Video: Czarface – Air ‘Em Out
Tuesday January 29th 2013,
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Best video I’ve seen in a while. A little comedy goes a long way…

Czarface feat. Action Bronson – It’s Raw


The latest from the upcoming Inspectah Deck and Esoteric Czarface album, featuring Action “Bam Bam” Bronson. Pre-orders are available through Get On Down for the deluxe pack pictured above.

The Combat Jack Show – The Raekwon Episode


This episode is official as The Chef really goes into the nitty gritty about his career and the legacy of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Download: Raekwon – Lost Jewlry EP


Managed to fight back the Wu-Fatigue from the other week and give this new Raekwon a spin. Despite sounding a little distorted due to being mastered FAR TOO LOUD, this is pretty good. The Scram Jones tracks were the stand-outs for me, especially the “Trans-Europe Express” flip on “Came Up.” Hopefully a remastered version appears soon, but in the meantime here’s the EP with the title that English teachers hate.

Download: Raekwon – Lost Jewlry EP

Back cover:

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: The Curse of Wu Fatigue


It was painful to write this, but I can’t live in denial any longer…

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: The Curse of Wu Fatigue

Masta Killa – Food

9th Wonder Has A Good Snare Shocker! Taken from Masta Killa‘s Selling My Soul LP.

And The Masta Killa Contest Winner Is…
Wednesday October 31st 2012,
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Congratulations to ceasar for winning the Masta Killa Selling My Soul Deluxe Edition (courtesy of Nature Sounds)for this Wu-Tang memory:

In 2005 I was locked up in LA County Jail for a year. I started the journey in 120 man dorms, but an ear infection sent me to the 6 man cell dungeon part of the jail back at Twin Towers, which was closer to the county doctors. My stay was only supposed to be for a few days, then I’d get transported back to the dorm, but there was a paperwork error, and I wound up getting stuck down there for 6 months. It’s grimy as shit, cold, damp, and dark at all times.

Win The Deluxe Edition of Masta Killa’s ‘Selling My Soul’ LP

Masta Killa from the Wu-Tang is dropping his third solo album, Selling My Soul, this December, in standard and deluxe editions:

Limited to only 200 copies, the deluxe edition comes in a custom hand-numbered box with a lyric book, autographed poster, MK wool cap, and download card giving access to all three MK albums plus his live album. In addition, Masta Killa has teamed up with RAW Rolling Papers to include a handful of RAW papers and an exclusive “Ooh Baby I Like It RAW” T-shirt in each deluxe box, paying tribute to the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard, who is featured on Selling My Soul.

Nature Sounds have got a copy of the deluxe edition to give away to the Unkut reader who can name Masta Killa’s finest moment on the mic tell us the story behind their best Wu-Tang related incident. Post it in the comments section before midnight, Friday 26 October to be in the running. Everyone else can pre-order the pack from here.

The Man With The Iron Fists Deluxe Vinyl Package
Thursday October 11th 2012,
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Following the Purple Tape package, GZA chess set and Fat Boys pizza box, have just announced this limited-edition set for pre-order:

The Man With The Iron Fists – Full Soundtrack (2 x LP on Red Vinyl housed in 2 independent Hand Silkscreened Jackets that combine to form 1 giant illustration)
– Bonus 7″ (song not included on the Soundtrack) of “Bust Shots” b/w the instrumental, by Ghostface Killah, Sheek Louch & Inspectah Deck
– Limited Movie Poster

Limited to 500 copies, reserve a copy here.

Wu-Tang Clan – Six Directions of Boxing
Wednesday October 10th 2012,
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Some quality Wu banger action from the new Tarintino flick. Rusty’s involvement is always a point of concern, though…

Listen: The Combat Jack Show feat. RZA & Melyssa Ford
Wednesday October 03rd 2012,
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With Dallas on vacay, who will keep the peace between Premium and Combat?

The Combat Jack Show feat. RZA & Melyssa Ford

Kanye West feat. Pusha-T and Ghostface Killah – New God Flow
Tuesday September 18th 2012,
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Who’d a thunk that Unkut Dot Com would post a Kanye song, huh? The fact that it’s basically a 2012 version of ‘Mighty Healthy’ with a show-stealing verse from Starski Love makes it worth the effort though.

Raekwon, Inspectah Deck and Young Dirty On Australian Radio
Thursday August 04th 2011,
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Turns out The Chef is quite the economics wiz… special shout to the fruity-ass JJJ hosts who call Rebel INS ‘Inspectah Decks’.

Ghostface Killah & Raekwon The Chef – The Lost Unkut Interview

Around the time of Stark’s R&B album and Chef’s Cuban sequel, I interviewed the two of them for Hip-Hop Connection Digital. Here are some of the parts that I didn’t feature in the original piece that mainly cover some of the old days of Staten Island rap.

Robbie: What were the early days like on Staten Island?

Ghostface: It was all good, with my peoples, just doin’ what thugs do. We was out there, whylin’, doin’ whatever we had to do to get that money. We did the Wu-Tang thing later on in ’93. Came out with that – a few guys are from Staten, few guys are from Brooklyn – came together and we rocked the world, man! We dropped a bunch of classics…and I’m here where we are right now.

Staten and Long Island seem to have a lot more creativity since you guys had to work harder to get that shine. Would you agree?

Raekwon: Absolutely. That’s true, because a lot of people, they only knew of Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Manhattan. Them was like the majority of people’s whereabouts, but then when you go to Staten Island it’s like weird combination of all them boroughs. When you go to Yonkers it’s a weird combination of all them boroughs. The more that people don’t know about your town is the more that you feel that you have to represent your town! We really just appreciated the fact that people didn’t know us, because we knew when they did find out who were, they was gonna be even more open to what we had to offer. So in a way it was it was a gift and a curse to really be from a forgotten borough though.

Raekwon feat. Jadakiss and Styles P – Broken Safety (Remix)
Wednesday August 18th 2010,
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Raekwon feat. Jadakiss and Styles P - ‘Broken Safety’ [Remix]

Newest latest from the iTunes exclusive Cuban Linx 2 Gold Edition, which features four remixes and two new tracks.

Toney For Mayor?
Tuesday March 23rd 2010,
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Guess some Nas stans got a little butt-hurt over the last piece. Of course, they failed to read the part where I declared that “there’s no denying that Nas is one of the greatest MC’s of all-time” and shed tears over the fact that I didn’t list ‘If I Ruled The World’ as a ‘classic’. Turns out that Ghostface has an impressive track record of eight official solo albums, so it’s only right that he’s subjected to the same analysis…

Bartenders > Weed Holders
Friday March 12th 2010,
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At the Raekwon show the other night, I witnessed the next generation of weed holding. Several members Ice Water were helping out The Chef on stage as you might expect, but it wasn’t long before one of the co-stars tired of vocal back-ups and abandoned his mic in favor of taking care of the drinks for everyone on stage. Every time Lex Diamonds required a top-up of his vodka and cranberry, this loyal side-kick made it happen. When a bag of local weed was handed to Shallah, he quickly passed it to the same dude so he could roll it a fatty, and when some skeezer’s/jump-off’s started hanging out on stage behind the crew, homeboy started the ever-important ‘selection process’. Salute for a job well done! Meanwhile, Rae did his thing as you might expect, peppering his performance with words of encouragement for folk with self-confidence issues and urging the crackers in the crowd to try and bag some black chicks when they get the chance. Much like other Wu shows, Rae spent a lot of time performing his crew’s rhymes for some reason, but when did shit from the original Cuban Linx all was forgiven. That reminds me, I still haven’t ordered that Linx 2 vinyl….

Cuban Linx 2 Vinyl Ships End of January
Saturday January 16th 2010,
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Purple vinyl huh? Looks like I was onto something… The idea of War Report 2 without Tragedy is a complete travesty, however.

Pre-order Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 purple vinyl

Spotted at Nah.

Video: Redman & Method Man In The UK
Monday January 04th 2010,
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More Big Breakfast shenanigans featuring Cheech & Chong Red & Meth.

G Rap & Raekwon Plan Album?

Let’s connect, politic, ditto…I’ve got to be honest here and say that this is the best news since Ced Gee announced he was working with Grandmaster Caz. How about getting Alchemist to produce the whole album?

Video: Raekwon – Surgical Gloves
Thursday December 03rd 2009,
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Incredible song. Horrible clip. Welcome to 2009…

Method Man feat. Raekwon – Meth V.s Chef [original version w/ extra verse]
Friday November 27th 2009,
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Just caught this radio rip of ‘Meth Vs. Chef II’ via eskay so it seemed like a no-brainer to dust-off the original, unreleased version with that extra Meth verse.

Method Man feat. Raekwon The Chef - ‘Meth Vs. Chef’ [original version w/ extra verse]

Bonus: Method Man & Raekwon The Chef - Meth Vs. Chef II’

Download both

Video: Hitler Trying To Get His OB4CL2 Collector’s Edition
Friday September 11th 2009,
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Genius. Shouts to Tony Bones for putting me onto this.

Raekwon feat. Ghostface – The Badlands (European Bonus Track)

Unkut‘s UK correspondent crate digga just laced me with this raw Euro bonus cut from the new Chef CD.

Raekwon feat. Ghostface - The Badlands

Six OB4CL2 Beats That You Might’ve Heard Before

Who you think scanned this from their Icewater CD? I don’t need a watermark, look at the angle…

You can’t own no loops in the rap game, but the fact that I was already more than familiar with the basis of six tracks from the Cuban Linx II album is seriously detracting from the listening experience. One or two I could have dealt with…but six? Really?

‘Sonny’s Missing':

Pete Rock feat. Royal Flush - ‘Questions’