Tribute To Ignorance Awards For 2006
Sunday January 07th 2007,
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Beer gimmick of the year – the Heiny mini-keg!

Best Blog for Obscure Rap Albums: Without a doubt, the crew at Bust The Facts killed it this year with everything from Miami Bass albums to Supreme Nyborn. Sure, I’m not about to kick back with a Heineiken mini-keg and listen to all four of Candyman‘s albums anytime soon, but it’s nice to have the option.

Best Top 10 Posts of 2006 Round-Up: Maybe I’m a little biased, but any list that contains four mentions of Unkut Dot Com material is alright in my book. The cheque’s in the mail, Fresh.

Rap-Related Diorama of the Year: Wu-Peanuts, of course! The perfect compliment to the Grand Royal cardboard Bass Jeep.

Bugged-Out Day At Powerplay Award: From crowning Sean Combs the “King Of All Jigs” to finding the connection between Kelis and Chewy, Dallas Penn Dot Com continued to bring the pain to the lame. Plus it hosted a couple of superb come-upperences courtesy of Combat Jack.

Live Show of the Year: I didn’t bother going to many, but witnessing Lord Finesse rip shit with DJ Roc Raida a few months back was pretty fuckin’ epic. No need for twenty dudes running around – or even a hype man for that matter – as the Funkyman “stepped on stage with authority and confidence”. Highlights included watching him son the soundman and join Raida for a cutting session.

Deluded Message Board Community of the Year: Okayplayer. I’m sure there are some quality posters hanging around there somewhere, but the antics of some of those kids in regards to accusing Bol and noz of “stealing ideas”, not to mention the fall-out to Kool Kim‘s “KRS-One: Hip-Hop Sucks Because of You” post, demonstrated that there are some prize humps amongst their ranks.

Five Reasons Why I’ll Still Be Doing This In 2007:

1. Kenny Parker telling me that he enjoyed Unkut Dot Com and that it was the first time he’d heard “Bait” since Red Alert played it in the 80’s.

2. Getting my first Weed Carrier article in print (now a regular feature in Modern Fix magazine starting this month!) and the huge response to the First Annual Weed Carrier Awards.

3. Having UMC‘s Kool Kim contribute some great articles to the site, even though I’d earlier ragged on his “Blue Cheese” video. Good thing he saw the funny side.

4. Getting the chance to chop it up with everyone from X Clan‘s Brother J to Breeze Brewin, plus a whole bunch that I haven’t even typed out yet.

5. Surviving a week at with minimal hating from the peanut gallery and the subsequent mention in the print version. Plus my Willie D post was sheer genius, even if I say so myself.

Most Disheartening Release: Hearing the once-mighty Alkaholiks reclaim their full name but continue the awful slide into hell that the X.O Experience started was really painful. I also refuse to believe that the same E-Swift responsible for “Make Room” is now serving up a sound that can only be called Neptunes-lite.

Album That I Shouldn’t Have Liked, But Did: 7L & Esoteric‘s A New Dope. Who’d have thought that Esoteric rapping over 80’s Nu-Wave would work?

Label of the Year: Traffic Entertainment killed it all year with CD and double vinyl re-prints of some killer material from the vaults of Warlock, Sleeping Bag, Strong City and B-Boy Records. The recent Road To Riches special edition has stepped-up the game even further – here’s hoping we see the same treatment for Long Live The Kane and Goin’ Off this year.

Mixtape Go-To Guy: J-Love. Him and Premier kept things moving this year with some hard-body joints aimed at the gutter. Raekwon‘s Only Built For The Streets II may have been the highlight.

Hopes for 2007: Official albums from Blaq Poet, NYG’z, Milano and Smiley The Ghetto Child, and a couple of new projects from K-Def bode well for the future. I could care less about everything else though.

Be Easy Award: Too much Ghostface? Just about. I know that today’s rap grind involves quantity over quality, but is it too much to want a Ghost album filled with shit like “Gorilla Hood”, “Shakey Dog” and “Murder Goons”?

Best Albums of 2006:

1. K-Def Willie Boo Boo: The Fool (Ghettoman/Redline)
2. Blaq Poet Rewind < < Deja Screw (Screwball/Traffic)
3. Sadat X Black October (Riverside Drive)
4. AZ The Format (Quiet Money/Fast Life)
5. Ghostface Killah Fishscale (Def Jam)
6. The Roots Game Theory (Def Jam)
7. Smiley The Ghetto Child The Antidote (Fat Beats)
8. Brad Strut Legendary-The Official Mixtape (Peruvian Gemz)
9. Juggaknots Use Your Confusion (Amalgam)
10. 7L & Esoteric A New Dope (Babygrande)

Proof that Hip-Hop really did die this year: James Brown passing and the release of that “Buddy” remake with Ja Rule and Fat Joe.

Last Year’s Awards

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best blog of 06 keep it up in 07

Comment by c.s 01.07.07 @

Robbie, you da MAN! Keep it rollin’, baby.

Comment by fosterakahunter 01.07.07 @

I didn’t realize how many unkut posts were on that list until I posted it. But you did have a good year, real recognize real.

Comment by fresh 01.07.07 @


Comment by The Average Man 01.07.07 @

Just been trawling the unkut archives and it seems I’ve missed quite a bit of stuff. I thought I read every article but it appears not! I need a laptop for all this stuff man!

Comment by The Average Man 01.07.07 @

this blog is a lot more informative and funny, than all the current ‘RapPages’. Good job, robbie. Fishscale was one CD, i treked out to GoodBuys for, the new album, ‘More Fish’ was o.k. I have to agree with you on Willie Boo Boo ‘The Fool’ for best album, it took me back. keep em’ coming in ’07.

Comment by seedlessone 01.07.07 @

keep doing what you are doing Robbie..
Just hoping you get all the backlog posted up soon!!

Comment by Beatlover 01.08.07 @

Big Ups to you Robbie, with all the bullshit present in hip-hop today, I appreciate and respect your knowledge and love for this hip-hop shit. keep educating all the corny come-lates on ’07

Comment by DaRuffian 01.08.07 @

You’re a beast Robbie! Keep up the good work man!

Comment by AFFEX 01.09.07 @

Damn Fat Joe and Rule made a buddy remake? What’s the instro like? J-Love has been dropping shit packed with vintage and hard to find Wu and Mobb cuts all year, I gotta hand it to the fat sack of shit, he’s on the grind.

I need to check on that K-Def.

Comment by Skylar 01.09.07 @

“Guerilla Hoods” needs to be inducted into a hall of fame somewhere. Criminally left off albums.

Comment by Joey 01.10.07 @

UnKut dot com is Hip-Hop!

Comment by Dallas 01.14.07 @

Big thanks for the big ups there UNKUT…

Big thank you for everyone who visited the site and I hope you all enjoy 2007 as much as you enjoyed 2006.

Live Long & Accumulate.

Comment by Jimmy smithson 02.02.07 @

here’s to more heat for me to absorb at the j-o-b in ’07.

how about you post audio of the interviews so it won’t take as long to type out? then go back and type ’em when you get around to it. 😀

Comment by mordecai 02.15.07 @

I love Milano, that is- the REAL MILANO! Not that Milano wannabe that thinks he can just come out of nowhere and steel my nigga’s name. you could try to take his name but you can’t take his game, he’s too nice at this shit!!!

Comment by Lady K 02.20.07 @

I agree with all of it except the nod to 7L and Esoterrible…

I saw them live last night before Pharoahe Monch here in T-Dot and judging from the 70/30 split of booing, bottle thorwing and mild, disinterested clapping, I don’t think their new album was well received.


1.) Booing
2.) When they threw out copies of their cd cats threw them back
3.) When the night’s host said “Make some noise for 7L and Esoteric” it was dead silent.

Comment by biz 03.11.07 @

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