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We don’t really fux with R&B here at the Conservative Rap Coalition, but here are twelve reasons why Rich Harrison needs to resume chopping up old 45’s for folks to sing over instead of all that Eurotrash mess that seems to be running things. Nullus on posting Beyonce songs though.

Download: Looking For Rich Harrison

Track listing:

Nothing Sweet About Sugar Hill Tax Evasion
Sunday June 23rd 2013,
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Those pesky Robinson’s are up to their own tricks, this time on some tax fraud business from all those royalties they stole from Flash and ’em.

Sugar Hill Records’ tax issues latest chapter in Englewood hip-hop family’s rocky history

Weekend Throwback: Jay-Z 1996 Radio Interview and Freestyle

In honor of Jigga catching the train today, here’s a little something I posted back in 2005 from my Tim Westwood tape collection:

An excited Jay-Z chops it up with Westwood, shortly before the release of Reasonable Doubt. A lotta memories on this one – remember when Hov was talking about ‘this is gonna be my only album’? During this interview it’s clear that he’s enjoying the initial success of ‘Ain’t No Nigga’ as it began tearing up the clubs, and he’s brimming with confidence when discussing his soon-to-be classic debut. He also speaks about his early days rolling with The Jaz, and introduces a little label by the name of Rocafella Records before he drops a couple of verses over Funkmaster Flex rocking doubles of Sadat X‘s ‘Stages and Lights’ beat.

Video: The GreenGhost DOOM Invasion
Friday May 21st 2010,
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DP x E&J = Let The Madness Begin…

Directed by Terrence Elenteny
Cuts by The Asmatik
Starring Sean Price, Styles P and Dallas Penn.

Video: Dallas Penn Interviews Roc Marciano
Saturday April 24th 2010,
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DP chops it up with Marcy at the Fat Beats warehouse regarding the Marcberg album. Grown Man Rap crew stays winning.

Normal Service Will Return Shortly
Thursday January 14th 2010,
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Not so much with the fishing part though.

Video: Kutis Blow Performs Christmas Rappin’ On Top of the Pops (UK, 1980)
Sunday December 27th 2009,
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Christmas is over (thank fuck), but Kurtis’ suit will win forever.

Video: Melle Mel & The Sugarhill Gang on The Big Breakfast (UK, 1999)
Sunday December 27th 2009,
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More wacky British TV antics via crate digga.

Melle & Sugarhill perform ‘Rapper’s Delight’:

Album Download: The Doppelgangaz – 2012: The New Beginning
Sunday December 20th 2009,
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The debut album from Matter ov Fact and EP for your listening pleasure. This is the kind of shit that the Conservative Rap Coalition fux with on the regular.

The Doppelgangaz – 2012: The New Beginning


How Not To Attend An M.O.P. Show

I remember seeing the posters a couple of months ago and bugging out. Mash Out Posse coming through my town? Nah, right? But it they were. As a huge supporter/fan/Stan of the Brownsville crew, I knew this was gonna be a night to remember. Turns out it was, only not exactly the way I’d imagined…

Video: Three Hilarious RA The Rugged Man Rants
Sunday October 25th 2009,
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This kid is an effin’ classic. Thanks to Big Hock for putting me onto these comedy gems.

Raekwon feat. Ghostface – The Badlands (European Bonus Track)

Unkut‘s UK correspondent crate digga just laced me with this raw Euro bonus cut from the new Chef CD.

Raekwon feat. Ghostface – The Badlands

The Dollar Bin
Sunday August 30th 2009,
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Photo: crate digga

Everyone over the age of 15 would have bought records, CD’s and tapes at some point in their lives, and as a result most of us have a few bargains which we nabbed for next-to-nothing (not counting shit you stole). Whether it was a couple of copies of Raw Dope Posse for $5.99, that Barsha CD for under a dollar or a tape for 20 cents, now your chance to claim bragging rights on your best bargains.

What’s The Best Bargain You’ve Ever Scooped?

No Shame In The Game

Less than 24 hours after it was reported that DJ AM was found dead in his apartment, some douchebags have already started selling ‘tribute’ clothing, featuring played-out designs (the Run-DMC logo, AC/DC) and even quoting his final Twitter entry. As you can see from the pics, they’ve simply thrown the ‘design’ over a blank tee.

It’s not even like the money is going toward a worthy cause (such as his mother’s leukemia treatment), so let me send a big ‘Fuck you’ to Nice Tee Tee‘s and to the three people cocksuckers who have already bought these shirts.

DJ Premier’s thoughts on the passing of his friend

M.O.P. – Foundation Snippets

After checking out the Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II snippets at Amazon1 (via nation), I ran across something that actually got me even more amped…

M.O.P. Foundation snippets


  1. 1. Is it just me or is it weird that the Rae snippets use the beats/loops from Pete Rock & Royal Flush‘s ‘Questions’, Tragedy‘s ‘The Message’, OC‘s ‘Jewelz’ and an M.O.P. song that I can’t place right now?[back]

Ras Kass feat. Doo Wop – If This World Was Mine
Saturday August 08th 2009,
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Good to hear the Waterproof MC over a decent beat for a change, while the Bouncemaster delivers the goods as usual.

Ras Kass feat. Doo Wop – If This World Was Mine

Download: The Doppelgangaz – The Ghastly Duo EP
Sunday July 19th 2009,
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Everyone who has any kind of a blog, website or even Twitter account will be familiar with the number of groups who hit you up to post their music. Most of the time I just ignore it, but this one got through the gate on the strength of their being managed by Adam Heron, the son of Mike Heron (who you’ll no doubt recall from this classic Unkut interview). The Doppelgangaz ‘2012 or Forever’ sounds like some 90’s shit (which is good, dummy).

Download ‘The Ghastly Duo’ EP

Johnny Juice Working On New LP’s From L.O.N.S, DMC and S.O.B.

Everyone likes to boast about how hard they’re working these days. DJ Johnny Juice – the guy who performed the cuts on ‘Rebel Without A Pause’, amongst other things – makes these blowhards look like the posers they really are. Just check out what he’s got cooking in the studio:

Leaders of the New School album (Charlie Brown, Dinco D and Milo):
“I’m trying to set up multiple shows for L.O.N.S. and S.O.B. for the fall, since I’m producing both of their albums, and since I’m LONS’s DJ”.

A Son Of Bazerk project:
“We have finished 3 songs and have 2 others in the works. The idea is to finish a whole album. It’s taking a little while because they are a little rusty but they still sound dope”.

Chuck D solo album:
“A lot of songs that he did that Flavor didn’t get on or that he did in the immediacy of the moment”.

Two DMC solo albums:
“One is already complete. I did about 4 or 5 songs. I am doing the whole 2nd album – an all-“King of Rock”-ish type album for him”.

A new X-Vandal album: “The lead MC from Puerto Rican punk group Ricanstruction and myself. Kind of like a Puerto Rican P.E.”

He’s also making a mixtape based on original Public Enemy sample sources, an Old School Hip Hop tape, a break beat mix, an Old School R&B mixtape and an Old School House (Classics) tape.

Take that, Puffy!

Mixtape: Paul C. Lives, Vol. 2

DJ Kid Grebo just laced me with the follow-up to his popular Paul. C dedication. Prince Po hosts once again.



Soul Assassins feat. Fashawn – Let Go (My Life)

Combine a thumbs-up from Lil’ Fame with a co-sign from TheKidLEGEND and I was actually considering giving this character some air time…next thing you know, he steals the show on the new Soul Assassins album – Interlude.

Soul Assassins feat. Fashawn – ‘Let Go (My Life)’ [clean]

Jazzy Jay – Radio Interview and 15 Minute DJ Set (1997)

The legendary Jazzy Jay dropped by to kick it with Max and Dave back when they hosted Kiss-FM Rap Show in London. Here’s the interview and a classic mix from the man himself:

Jazzy Jay on Max & Dave’s KISS-FM Rap Show

Courtesy of crate digga.

Chappelle Comedy Column In The Source, 1992
Sunday May 31st 2009,
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A young Dave Chappelle cracks some funnies for The Source‘s Punchline column back when House of Pain were considered “cutting edge” and “X” hats were a must-have item.

Delta Album Launch @ The Espy
Wednesday May 20th 2009,
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Get down there this Friday night to see Delta launch his new album and see me play my collection of rap 45’s. Why am I playing little records, you might ask? Because them shit’s are easier to lug around than a crate of records, and I plan on getting George W. Bush drunk, possibly before I even hit the turntables. Anyone L.O.T.U.G. fans wanting to duke it out with me are also welcome….I’ll be the kid in the Hydra Entertainment shirt.

Stay Classy, New York
Saturday May 16th 2009,
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This hilarious 1981 TV special covering hip-hop taught me a number of things:

1. Sugarhill Gang dressed like guys who work at the bank, even in their ‘prime’.
2. Sha-Rock makes dressing like Little Bo Peep seem sensible.
3. South America is full of ‘white people’.
4. Kurtis Blow’s sideburns were no effin’ joke.
5. ‘Showdown’ was an embarrassment for all involved.
6. Ron Burgundy if the truth.

Part 2 follows…

Are EPMD Going Senile?

So I checked out this EPMD show the other night, and it was pretty entertaining for the most part. Getting drunk and shouting along to ‘It’s My Thing’, ‘Headbanger’ and ‘So Whatcha Sayin’ is never a bad way to pass a Friday night, but there was one major fly in the ointment…the massive ENCORE FAIL that left me and the crew on some ‘Fuckouttahere!’ train of thought. Erick and Parrish made seven albums together, plus three solos each and whatever else you care to include, and they step back out on stage to perform the same two songs they did at the start of the night! And not classic EPMD tracks either, we’re talking about ‘Da Joint’ and ‘Richter Scale’ from that forgettable fifth LP! In a set that skipped over gems such as ‘Hardcore’ and ‘Total Kaos’, the whole incident verged on some ‘never forgive’ action, like writing ‘WAR’ through Fat Albert.

The obvious question this raises is are PMD and the EE Double losing their minds as a result of some kind of degenerative mental disease? How else could anyone explain two veteran performers making such a bizarre decision? Until I get to the bottom of this, the question I’ve got for everyone out there in the internets is:

What is the most effed-up thing you’ve ever seen happen at a rap show?