DOOMSTARKS – Lively Hood
Tuesday September 15th 2015,
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I expected this to be rubbish, but it’s not. DOOM was sounding the best he has in years on this. Colour me surprised!

The Smell of Music Episode 6: Steamy Pile of Wu


I was recently asked to select the four worst Wu-Tang affiliate tracks I could find to discuss on The Smell of Music podcast. You can hear the results below.

Download TSOM Episode 6: Steamy Pile of Wu

Street Life – The Unkut Interview
Thursday August 20th 2015,
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According to his MySpace caption, those are not Street Life’s boots.

Method Man‘s loyal right-hand man and road dawg Street Life talked about growing up in Staten Island, makes it clear that he wasn’t feeling the last Wu-Tang album and hints that this might be the second last solo album from Tical. The Meth Lab is out 21 August.

Robbie: Did you grow up in Staten Island?

Street Life: Yeah I grew up in Staten Island, Park Hill and Stapleton.

How would you describe Stapleton when you were a kid?

There wasn’t that many guns out, it was just more fights and maybe a couple of stabbings. That was better than gunshots though. I was around twelve years old when I was in Stapleton, it was cool. Stapleton was my introduction into Staten Island, then I moved to Park Hill. I got most of my experience by growing-up in Park Hill versus Stapleton – Park Hill’s where all the drama unfolded at. That’s where the legend was born!

Stream: United Crates – The Linxstrumentals
Tuesday August 04th 2015,
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Shout Out New York and United Crates celebrated the twentieth anniversary of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… with this mix of the music that provided the foundation for one of the finest rap albums ever made.

Video: Ghostface Claps Back At Action Bronson
Monday July 20th 2015,
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Ouch. Let’s give them four minutes each over ‘Impeach’ to settle this.

Video: Czarface – The Great (Czar Guitar)
Saturday June 20th 2015,
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Great to hear the Rebel INS over the production he deserves again.

Vote: Which of the Wu-Tang Clan has still got it in 2015?
Wednesday June 17th 2015,
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The Wu-Tang Clan have been through more than share of ups and downs over the years, but there’s no denying that they brought back a much needed grit to rap music when they hit the scene in in 1992 with their self-released ‘Protect Ya Neck’/’After The Laughter Comes Tears’ single. RZA’s master plan to get everyone separate solo deals on different record labels was inspired, although it clearly worked out a lot for better for some. Fast forward to 2015, and all of the original squad (with the exception of the late, great Ol’ Dirty Bastard) are still releasing music in some shape or form. What I’m interested to gauge is who you consider to have done the best job at keeping themselves lyrically sharp? Who are you still hyped to hear a guest verse or a new track from? Are you tired of hearing Ghostface rapping with bands? Has Raekwon become over-exposed? Has GZA become a an angry old wino who’s best days are behind him? Will Method Man ever make an album worthy of his talents?

Which of the Wu-Tang Clan has kept their verbal sword the sharpest?

View Results

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Video: Czarface Will Make You Rich and Cure Herpes
Tuesday June 02nd 2015,
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Rofflecopters. I wonder if that 1800 number works?

Czarface feat. Method Man – Nightcrawler
Tuesday May 19th 2015,
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Nightcrawler DOFP

Second release from Every Hero Needs A Villain, which is available with two bonus tracks if you order through iTunes.

Raekwon – F.I.L.A. Track-By-Track Review
Wednesday April 22nd 2015,
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Raekwon’s long-awaited new album is here, after what seems like years of hype. Is it that official tissue or some old punk smoove shit?

01. ‘Intro’

Faux British accent customs agent informs The Chef he needs a new passport. Gripping stuff.

02. ‘4 In The Morning’ (feat. Ghostface Killah)

A perfectly serviceable RAGU track.

03. ‘I Got Money’ (feat. ASAP Rocky)

Beat sounds like a poor man’s Scott Scorch re-heat, but without all that sweet, sweet yayo.

Pre-Order: Czarface – Every Hero Needs A Villain Bundle
Wednesday April 22nd 2015,
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DJ 7L, Esoteric and Inspektah Deck really stepped it up this time, as both this bundle package and the track listing of the second Czarface album demonstrates. A full length comic book, t-shirt, tape, stickers, coloured vinyl are all included if you want to go all-in. The good news is the comic is included with the regular CD and vinyl versions too.

Pre-Order: Czarface – Every Hero Needs A Villain Bundle

Track listing:

Czarface feat. Meyhem Lauren – Deadly Class


First single from the second Czarface album, Every Hero Needs A Villain, due this summer.

DJ 7L sez:

First leak from the new Czarface record is “Deadly Class” featuring Meyhem Lauren. Been a fan of his for a minute, we linked up a few years back at the BAU release party which was around when we were working on the new Czar album. I think Eso and Deck have never sounded better I really can’t wait for the fans to hear it. This song was recorded at the mid point of the album and remembering hearing it and was like “man this keeps getting better”. Eso added that chop at the end with iphone battery line that to me is just genius with the sample. This is just the leak, more info music, art on the way!

Download: Ol’ Dirty Bastard – ODB-Sides


United Crates has put together a superb collection of Ason Unique deep cuts and freestyles to mark the recent 20th anniversary of the Return To The 36 Chambers album. A timely reminder that Wu-Tang is for the children.

Download: Ol’ Dirty Bastard – ODB-Sides

Track listing:

Rap Mysteries: The Lost Track From the Liquid Swords Advance Cassette
Monday February 23rd 2015,
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gza promo tape

Just saw this advertised on Facebook. Does anybody know what the final track titled ‘Unexplained’ is? I’ve read elsewhere that this was the alternative name for ‘Swordsman,’ but since that’s listed as well it must be a totally different song…

Him-Lo – Wu Lo

wu lo

‘I don’t care what you faggots say, you need to have a drink before I slap you in your faggot face.’

GZA – The Mexican

Babe Ruth Pic2

The GZA has remade Babe Ruth‘s breakbeat classic ‘The Mexican’ with Tom Morello. While it’s no ‘Prisoners of War‘ or ‘Go To Work’, it’ll do. As a bonus, if you live in Canada you can book Babe Ruth to come and play this and ‘Keep Your Distance’ at your 40th birthday party.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men – A Better Season Tomorrow?
Monday December 22nd 2014,
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Who made the best Drunk Uncle Rap for 2014?

No Country For Old (Rap) Men – A Better Season Tomorrow?

Raekwon – The Living Room


Chef cooking up marvelous treats as per usual.

Wu-Tang Clan – Keep Watch


Full version of the new Wu-Tang single featuring Method Man, Inspektah Deck, Cappadonna and GZA/Genius over a Mathematics track. You can buy it here or wait for the A Better Tomorrow album.

Shouts to Rugged Ones.

Photo Essay: The Many Faces of Ghostface In Couples Therapy
Wednesday January 15th 2014,
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GFK’s current squeeze judges lesbians while he catches forty winks.

It turns out that Ghostface being on a reality TV show is the greatest thing since 3-6 Mafia tried to open a restaurant with Big Pussy and Elliot Spitzer‘s hoo-er. In the second episode, Pretty Toney discovers some troubling news about his broad…

Video: Cappadonna – Winter Warz
Tuesday January 14th 2014,
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Nothing says, “OK guys, I give up!” like recording the video to your most acclaimed verse 18 years later. That being said, someone throws an old TV on the ground!

Raekwon – A Rainy Day


It’s not “Rainy Dayz 2” but it works regardless. Actually, let’s just avoid any rap part two’s not involving Mobb Deep.

A$AP Mob feat. A$AP Nast and Method Man – Trillmatic

This shameless attempt to pander to the CRC crowd actually works on the strength of Meth’s superb contribution. That being said, an A$AP Mob song being posted on Unkut may just signal the coming of the apocolypse.

Raekwon – It’s My Thing


The Chef takes it back to the “Seven Minutes of Funk” / EPMD chamber. Spotted at Nah Right.

Marco Polo feat. Large Professor, Inspectah Deck, O.C, Tragedy Khadafi & DJ Revolution – Astonishing


One of the highlights of the forthcoming Marco Polo album PA2: The Director’s Cut, as Large, Rebel INS, O.C. and Trag all go in. DJ Revolution steals the show, however, with what can only be described as scratching so great it should be illegal.