It’s difficult to think of another Australian Hip Hop crew who have been as active and influential as Melbourne’s Lyrical Commission. All acclaimed master craftsmen of their trade, the Commission have been notably contributing to the history of hip hop culture in Australia for the best part of twenty years. With a style that is idiomatic and reminiscent of New York street rap intertwined with a distinct homegrown sound, each member brings his own unique style of lyrical mastery to the table, perfectly complementing the others. Spitting raps at every opportunity, performing live and on radio as solo artists and collectively since the early nineties, the crew decided to officially combine talents in 1999 and set about touring with a notorious live set that secured a fan-base the country over. The “Lyrical Commission” name was created off the back of Bob Balans’ solo track on the Nuff Said compilation, ‘Rock Da City’ with the name depicting what the crew was all about, the lyrics, no cat in the hat crap, they were on some complex street shit, inspired of course by the greats- Rakim Allah, G Rap, Kane, Finesse etc. On the back of touring the nation and countless guest appearances, L.C at long last made plans to get official product out on the streets. The recording for their debut release commenced in mid 2002, and ‘The Stage Is Set…’ dropped in Dec 02. It received excellent reviews, international acclaim, consolidated the crews burgeoning fan base and set a precedent amongst the Australian hip-hop underground. No other local release at that time had created such a street buzz and with little more than hand to hand distribution, word of mouth and L.C’s rep for killing shit, ‘Stage is Set…’ did incredibly well. They continued to tour fairly extensively giving the nation a dose of The Stage Is Set live experience and in doing so garnered a rep for having one of the wildest shows ever witnessed. Aside from headlining their own launches the crew has performed alongside international and home-grown heavyweights from Kool Keith to the The Alkaholics and from The Demigodz to the Hilltop Hoods to name but a few as well as contributing live showcases at assorted Underground hip-hop gigs to major music events including DMC Finals, and Melbourne’s Livid Festival. After the drop of their debut and follow up tour, the crew worked tirelessly in the studio and vocal booth, refining and perfecting their style, eventually leading to the recording of their second release “Murderous Metaphors” (including tracks with NY underground legends Q-Unique and Celph Titled), The EP lived up to its promising expectations and although wasnt a full length release, the 8 new joints more than delivered what fans had been eagerly awaiting. L.C had well and truly shown they are a world class act. With Trem’s production reaching new heights and the rhyme structures, style and wordplay of the crew maturing to next level status the follow up tour saw the biggest crowds L.C ever headlined to and was sold out across the country. With the rep solidified the crew has since taken time apart to work on solo projects.

(Unkut 2005)

Murderous Metaphors - Lyrical Commission

(Unkut Recordings 2002)

The Stage Is Set - Lyrical Commission



Brad Strut – Legend: Official LP CD/2 LP, Unkut Recordings/Peruvian Gemz 2007

Celph Titled – The Gatalog: Collection of Choas LP CD x4, Endless Recording Co 2006

Brad Strut – Legendary: The Official Mixtape LP CD, Peruvian Gemz 2006

Lyrical Commission – Murderous Metaphors EP CD/Vinyl, Unkut Recordings 2005

Various – Straight From The Art 2 Compilation CD, Empirical/ Warner 2004

Terntable Jediz – All Out War Compilation EP CD/Vinyl, Unkut Recordings/Blue Corner Records 2004

J-Red – Streets Ahead Mix CD, Crookneck 2003

Lyrical Commission – The Stage Is Set Instrumentals CD/Vinyl, Unkut Recordings 2003

Lyrical Commission – The Stage Is Set LP CD/Vinyl, Unkut Recordings 2002

Brad Strut – The Authentic LP CD/Vinyl, Obese Records/Unkut Recordings 2001

Various – Culture Of Kings Volume 1 CD/Vinyl, Obese Records 2000


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