Fallout Shelter is the 2009 released EP from Brad Strut. In a radical departure from his acclaimed 2007 sophomore Legend: Official, Brad has crafted a stunning narrative that runs through six hard hitting tracks by Beat Butcha, whose work with the likes of Braintax and Jehst has put him in the ranks of the UK’s finest contemporary hip hop producers. Densely lyrical, personal and intense, this project fully exploits hip hop’s potential as a medium for storytelling. Ostensibly a post-apocalyptic diary, Fallout Shelter contains a wealth of insights into life, hip hop and everything. From the panicked opener “Hello To Goodbye” to the serene conclusion of “Looking At You”, Brad evokes the range of emotions facing the last man on earth: anger, denial, hope and a fatal acceptance. As with Strut’s previous work, his words seep in gradually, divulging deeper meanings with multiple listens. Likewise, Beat Butcha’s nuanced production shows its true colours over time, providing enough flourish to accentuate Brad’s words without overwhelming them. From the heraldic outro to “New Dawn” to the synth bridge on “Believe”, Butcha shows how a good hip hop producer does more than chop and loop drums, but never overwhelms the MC’s presence with unnecessary fanfare. Fallout Shelter is packaged with Rejuvenation, a full length remix project which finds Brad reaching out to the leading producers from Australia and the UK. Each producer brings their own distinct ring to a Strut classic from Legend: Official or The Legendary Mixtape. From M-Phazes’s bombastic reimagining of live anthem “Incite The Premises” to Tornts’ vitriolic new verses on “The Ritual” to Jehst’s appropriately ominous take on “Last Omen”, these remixes all uniquely expand on Strut’s already impressive catalogue.

Fallout Shelter – CD
1 Hello To Goodbye
2 NO!
3 Blastin’ Em’
4 New Dawn
5 Believe
6 Looking At You
7. Hello To Goodbye – Instrumental
8. NO! – Instrumental
9. Blastin’ Em’ – Instrumental
10. New Dawn – Instrumental
11. Believe – Instrumental
12. Looking At You – Instrumental

Fallout Shelter - Brad Strut

Rejuvenation (Remix LP) – CD
1. Incite The Premises Ft. Trem (M-Phazes Remix)
2. Terrordome Ft. Outerspace & Trem (Trials Remix)
3. Demon Speaks (Simplex Remix)
4. Automatic (Chemo Remix)
5. It’s Official (Beat Butcha Remix)
6. What Gives Ft. Rhys Aka Diem (Ciecmate Remix)
7. The Ritual Ft. Tornts (Tornts Remix)
8. Question Ft. Tomohawk & Graphic (Dazastah Remix)
9. Beast On The Mic (Mortar Remix)
10. Bounty Hunterz Ft. Lyrical Commission (Dontez Remix)
11. Short Souls (Methodz Remix)
12. Never Ending Blue (The Last Skeptik Remix)
13. Last Omen (Jehst Remix)

Rejuvenation - Brad Strut