mean that Slaughterhouse only have 18,000 fans, based on their first week record sales? Or is everyone who gets mad in blog comment section and message boards when Joey‘s name is typed in vain? Could the problem be the term ‘fan’ itself? Or would you rather be called a ‘supporter’?

Who are you proud to say you’re a fan of? And have you ever had anything signed by you’re favorite artist?

What Is Hip-Hop’s Greatest Mixtape?
Tuesday August 18th 2009,
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And you thought figuring out rap’s greatest MC was tough? ‘Street Album’ style tapes like Mood Muzik 2 and The Champ Is Here will be dealt with next time…this is focusing on DJ tapes only.

The Contenders:

And The Winner Is…
Wednesday July 29th 2009,
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In a hard-fought cage match, O.D.B. finally defeated Redman by a mere percentage point for the title of Rap’s Funniest Effin’ M.F. or whatever this shitty poll was called:

Ol’ Dirty Bastard (43%)
Redman (42%)
Flavor Flav (15%)

While I’m talking results, it’s worth mentioning the top three results when I asked What’s The Best Thing To Call Women Who You Aren’t Related To?:

Jump-Off (23%)
Bitch (20%, 127 Votes)
Chickenhead (17%, 112 Votes)

Finally, in the ‘Fantasy Rap Battle’ dept. we had Who Would Have Won A Face-To-Face Battle Between Biggie and Nas?

Biggie Smalls (44%)
Rapper Nas (39%)
Can’t Call It Else I Spoil It (17%)

‘Sheeeeeeeiiiit’ (c) Clay Davis…it looks like Kelis’ gravy-train can’t win for losing right now.

Who Is Rap’s King of Comedy? Final Round
Monday July 20th 2009,
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After tallying the results from the first two rounds, Redman (23% in Round One) and Ol’ Dirty Bastard (35% in Round Two) move through to the final, where they have to face-off against the wildcard entry…that’s right, the most effed-up individual to ever pick-up a microphone – Flavor Flav! The real story here is the connection between your recreational drug intake and your comedic output…

Who Is Rap’s King of Comedy? Part 2

Looks like I forgot a boat-load of hilarious MC’s last time. Here’s another stab at it…

Who Is Rap’s King of Comedy? Part 1

The rap game is full of clowns you say? Sure, there are some jokers out there, but what about the dudes who are actually funny on purpose? My gut reaction would be to say Biz Markie, but what about the other comedic MC’s out there? Apologies to Blowfly and Bobby Jimmy & The Critters fans, YouTube failed you.

Best Slang Names For Dames

A case could quite easily be argued that women have been dealt a bad hand by the vast majority of rap songs, but I say otherwise. Let’s just consider how many timeless terms of endearment have been created to describe the “good-time gals” that most people get into the music game to meet:

Are Album Reviews Dead?
Thursday May 14th 2009,
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With all the talk of the music industry in being decline, print media on it’s last legs and the so-called ‘power of blogs’, it seems that the art of music criticism is also at a cross roads of sorts. Now that Pruane can make a name for himself as a pop-culture reviewer, who gives a crap what some college graduate thinks about the latest El-P CD?