The First Annual Weed Carrier Awards

Posted: 16th May 2006 by Robbie in Baggage Handlers

******* VOTING IS NOW CLOSED*******
Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote.

Final Results

WC Winners Write-up

  1. Joey says:

    This is phenomenal!

  2. Comistress says:

    Third…tough choices…

  3. Skylar says:

    I voted majority most times. Very entertaining and informative… Sad for M.O.B.B.

  4. Motelsicks says:

    hahaha.. i loved this vote.. (probably cause i am a lazy ass putting off work.. not unlike many o” these weed carriers)

    hahaha this is funny..

    what up with eminem and the ‘free yayo’ shirt,,, eh? oh wait.. i dont care…

    carry dem tits!

  5. Ron Mexico says:

    Damn, even I wouldn’t have went there with the dead weed carriers.

    Damon Jones really needs to rally. Shaq will never have a better WC than Damon Jones. Damon Jones is a weed carrier with a [very inconsistent] jumper.

  6. flyno20 says:

    THis is so hilarious

  7. Jim says:

    so on it but so very very hard to choose on some of them. top shelf business.

  8. BEsmirched says:

    Dennis Scott>Damon Jones
    Scott is more incosistent, more halirous, and he sure as hell is a weed head.

  9. lob says:

    Classic shit

  10. thecorrector says:

    My vote is in – can next year’s nominations include a Nate Newton category? My nominee is UT Longhorn Ramonce Taylor. Still waiting to see whose bag was in his trunk. Nullus.

    “While deputies were talking to Taylor, they learned from fellow deputies — who were by that time at the pecan farm — that Taylor was being accused of threatening to return with a gun, the affidavit said. When Taylor consented to a search of his vehicle — a 2004 Chevy Tahoe — deputies found 5.3 pounds of marijuana in a bag stitched with “Big 12 Conference.”

  11. Daddy Bones says:

    MOBB DEEP have both had a second anus and special body cavities fitted. It’s a sad, sad day.

  12. Rafi says:

    Awesome poll.

    I would have given Uncle Kracker a nomination for white weed carrier, talk about making something out nothing.

  13. Shupac Takur says:

    This is the possibly the best poll ever.

    And thanks for the gratuitous reference to the Young Black Teenagers. (absolutely classic)

  14. Sieff says:

    Have the courage to take this survey.

    Shit is VEGAS, G.

  15. Combat Jack says:

    You’re on your way to becoming famous!

  16. mordecai says:

    hah. good stuff especially the lifetime achievement award.
    co-sign on Ron Mexico (hah!) comment.

  17. Sucker Free says:

    y’all need a female in the squad…how can i be down?

  18. Vik says:

    democracy in action.

    one word: america.

  19. Fresh says:

    I gave this more thought than I did the last presidential election.

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  21. Props on this shit…. Cappa use to be a wee owner???? I thought he was always Ghost’s & RZA’s carrier… but Don Don is dope nonetheless

  22. TheNicker says:

    A few things:

    1) Who did the Beastie Boys carry for?

    2) I also would have voted for Uncle Kracker.

    3) R&B bitches aren’t weed carriers, they’re groupies

    4) No offense to Proof, but he was killed off duty so to speak, not the case for Ramirez.

  23. DocZeus says:

    Even though Stanley Roberts played with Shaq briefly in Orlando, I think technically Shaq was Stanley’s weed carrier at LSU. Stanley was actually supposedly the better pro prospect.

  24. Captian Hennessy says:

    Did somebody say Free Yayo?

  25. Dick Chainey says:

    You should add Craig Mack to the list of weed carriers for EPMD

  26. hoffa says:

    you forgot charli baltimore for MVP WC broads

  27. funkdigital says:

    You know more people will vote for Greatest Weed Carrier than for the last Presidential Election. Truth!

  28. james says:

    bravo! can’t wait for next year! flip mode is the squid-odd!

  29. lar says:

    what about the dude cassidy shot? whats more tragic than a WC killed by his own boss?

  30. Mrs Damian Marley says:

    Very tough choices, you can’t call Fox B a WC she can definitely hold her own

  31. Mrs Damian Marley says:

    That Mobb Deep carrying again shit is too funny

  32. Robbie says:

    “y’all need a female in the squad…how can i be down?”

    ^ Send your details to if you want to contribute.

    Cappadonna had some weed carriers on his solo albums I think. The fact that he had a “Greatest Hits” album granted him temporary Weed Owner status anyway.

    Beastie Boys carried for Run-DMC. Why do you think Run gave ’em “Slow & Low”?

    We’ve forgotten a couple of people that could’ve made the nominations, but they’ll be there next year. Keep the suggestions coming…actually Unkle Kracker deserves his own category…”MVP White Trash Cracka Carrier”.

  33. 757mrmetoo says:

    I still think Kanye “Mama’s Boy” West should take the prize home. Young Hov’s favorite WC.

    Also “the untouchables” should be nominated for carrying Benzinos weed, but unfortunately Benzino has to go back to carrying himself…

  34. sleepnotwork says:

    Yeah, I was wondering about the Cappadonna “owner” status as well, but I guess there’s some reason behind it.

  35. the_RZA says:

    How the hell is Everlast leading Mobb Deep. Are you fucking kidding me.

  36. Ru says:

    how the hell is proof tragic? dammit dood fired FIRST. getting pissy drunk and pulling a gun equals somebody dying!!!
    yall are soo jaded! I didnt even get a day off for his death so fuck him!

  37. Ru says:

    I want to contribute. I am a girl!

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  39. FrenchBaller says:

    Funny as fuck… some niggas have been forgotten, loon, magoo… but keep up d good job

  40. missnewyork says:


  41. mikey says:

    fucking idiots……FUCK THIS WEBSITE!!!!

  42. Ricky D says:

    how can you have a poll like this and not mention Flipmode Squad, Big Noyd, Yayo, or Big Shug?

    Also for greatest celebrity relative WC, how could you forget Roger Clinton?

  43. Eddie Sour says:

    It seems like the pictures are making voters biased. The majority of pictured nominees are also winning… you might want to fix that cuz it’s fucking up this serious election on some Bushit.

  44. Jade Star says:

    This is by far the best poll I have taken and it is the truth and I love it! Carry on young skywalker carry on.

  45. says:

    this is the gotdamn guts lmao

    who ever conceived this needs an award them damn selves.

    FYI. im way too damn lazy to vote though, sorry.

  46. Robbie says:

    For those who wanted to contribute, here’s the email:

    Also, a new poll has been added to cover those who were left out.

  47. Joey says:

    I can’t tell if people are voting for who they like the most; who they think would be the funniest winner; or who actually fulfilled the w/c obligations the best.

    I mean, how can YBT not be winning its category?

  48. Blue says:

    this shit is hot and true as hell. Ramirez definitely gets the most tragic weed carrier vote from me. I voted for who ever fulfilled the criteria the best. I was mostly on point. very entertaining

  49. Hog Eater says:

    Why the fuck isn’t Shyne nominated? Dude’s doing a dime for Diddy.

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  51. shotz says:

    I believe spliff Star should win the lifetime achievment award because he’s done it longer than Cease. B.I.G died back in ’98 and ever since then Cease’s wc days went down.Busta has kept himself in the public eye in the hip-hop world for a while thus keeping Spliff’s wc duties up to par.

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  55. AlyxNYC says:

    Why the hell is Proof’s Death TRAGIC? He KILLED someone and ended up getting shot himself. I have NO SYMPATHY for him AT ALL.

    He shouldnt even be in the category.

  56. MG84 says:


    I think a crack oone is the next step – Whitney and Bobby anyone????

  57. Combat Jack says:

    Isn’t Lupe Fiasco a former w.c. for Kanghey Vest?

  58. Ru says:

    Kanghey West.
    thats creative.

  59. Dj Warp One! says:

    This is BULLSHIT ! But it’s funny as hell, so I went along anyway. Peace !

  60. Eli says:

    I would like to see an award for the worst verse by a weed-carrier on a song that made it to the top-5 on the billboard charts. Perhaps Craig Mack on Flavor in Ya Ear. Or Big Syke on All Eyes On Me. Or something that Bizzarre is on.

  61. The Icon says:

    Damn! This vote brings it was back to 1992 – with Y.B.T. People actually remember Public Enemy and YBT.
    “Tap the Bottle” is on my iPod! “Dead End Kidz, Doin’ Life Time Bidz” – CLASSIC!

    Freeport (Long Island) in the house. The lead signer was in House Party 2 (NBC – Nuttic But Classics) for the white boy! I hear he holdings it down the CB4 … upstate NY.

  62. Lowedwn says:


  63. Robbie says:

    Flavor Flav is a weed owner. Chuck doesn’t smoke weed, so he doesn’t need a carrier.

    For more detail, go here:

  64. Dallas says:

    I use to call motherfuckers “umbrella holders” because of Fonzworth, but Robbie has shown me the light. The umbrella was just a front for the weed.

    Speaking of Fonzworth… can there be a poll created for bag holders that get passed around like a blunt? Fonzworth (Pity passed to Kangay), the Brat (Jermaine passed to Missy who passed to David Gest)…

    This weed carriers awards post may be one of the greatest concepts of 2006.

  65. Mr. Rourke aka Toca De Culo says:

    Yeah this is all good fine and dandy, but we’re forgetting the most gangster hype-man of all time! Freaky-Tah of the Lost Boyz!!! I didn’t even know what a hypeman WAS till Tah came up and started repeating the SAME lyrics as Mr. Cheeks… only louder and crazier. That’s what being a weed carrier was all about. Not doing anything particularly original, but doin’ it EXTRA-fresh when you did. (R.I.P).

  66. taxbax says:

    this was hilarious, i just kept expecting to see pras’ name up there

  67. Dantresomi says:

    man this is the toughest vote i ever had to do

  68. this is hilariousssssssssss

  69. RW says:

    Uh oh, the weed carriers have awoken, and their feelings seem to be hurt.

  70. Miley says:

    Oh my…

    Sweet :))

  71. Revo says: