“Controversial, not commercial, hot as Birdsville…
Brad Strut opens his sophomore solo album with an uncomplicated manifesto, but Legend: Official is anything but straightforward. The Melbourne wordsmith has built on deep roots as a solo artist and his work with L.C to present a sprawling, dark and complex record. With fellow Commission member Trem behind the boards as chief beat-smith and executive producer, the album is as sonically cohesive as it is lyrically impeccable. Strut’s lyrics are never obvious. His visuals and metaphors sink in over multiple listens as he recounts the high and lows that have punctuated his life from childhood in Yarrawonga through to his work as a champion of the burgeoning local scene and his position as a bona fide leader of the second wave of Aussie hip hop. Where Brad differs from many of his peers is his intricate wordplay – never settling for the obvious rhyme or clichéd simile when he could instead flip the script to offer a vivid, possibly disturbing, visuals. After the aforementioned introduction, Brad explains how his rhymes take form on “Beast on the Mic” and lays down the philosophy behind his style. “Monopoly” takes aim at the established hip hop hierarchy and rallies against bland, marketable music. “Bounty Hunterz” is a sizzling reunification of the Lyrical Commission, with Bob Balans and Trem unleashing their murderous metaphors once again. “Terrordome” sees two of the US underground’s hottest MCs joining forces with Brad and Trem. Planetary and Crypt Da Warchild of Philadelphia’s rugged Outerspace (and the AOTP superpgroup) contribute blistering verses, as the locals keep pace, Sean Price (whose own sophomore solo Jesus Price Supastar has lead to rumours of the Boot Camp Clik member signing to Def Jam) chimes in on “Automatic”, a track about surviving the day-to-day grind of life in both Brooklyn and Melbourne. Contributing vocals to the album on three tracks are Melbourne singers Daniel Merriweather, who recently stormed the UK single charts as the voice of the lead single from NY producer-du-jour Mark Ronson’s new album, and Lee Sissing. Fans of Brad and LC may not be used to such soulful melodies, but their voices undoubtedly add to the urgent, desperate vibe of the album. Legend: Official is produced by Trem, with two additional tracks handled by Melbourne’s iconic Prowla, and three by Sydney-sider Asip. The dramatic strings, plaintive piano samples and trembling bass underline Brad’s bars on every track, making for a harrowing journey through the mind of Melbourne’s most wanted…
1. Intro (Legend Official)
2. Beast on The Mic
3. Monopoly
4. Bounty Hunterz [ft. Lyrical Commission]
5. One [ft. Lee Sissing]
6. What The Deal
7. Caught Up [ft. Daniel Merriweather]
8. Its Official
9. Terrordome [ft. Outerspace & Trem]
10. Strut Life [ft. Lee Sissing]
11. The Ritual
12. Incite The Premises [ft. Trem]
13. Automatic [ft. Sean Price]
14. Never Ending Blue
15. Splash Of Hope
16. Last Omen


Legend Official - Brad Strut