Another week, another dead weed carrier. This shit is hazardous (that’s word to Godfather Don). The unfortunate incident with this kid “maybe or maybe not” throwing money around reminds me of how a lot of today’s trends are just shittier versions of old ones. For example, the whole “Make it rain” deal with tossing wads of cash into the air is just a cornier version of the Houston tradition of “Big Bank Take Little Bank”, which involved local hustlers throwing down money clips in the bathroom in an attempt to outdo one another and take the lesser “banks” dough. At least they had the good sense to do that shit behind closed doors.

Bol had some interesting observations on the state of Weed Holding in a couple of recent posts:

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(Speaking of the XXL site, why is it all the “big” hip-hop sites seem to be filled with kids who TYPE EVERYTHING IN CAPS and get into “comment section beefs”?)

The real question is when is the mainstream media going to abandon these bullshit titles such as “personal assisitant”, “minder”, “bodyguard”, and “manager” when referring to full-time weed stashers?

  1. Janski says:

    Yo, this shit is hilarious ! I love it !