Bud Bundy – Top 5 Dead Or Alive
Monday June 26th 2006,
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In terms of “white guys from sitcoms who also rap”, then David Faustino is clearly king of the heap. While he lacks the distinction of having been dissed by the Metal-Faced Villian, he was part of one of the greatest TV shows ever,1 and his one and only rap release contained such gems as: “I don’t want no groupie hoochie that only wants me for my gravey!”. True indeed, Budmiester.

Here’s a little something from a Bundy fan site:

I guess David could be described as ‘wild’ in a way. He lost his virginity at the age of 14 (in a closet!) and he has long been a fan of hip hop music, owns a hip hop club, and believes marijuana should be legalised. 😉

A CD he worked on with some friends was released in 1991 – Balystix. He also opened a nightclub also called Balistyx (for all ages), which quickly became one of the hottest spots on Sunset Boulevard.

As a way of poking fun at David, the producers of MWC decided to give Bud Bundy an alter ego: Grandmaster B. The new look/attitude was designed to attract chicks (and to provide scope for some very funny name subsititues by other characters).

Luckily, I still have my Balistyx CD 2 so that I can spread the word of Bud.

As you might notice from the cover, David was a firm believer that hip-hop is all about uniting folks, a sentiment that I’m sure Beverly Hills 90210 star Brian Austin-Green subscribed to while he single-handedly destroyed the careers of The Pharcyde when they appeared on his solo album.3 This theme carries through to the other artists featured on this EP, with a kid called Rainbow and posse cut called “Music Hears No Color”.4

In terms of the beats, the “Drum-A-Mental Mix” is half decent, while Bud (who calls himself “D” Lil when he raps) mixes a little Das-EFX5, Onyx and whatever other horrible shit was around back then into a song dedicated to all the hotties out there.

“D” Lil – I Told Ya [Balistyx, 1992]

“D” Lil – I Told Ya (Drum-A-Mental Mix) [Balistyx, 1992]

Bonus: Here’s a tribute to Kelly’s changing looks over the years. Awesome!

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  1. 1. Sure, Married With Children out-stayed it’s welcome by a few years, but in it’s prime it reigned supreme.[back]
  2. 2. I saw the white label twelve inch of “I Told Ya” for $3 the other day, but didn’t cop it. More’s the shame.[back]
  3. 3. Not unlike how Shaq killed the Fu-Schnickens’ rep.[back]
  4. 4. Speaking of “racial-unity” rap, who remembers the Unity 2? It was Ali Dee‘s first crew.[back]
  5. 5. Not to say that Dray and Skoob weren’t nice but all the wannabe’s ruined it.[back]

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If you want to hear the Brian Austin Green / Pharcyde shit, go here and scroll down a few posts.

Comment by Robbie 06.26.06 @

Hilarious post!
That was worse than I ever could have imagined, and I expected it to suck dick! He’s got that early 90’s Fu-Schnickens/Funkdoobiest/YBT flow down pretty good tho!

Comment by Big Articulate 06.26.06 @

married with children was the best fucking show back then!and bud was in the mc’s act like they don’t know video

Comment by cunt spell 06.26.06 @

I remember David Faustino toured here. He performed live on ‘Hey Hey its Saturday’ with that “rainbow” bloke. Horrible television.

ps. David lost his virginity in the closet and raps with a dude called rainbow…. the white eric sermon?

Comment by Headlock 06.26.06 @

It was like each verse he was trying to imitate some style — the first being Funkdoobiest. It could have been worse, but definitely not something I’d be caught dead playing then or now.

It’s cool though. Looks like he was having fun at least and he didn’t try to really come off as anything other than what he was, even joking about being Bud Bundy and “Grandmaster B.” Hip-Hop’s like any other music — you have to bring some kind of past experience to the table or it never comes off right — like Michael Bolton singing Otis Redding or some shit. 3rd Bass, Beasties, and some others were guys who to some extent embodied the ‘experience’ — not necessarily socially, but at least stylistically — so it seemed more natural.

Who else remembers Bud having an Illmatic poster on his bedroom wall, and I think Death Certificate?

Comment by bedouin 06.26.06 @

is eric sermon gay?

Comment by cunt spell 06.27.06 @

haha.. nice someone actually bought this!

Comment by grantp 06.27.06 @

“is eric sermon gay?”

^ That’s a long-standing rumour, although he’s done a number of suspect things over the years such as calling himself “the Rap Godess” on a song once.

“haha.. nice someone actually bought this!”

^ While I’d love to be able to claim that, I actually got it from a chick who worked at a second-hand CD place and used to give me a bunch of free shit.

Comment by Robbie 06.27.06 @

Coolio once outed Eric Sermon and Redman live on national radio here in the UK.

Comment by End Level Boss 06.29.06 @

Ha Ha Ha! Classic find. If I’m not mistaken I’m pretty sure we have that Ballystix CD at our University record library. Is it raer by any chance? Probably not.

Comment by Dave Mack 06.30.06 @

David Faustino was a talented emcee! I’m white and I am trying to get into the music industry as an emcee. I think David was talented as an emcee, but I wish he would have released more songs.

Comment by Bre 08.26.09 @

How can you say “Das-EFX, Onyx and whatever other horrible shit was around back then”… that shit was the bomb and still is… I can see how you dont like D’ Lil but Das Efx and Onyx… cmon, those are legends… On the real though, I dont mind if the cd sucks and you dont like, but is there any chance you could upload it to youtube or some shit… that would be fuckin awesome! peace

Comment by Kick Back 09.04.10 @

^chek out the footnotes at the end…

“Not to say that Dray and Skoob weren’t nice but all the wannabe’s ruined it”

I aint even kno this guy had a rap cd..lucky for me i guess :)

Comment by dj blendz 09.04.10 @

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