Video: The White Mandingos – What You Waitin’ On?
Friday October 25th 2013,
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Rage Against The Machine back. From The Ghetto’s Tryina To Kill Me LP, which has proved to be one of 2013’s more interesting projects in a sea of mediocrity.

Download: MWill – As Above, So Below

What do you get when you combine The Alan Parsons Project, Carl Sagan and the son of Engineer All-Star Marley Marl? The As Above, So Below tape, that’s what.

Download or stream.

Rap Vs Hip-Hop? Really?
Monday October 24th 2011,
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Since there’s nothing much going on in terms of new music that I give a shit about, I may as well respond to the mock outrage of a comment on the last post:

“I notice here at Unkut, you do not relate to hardcore Hip-Hop vs Rap people as much as you like to play both sides of the fence and confuse the two”

This whole stance has always amused me. If KRS-One had his way, everybody would have subscribed to the theory that ‘rap is something you do, hip-hop is something you live’ and world hunger, war and Auto-Tune would all now be wiped-out. Is refusing to use the word ‘rap’ unless you’re referring to bubble gum music really going to achieve anything? For starters, the word ‘rap’ just sounds better in any conversation you might possibly have at any point in time. Grown Man Rap, Yacht Rap, Blog Rap, Emo Rap…try saying ‘Grown Man Hip-Hop’ and not sounding like a douche-hammer.

Sean Price feat. Mayhem Lauren and Roc Marciano – How The Gods Chill [Remix]

Grown Man Rap continues to thrive. Taken from the b-side of the new Sean P/Cold World Rock Rap vinyl single.

Sean Price feat. Mayhem Lauren and Roc Marciano – ‘How The Gods Chill’ [Remix]

Rap Rock Team-Ups That Make You Want To Break A Glass In Your Own Face
Monday October 18th 2010,
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Rock is one of the foundations of this great music we call hip-hop, having provided so many of the founding break beats that we all know like the back of our hands. At some point in the early 90’s, however, some evil genius figured out that really shitty rock and metal groups should get on the rap bandwagon, having been mortal enemies for years before that. The end result was of course Fred Durst, who’s only notable achievement was banging a bunch of girls who were way out of his league. Here are some of the Rap Rock collaborations that will make you want to take to your ears with a rusty razor…