How To Get Unfollowed By Unkut In Twitter
Friday March 06th 2009,
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10. Excessive use of the terms “swagger”, “hustle” and “grind” in reference to your daily activities.

9. Telling us how hard you’re grinding/hustling.

8. Frequent use of “Good morning world!” and “Night night!” when you wake up/go to bed.

7. Making up “cute” names for your followers, such as “Tweeples”, “Tweeties”, “Tweeps”, “Twits” etc.

6. Any and all references to meetings.

5. Play-by-play calls of whatever sport your watching on TV.

4. More than five links to your shitty posts a day.

3. Shameless name-dropping about how who you’re in the studio with.

2. Talking about what you’re eating without any possible comedic value.

1. Being a boring douchbag douchebag.

Take It Personal.

The Ten Twitter Commandments

I been in this game for months, now I’m an A.D.D. animal
It’s rules to this shit, I wrote me a manual
A step by step booklet for you to get
your Twitter game on track, don’t Wale yourself Jack
Rule nombre uno: let everyone know
every efin’ thing you do, cause you know
Hundreds of followers breed jealousy ‘specially
if that update fucked up, suck your teeth up
Number two: never let em know your next move
Twitterati hate silence but heart text violence
Eat a dick hipster rappers (uh-huh)
I done typed mad updates while driving state to state
Number three: never trust no-bo-dy
Your moms’ll follow ya Tweets, that’s type corny
PR’s spam ya shit, for that fast buck
try to game a dame to tear that ass up
Number four: know you heard this before
Name-dropping is frontin’, shit’s a straight bore
Number five: never Tweet about biz in the street
I don’t care if it sounds tough, someone’ll call ya bluff
Number six: that god damn phone credit, dead it
If you’re not on unlimited browsing then forget it,
Seven: this rule is so underrated
Keep your blog and Twitter account completely seperated
Updates and posts don’t mix like two dicks and no bitch
Find yourself in serious shit
Number eight: never reveal your plans to you-know-who
Them cats that follow your feed can start blogs too
Number nine shoulda been number one to me
If you’re drunk out your mind stay off the updates homey (uh-huh)
If Twitters think you lyin’, they ain’t buyin’
They be sittin on your RSS, waitin to text more mess
Number ten: a strong word called obsession
Twitter will get you hit by a bus at the intersection
Tap out the Crackberry while you crossing the street
Facebook lost, that dame shit can’t even compete, uhh

Unkut @ Twitter

Doo-Wop – ‘Ten Tape Commandments’

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