2006 may come to be remembered by Hip-Hop fans as the year that the internets gave a voice to the movement. Terms like ‘stan’ and ‘ether’ became active jargon within the Hip-Hop lexicon. To add to the list of additional and relevant terms was that of the ‘weed carrier’. Prior to 2006, W.C.’s were recognized only in select circles of online Hip-Hop journalism. The 2006 First Annual Weed Carrier Awards was a watershed moment for all music industry bag handlers. This is why it comes as bittersweet news that when W.C.’s finally receive some recognition it is partly because of the diminishing of their ranks. Violently.

One might suppose that the job description might contain some inherent pitfalls since cannabis possession is illegal in most cases throughout the world, but in 2006 we find that weed carriers have skipped pass the go to jail part of their resume and gone directly to the grave. These weren’t just any independent music label rapper’s weed carriers but some of the top W.C.’s in the W.C. game. These were the W.C.’s to the stars and so their passing left marked voids in their respected Weed Owners’ entourages. Let’s recap some of the big W.C. losses:

W.C.: Israel Rodriguez
W.O.: Busta Rhymes

Israel Rodriguez was hired by Busta Rhymes to carry his weed and protect his jewelry. We can only hope that he received Weed Carrier union compensation for doing work outside of his title which included receiving gunshots meant for his Weed Owner. At a Black history month music video shoot (literally) in February, Mr. Rodriguez, was shot by a yet unnamed assailant in what may have been a re-enactment of Cooley High. Busta Rhymes reportedly now wears a medallion in honor of his longtime friend and W.C.

W.C.: Proof
W.O.: Eminem

Detroit city was already acknowledged as one of the more gullier urban precincts in the United States and the killing if Eminem‘s number one bag holder just adds to that perception. The details are still sketchy, but as we have been told it was in a local Detroit night spot that Proof would be harassed for money by an out of work bodyguard-bouncer-weed carrier. When the harassment turned violent Proof was the only one to die. Because Weed Carriers are much more accessible to the public than Weed Owners you can see a lot of aggression turned towards the W.C. that is usually meant for the W.O. Soon after this development Eminem would divorce/fire his wife/Wig Brusher, but that is a different story for another website.

W.C.: Philant Johnson
W.O.: T.I .

Cincinnati, which has long toiled in the shadows of Cleveland and Columbus as the Buckeye states most gulliest jig ‘burg just increased it’s national profile with the shooting death of Clifford “T.I.” Harris’ weed manager. Mr. Johnson was more than just a carrier since he also supervised a small group of carriers like Young Joc and Young Dro. Mr. Johnson’s responsibilities increased as his owner moved from being an Atlanta based rap phenom to an Atlanta based matinee idol. Similar to Proof it seems that as the Weed Owners’ profile increased so did the amount of weed and it’s availability. It was reported that at an after party for a snap rap concert Mr. Johnson was one of the people ‘making it rain’ in the audience. Making it rain is the act of throwing wads of cash into the air. This act seems to be most incendiary in crowds that have an acute value for the purchase power of said cash money. Cincinnati obviously didn’t take well to the gesture.

W.C.: William B. Posey
W.O.: Terry ‘Tank’ Johnson.

Even the sports world had weed carrying issues. In an effort to make weed carrying headlines before the year ended, Tank Johnson‘s live-in bodyguard was given felony drug charges after a police raid on Tank’s home in suburban Chicago. After Tank posted bail for his W.C. the two went to a party at a northside Chicago nightclub. Once there Tank would find himself in an altercation with a local gang member. Mr. Posey entered the fracas and received a few gunshots for his troubles. Unlike fellow Weed Owner Busta Rhymes, W.O. Tank Johnson is using his memory to Mr. Posey’s family some justice and closure.

All weed carrying news wasn’t as dire as the four stories just mentioned. Thankfully, all the weed carriers for mainstream rap acts weren’t killed in 2006. Some just had the shit tasered out of them by the police. A weed carrier that lives to see another day lives to carry another bag.

2007 is looking good already for continuing the great tradition of weed carrying exploits. The Dip Set is moving at lightspeed to keep the bag handlers in the news, from Freaky Zekey‘s release from prison to Max B‘s incarceration for possible murder. A whole new generation of carriers is stepping up to the plate. If 2006 was any indication then weed carrying is here to stay. So act like you know and pass the dutchie ‘pon the left hand side.

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    Excellent article, not to mention it’s good to see a new one already.

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    This is effing morbid. i feel bad for these people.

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    The bags giveth, and they taketh away.

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