How Cassidy Killed His Weed Carrier

Posted: 25th March 2006 by Hashim in Baggage Handlers

It’s a classic weed carrier story gone wrong. Jerome Baker had an AIM convo with the co-worker of the father of Desmond Hawkins, who Cass shot and killed last year, and got off on manslaughter.

If I understand the convo correctly, Desmond Hawkins was caught with Cassidy in New York by the Hip-Hop Police with a gun and weed. Hawkins agreed to take the fall on the charges like a good carrier should.

Cassidy’s part of the bargain was to look out for his Hawkins, with bail money and whatever else. Cassidy reneges on the help and gets confronted about it. That when he shoots Hawkins in the chest with an AK and kills him.

This doesn’t sound like manslughter to me, however since that’s what the court ruled, I can’t disagree. And who knows how true this story is. It’s coming from the boy’s grieving dad, and being transmitted by a co-worker over AIM, then through a blog. I’m sure much has been lost in translation.

In any case, let’s salute this weed carrier. He gave his life to maintain his celebrity friend’s freedom.

  1. AGeeZee says:

    This is sad. Funny how we use the term weed carrier and dude was one for real, lol.

  2. dollar_wells says:

    Trying to decipher a slang-riddled AIM convo is like one step below hieroglyphics. Rosetta stone and all that rah-rah.

  3. Robbie says:

    “Funny how we use the term weed carrier and dude was one for real”

    Weed Carrier is more than a slang term. According to my statistics, 75% of people under the age of thirty have carried weed for someone during the last five years.

  4. Bol says:

    Weed carriers – it’s not just a name, it’s a career.

  5. Cro says:

    Weed Carriers – it’s not just a career, it’s a way of life

  6. […] Instead, Cassidy ethered the poor bastard at point blank range, with an AK-47. Or so I’ve been told. Swizz Beatz, who’s got money like that, had his lawyer argue Cassidy’s case down to loitering or some such, and he only ended up doing like 9 months in jail. Now he’s back on the street and has got a video out talking about how he carries himself in a manner that no one tried to test him in the joint. […]

  7. al duncan says:

    yo if thats what really happened cassidy is a bitch nigga for real…1st off he SUPPLIED the guns to kill someone bitch move #1…2nd how you gonna kill a nigga that held your stash and took a gun and weed charge for you, i dont know any nigga that will take a gun and weed charge for me unless i have bread to compensate that, the gun alone where i’m from gives you 5yrs mandatory…3rd the hawkins family should sue your ass, i am sooooo tired of these fake rap cats claiming to be so gutta and when heat come they pass beef like hot dog vendors…RIP to DESMOND HAWKINS/IN CLOSING I’M GONNA LEAVE A PHRASE JUST 4 CASSIDY= RETALIATION IS A MUST FOR YOU FAKE FUCKS= ONE

  8. GOD SPIRIT says:

    Wow! The price he’ll pay when he’s judged! And I don’t mean in Court!!!!!!

  9. faith says:

    First off i woud like to send my codlesense to he yound hawkins family. To start this convo the right way. Cassidy just got in a accident the other day now GOD doesnt play with our lives he makes us see the clear picture at all times no matter what a lawyer or defense magenusium may throw in the air he has the truth of the matter at hand so this was no accident cassidy was in it was meant to be sorry to say it. My prayers are with him and his family. But when it’s coming there’s no way to run from it. Just like that bullet desmond couldn’t run from.. Just a word from the wise If you live by the sword you could feel like you was hit with the sword .. Take care of one another why keep so muxh violence in the air that’s what they want us to do than to achieve if you stop and think if i achieve at more thing in life before i leave here we would be a better place..

  10. haha says:

    fuck everybody stop hatin on street niggas

  11. sobloody says:

    Fuck dat! Hawkins n his goonies ran up in Cassidy’s brib where his seed was at…And them niggas had hammers…No matter what they been through, he had to off em..what would yall niggas had done

  12. fuckcassidy says:

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  13. Jook says:

    yall a fuckin lie yall lien on my dawg so bad desmond hawkins was cassidy old home boi n he was a classic case of bein jealous of casses fame so he went to tha house cass his brother moms baby mama n brother was all at n started shootin so cassidy shot back listen 2 “inosent man” u lame azz bastards quit da hatin n fuck justin j dogg n wayne lame azz cassidy da best rapper alive BITCH

  14. fuckcassidy says:

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