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Monday July 24th 2006,
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I can’t confirm that Priority One were official Flavor Unit (actually I’m pretty sure they weren’t), but Louie Louie was 45 King‘s right-hand man for a while, so his work deserves a mention here. His first record was with his crew Priority One, who dropped “I Can’t Go For That”/”Showin’ My Stuff” on Tuff City in 1988. At this stage the group consisted of MC Ron Delite, Naikwan, DJ Smitty B, Louie Louie and JV-1.

Five Things You Need To Know About Ron Delite:

1. He’s a solo poet (that means he rocks alone).
2. He’s a South Bronx resident (that’s quite evident).
3. He’s been rockin’ rhymes ever since he was ten (but that was ten years ago)1
4. If Ron Delite was spaghetti, Smitty B would be sauce.
5. He’s clean, crisp and clearer (like 7UP).

The little known Priority One LP that dropped the following year, although it presented a new incarnation of the crew. It seems that by the time they started working on Total Chaos, only core members Ron Delite and Louie Louie remained on deck, presenting us with a decidedly more hardcore vocal style. It seems that Ron had out-grown his casual approach of the earlier record for a more “macho” delivery in line with his Flavor Unit label mates (or maybe he just improved his mic technique?). While the cover boasts “Mixes by the 45 King”, this is very much Louie Louie’s show, and he delivers an album representative of his musical approach – some up-temp brag rap, some Hip-House and some instrumentals. “This Stage Is My Stage” is another chapter in the seemingly-endless Book of the Funky Drummer, but as Ron Delite points out: “These ain’t lyrics of fury – they’re lyrics of rage!”, just in case we mistook him for Rakim (?!). While the drums may be familiar, this track features the first use of Lalo Schifrin‘s Enter The Dragon break that would later be heard on the Alkaholiks second album, amongst other things. Regardless of the break trivia, this is a a heavy track.

Luis “Louie Louie” Vega worked closely with the 45 King during their Tuff City/Wild Pitch period, and although he didn’t contribute a huge number of tracks to the Flavor Unit arsenal, his productions were always worth checking for. He later did beats for Queen Latifah (“Latifah’s Law”), Naughty By Nature (“1,2,3”), Double J and Nice & Smooth. (he also released a solo album called Deadlier Than Ever. The two of them also split an LP called Rhythmical Madness, which was a bunch of beats plus a couple of tracks with vocals at the end of each side. Louie’s side features what I believe to be the last record from Ron (although he also appeared on a dance record by Corporation of One called “Tomorrow Will Be A Better Day” around the same time). “Checkmate You Lose” is a sparse, stripped-back track with a loose JB’s riff and the classic “walkie talkie” effects for good measure, while Ron is in good form as he stomps out sucker MC’s who are “like diapers – full of shit”. He also claims that “like burgers from Wendy’s I’m hot and juicy” for some reason.

Louie Louie continued to mix his love for hardcore hip-hop and Hip-House on a one-off single he cut for Wild Pitch, which featured a talented verbal assassin named Jamose. His b-side effort “The Rhymthologist” features an awesome horn line over rolling percussion and a Garage-style bassline, while Jamose delivers an impassioned vocal turn that wins based on his voice alone, although his liquid style would win regardless.

Priority One – I Can’t Go For That [Tuff City, 1989]2

Priority One – This Stage Is My Stage [Total Chaos, Tuff City, 1989]

Louie Louie featuring Ron Delite – Checkmate You Lose [Rhythmical Madness, Tuff City, 1989]

Jamose – The Rhymthologist [Wild Pitch, 1989]

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  1. 1. Circa 1988.[back]
  2. 2. I’m sorry to report that I don’t even have this record, so I’ve had to jack it from DJ Ivory‘s Hear No Evil Volume 2 for the sake of this article.[back]

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Link to Jamose is broke, should be:


Comment by bedouin 07.24.06 @

Fixed. Thanks.

Comment by Robbie 07.24.06 @

great picks once again

Comment by zk 07.25.06 @

Great post. I always confused Louie Louie with “Little” Louie Vega, the other half of Masters at Work (and like Kenny Dope, did some occaisionall hip-hop production). Similar to the various Tony D’s floating around in the late 80’s.

“Latifah’s Law” is the jam.

Comment by Scott 07.25.06 @

You forgot Ron Delite #6, he’s a “lyrical assassinist” (Stage Is My Stage)
Ed Catto

Comment by Ed Catto 07.25.06 @

my copy of the lp as the labels printed on the wrong side,anyway picked this up for 10 pounds from a shop where i ignored it for years as it just laid there untill i discovered this beauty,peace shahid

Comment by shahid 07.26.06 @

wow, good post, I must admit I knew nothing about this-

Comment by Double R 07.26.06 @

“I always confused Louie Louie with “Little” Louie Vega, the other half of Masters at Work (and like Kenny Dope, did some occaisionall hip-hop production). Similar to the various Tony D’s floating around in the late 80’s.”

I think its one and the same man…

Comment by dj mad wax 08.04.06 @

Don’t sleep! Ron Delite did alot of the production on those records but didn’t get credit.I heard he still raps and produces too.

Comment by mots 08.07.06 @

Theres no way that dude in the photo is Louis Vega from the Masters of work? Unless he’s shed pounds?

I’m confused but in a good way i love the louis louis beats on that lp prefer them over the 45 kings .

Comment by Doh 11.02.06 @

yeaaa daddy whats poppin holla 646 372 5567 long time get at me

Comment by conductor 12.11.06 @

Ron and I were best friends years ago when we ushered at the Cherry Lane Theatre. Ron if you or any of your friends read this, just know that Tina is still in New York and never forgets our fun times in the West Village. I’d love to see you one more time!

Comment by Tina 01.02.07 @

Could someone reup that Jamose mp3 please

Comment by Kevin 09.06.07 @

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