Nominate Your Picks For The 2015 Weed Carrier Awards
Thursday September 24th 2015,
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Please do your civic duty and honour these unassuming heroes.

Nominate Your Picks For The 2015 Weed Carrier Awards

The Return of the Weed Carrier and CRC websites
Tuesday September 15th 2015,
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I somehow neglected A Salute To Weed Carriers and the Conservative Rap Coalition sites, but recent incidents have reminded me that both provide a much-needed public service and as a result deserve my full attention. Both of them feature a couple of new articles a piece so have a quick glance if their direction.

I also have a new supplier for the CRC polo’s, which meant that the back-orders have finally shipped and anyone who needs to grab another colorway can do so here.

Stream: The Combat Jack Show – The Consequence Episode
Tuesday September 08th 2015,
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Combat Jack kindly informed Cons that I had crowned him the Greatest Weed Carrier of All Time, and his response was fairly predictable. I can now tick off offending Consequence from my rap bucket list.

Download: A Salute To Milk Carton Posse Cuts


The qualification to make it onto this compilation requires that two or more of the rappers were never heard from again1. Let us sit back and bask in the fleeting glory that is getting to rap on your pal’s album on account of being a faithful weed carrier or always ensuring that the studio fridge is full of ice cold beers.

Download: A Salute To Milk Carton Posse Cuts

Track listing:

  1. Prophet and Kwazi being the exception, they turned up on Shyheim’s first album[back]

GQ Magazine are out here sharking our whole movement
Friday May 29th 2015,
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It’s almost as if this Clay Skipper guy read the entire Weed Carriers website from front-to-back and tried to act like he birthed this shit. First Google obliterated all traces of my Guide To Glo Gang Weed Carriers post after Blood Money was murdered the day after I profiled him, and now this? This is actually the second time I’ve caught the Gentleman’s Quarterly trying to claim the Weed Carrier term as their own. It’s enough to make me want to get my Fury Road on and start spitting petrol into my car engines air intake so I can cut this fuckery off at the turn. Thanks to the eagle-eyed NuJerooz for the tip.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: G-Unit Is Still A Wash

115526-G-Unit - Main Image

Can Curtis Still Cut The Mustard In 2014 Or Nah?

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: G-Unit Is Still A Wash

Unkut TV: Episode 4 – Gunplay on Combat Jack and Combat Jack on The Artie Lang Show

Backstage at The Combat Jack TV Show and The Artie Lang Show, featuring Premium Pete, A-King, Gunplay, Combat Jack, Matt Razz and Dallas Penn. Eff your TV!

Vote In The 2013 Weed Carrier Awards
Wednesday May 15th 2013,
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The most important thing you can do on the internets this decade is vote in the 2nd Annual Weed Carrier Awards, now expanded to cover sports, film, TV and comic books.

2013 Weed Carrier Awards

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: The Day The Weed Carriers Took Over
Thursday May 02nd 2013,
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The rap food chain is all over the place right now, as weed carriers are suddenly getting top billing…

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: The Day The Weed Carriers Took Over

The Search For The Next Great Weed Carrier
Thursday April 11th 2013,
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Tired of seeing the term Weed Carrier used in vein by those who don’t truly understand the many fine details of this complicated science, I have been forced to re-boot the world famous Salute To Weed Carriers site. Consider it a community service of sorts.

The King Is Dead. Long Live The King.

Weed Carrier Report: Maybach Music Group

Weed Carrier Report: A$AP Mob