Australian based and established in 1997 with the release of Trems ‘Sheer Talent’ 12″, Unkut Recordings was the brainchild of Trem and Rob Nat (Robbie Ettelson of Unkut.com fame). Formed predominantly as a way to put out their own product at a time when no semi large label in this part of the world would look sideways at a Hip Hop release, and other small independent labels were just lifting off in their own infant stages, they put their money where their mouth was and adapted the do-for-self strategy.

The idea was simple, build a label that represents a level of the highest quality and dedication to music, rather than a means to cash in on Hip Hops ever-growing fan base. Straight up dope Hip Hop was the soul focus and has since been achieved with Unkut spawning a string of classic releases over the past 15 years including the labels first full length- Lyrical Commission’s ‘Stage Is Set’ (2002) and their ‘Murderous Metaphors’ E.P (2005), along with Brad Struts landmark sophomore ‘Legend : Official’ (2007) and the eventual release of the labels most anticipated LP, Trem’s “For The Term of His Natural Life (2011). With some exciting new projects due to drop in the near future, the label has stuck to its “quality over quantity” motto and proven its focus is to manufacture classic releases rather than contribute to flooding the scene with half arsed product.