Video: Kidz In The Hall Respond To Unkut Dot Com Poll
Thursday June 19th 2008,
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So I get an email today from a guy from Underground Hip Hop dot com letting me know that the Kidz In The Hall gave Unkut a fair amount of airtime in this new video. Amusing to say the least. As I’d originally mentioned in the post, I only really included them to make up the numbers. They make decent enough music I guess, if you’re into that kind of shit, but there’s really no excuse for rocking canary yellow cardigans unless you’re Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Anyway, cheer up fellas – you only polled thirteen votes!

Who Is The Biggest Hipster Rap Douchbag

  • All of the above (25%, 470 Votes)
  • Kanye West (18%, 332 Votes)
  • Lil Mama (13%, 232 Votes)
  • The Cool Kids (12%, 230 Votes)
  • Lupe Fiasco (7%, 137 Votes)
  • M.I.A. (7%, 125 Votes)
  • Kid Sister (7%, 124 Votes)
  • N*E*R*D* (6%, 113 Votes)
  • Kidz In The Hall (5%, 86 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,849


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its sort of 156 votes as there included in all of the above. suck shit dudes.

Comment by gx 06.19.08 @

word up. Timbo Flimbo’s a fat queer. I was in a record store one time and he was in there asking the name of some really regular old park jams. Whilst that’s a retarded reason to feel bitter about him (re: TOY), the fact he was an ungrateful cunt after been dropped some knowledge backs it all up. Lookin’ forward to that new roc marciano. That’s the real deal. Props to Robbie and all the good cover

Comment by AO 06.19.08 @

Carlton had a movie?

Comment by haroon 06.19.08 @

Robbie makin all the right moves.

Knawledge catchin feelin’s like a little girl, while his boyfriend is rockin a YELLOW cardigan, soundin like lil Tweety bird.

Dude looks like tha dad from Friday

Comment by AFFECKS 06.19.08 @

Props to Kidz in the Hall! They make solid music, as well half the artist on your Hatin’-Ass survey! Who gives a fuck about what color dude sweater is. Ya’ll claim to be “true School”, why don’t check out what Bambaataa an’em was wearin’. You dickheads don’t get it! Hip-hop is suppose be cutting edge! pushin’ the envelope! not stuck in the 90s, if you’re still wearin’ Carhartt your not “state of the art”. It’s a shame you old dudes need to grow up and accept that hip-hop is ever changing, and if you don’t change your attitude it will pass you by, or maybe it already has!

P.S. nobody gives a fuck about Prodigy and his disjointed rhymes and boring production selection!
He’s Carhartt.

Comment by Renbo slice 06.19.08 @

haha. they’re o.g.’s in this.
let’s play the birdcage.
n oh yeah, he’s sssso carharrt.

Comment by swordfish 06.19.08 @

carharrt? what about north face and polo? dont the kids wear that? oh and nikes circa 90-93.dont the kids wear that? thats old stuff. if im not mistaken one of the kidz in the hall has a pwing jacket and rugby on on the album cover. thats 90’s as one can possibly can get. renbo do ur homework. Prodigy was making hits in ny at that time. do ur homework and respect what came b4 or this culture is gonna be outa here by 2010. mark my words.

Comment by mercilesz 06.19.08 @

I think what gets lost friend is not”who’s”HipHop,but “what” the culture is really about.It was never about clothes or marketing,it was getting a message out from the”voiceless”.I think the reason the ’90’s HipHop keeps rearing it’s head,is because so many groups and events were slept on,during the Eastcoast/Westcoast war,and just those artist got attention and many,many groups were slept wouldn’t even be necessary,if HipHop was being accurately(historically)accounted.

Comment by Roger Jones 06.19.08 @

the power of 543 people! Witness the strength of street knowledge and the stench of pissed in street wear! You got ’em shakin’ in they thrift bought british walkers, Robbie…keep up the hood work, rebel. Bam in the early 80s in the space pharoah gear IS cutting edge, a guy dressing like somebody in 95 TRYING to dress like Erkel for Halloween in 2008 is a douche-bag, c’mon that’s obvious no matter how old you are… dood seriously looks like Erkel (who ever wanted to be Erkel?)… and stockbroker dood in the tie needs to take care of that razor bump issue: “What’s cookin’ in the kitchen on the [front] of your neck? You’d burn the rice and try to front on me?” –Too $hort
Can’t wait for P Bros.

Comment by Smooth Triumph 06.19.08 @

Even the host is messin with these guys! Carlton holds up his Obama shirt. Host: “But it’s fluorescent.” Haha

Comment by Eons 06.19.08 @

I fux wit the “Hip-ster movement” so fuck off UNKUT.

Comment by Ty 06.19.08 @

Did they say they are OGs in this hipster rap shit? I am old and can’t get into this new stuff. And I like Roger Jones said, I am checking out stuff I missed out on in the 80s and 90s. In regards to the new jacks, they live in a era of ring tones and downloads, so I am sure it is more difficult to focus on an album knowing most people are going to check only a few cuts.

Comment by turtle 06.19.08 @

haha.. I gotta give respect to these guys for not bitching and crying and just joking about it. They didn’t catch feelings, so i’ll give them props for that.

There music isn’t bad. As long as it’s good i’ll peep it.

but the sweaters and all that are mad fruity. That has nothing to do with music. My problem with a lot of them is they just like look Pussy.

Comment by bbatson 06.19.08 @

yeah but F e-hipster catching feeling in the comments, yall should check back in with your baby sitters…

dudes do have a major point about Timbaland though- who he’s working with now drastically blurs the line as to what top40 countdown refers to as hip-hop now…

Comment by Cab 540 heelflip 06.20.08 @

Dude might not be a douchebag, but he’s certainly wearing a douchebag’s uniform. Can’t stop, won’t stop uh-uh uh-uh.

Comment by Swann 06.20.08 @

you guys obviously don’t listen to kidz in thte hall at all. Cuz if u did u wouldn’t have included them in that group. If u disagree listen to their entire catalog(mixtapes included) then make ur decision

Comment by sam 06.20.08 @

God damn, text messaging is killing our language.

Comment by Eons 06.20.08 @

aint my language.

Comment by mercilesz 06.20.08 @

So Laura never fucked Urkel and then he decided to start a group and call it Kidz in the Hall? Or is that Steph-on Urkel? Crazy!? Where is Eddie when you need him?

Comment by BIGSPICE 06.20.08 @

What’s the point of this debate? Hip Hop is what the people of the younger generations sculpt it to be. It’s like the same argument as the Souljah Boy / Ice T deal. Older Heads were young once and made the game what it was. Now young bol’s are re-interpreting what it is to them. Do ya’ll remember when the term “Studio Gangsta” was all the craze? I grew up during the “Golden Age” of Hip Hop. Now what “real Hip – Hop” has become is the “Studio Gangsta” image we used to loathe. It’s the same argument in essence, just the reverse outcome. You got underground cats who will never change and stay bithcin about the industry but obviously aren’t original enough to break into it. You got all the so’called “D-Boys”. You got the “Hipster Hop”. And the Old Heads who aren’t relevant anymore, so they can’t have a direct influence on hip hop like they used to. It’s really all about RELEVANCE! It’s like what Mos Def said on “Hip Hop” the opening to his first solo. Hip Hop is where the people are going (paraphrase). So where are ya’ll going? Cool Kids or no Cool Kids, young’n’s today don’t really know the difference between a “Studio Gangsta” and a “Backpacker Rapper”. They didn’t grow up in the same era. Jay-Z (post Biggie and Pac)single handedly made Hip Hop an enterprise. He set the bar, but at the same time made it damn near impossible for a successful diversity. Think about it.

– siyoung (which is my real name) YOUNG SI, ha!

Comment by siyoung 06.21.08 @

Can’t believe what I’m hearin’! Ya’ll standin’ in the way of progress! Hip Hop dead by 2010? are u serious? Who died, and made you hip hop fortune-teller? lol! THE CULTURE HAS TO EVOLVE IN ORDER TO SURVIVE! YA’ll should stop cryin’ and come to grips with the fact that ya’ll just ain’t “COOL” no more! SO, Step outta ya office/your car/traditional hip hop fest, away from your well insulated “old school world” and you’ll see this is not the culture you grew up in! NOR SHOULD IT BE! It wouldn’t kill you to try something new, Trust me! If your parents could hear your stuffy, hypocritical asses now, they’d be rollin’ on the ground laughing! Ya’ll startin’ sound like those bitter JAZZ-heads, who’s culture actually died because they couldn’t EVOLVE!

Comment by Renbo slice 06.23.08 @

Quotes that make u sound like an old fart!

1. “Text messaging is killing our language!”- ROTFGLMAO! this is not my language, and I thought it was about manipulating the language to suit us (Hip-Hop)?

2. (while defending prodigy) “They’re O.G.s in this” – lol! Who cares when the music is trash!

3. “Do your homework”- Lazy insult, my homework is done. Don’t even know you and just by that quote, I know every thing in your closet is WACK! lol!

Comment by Renbo slice 06.23.08 @

Hmmm don’t brag about being backpackers guys!?
No wonder you’re doing hipster rap now. lol
Big up Robbie and all your free press.

Comment by farns 06.23.08 @

sure ya rite renbo. big ups

Comment by mercilesz 06.23.08 @

goddamn Robby watching that interview and listening to these two only cements their hipsterness and really shows me how fucking wack they really are… calling themselves OGs?? im not one to hate and I try to respect current hip hop as much as possible but you gotta draw a line… props for always keepin shit real..

Comment by crooklynRitch 06.25.08 @

oh no its all kwame circa 87-89
it will be all over soon

Comment by sb-uno 06.29.08 @

@ Renbo

You talk about jazz culture that died because critics were not able to evolve…might be true, but there is a big difference between the evolution of jazz and the changes of today’s Hip-Hop. Jazz musicians (such as Miles Davis when he went electric or those in the free movement) were experimenting,creating,building a new sound that eventually blew up, while most of these “Hipsters” aren’t bringing nothing new to the game and they just soften up a sound that already exists in order to make mainstream public eager to listen (read “buy”). In the 80’s and the early 90’s the enemy of innovation in Hip-Hop was imitation. Nowadays it’s his bastardization. That’s why Hip-Hop might die by 2010, that’s why “old” opinions are gold, because we are trying to breathe some more life in this culture we love.

Comment by ceedub 06.30.08 @

weird – a lot of talk about clothing on a blog about hip hop music

Comment by Nathan Smart 07.02.08 @

^don’t be a vag

Comment by ScubaHoodedFuneral 07.02.08 @

clothing and hip hop go hand in hand. fuck image. but hip hop did usher in a new fashion sense. u cant front. baseball caps and jeans dont match but we love it

Comment by mercilesz 07.02.08 @

I don’t give a shit what dude is wearing but his demeanor is wack (got his feelings hurt by timbo so sad) and the wardrobe feels like a gimmick (they admit to switching up their fashion with every album). Andre 3000 and cee-lo rock the same wild shit but they come genuine with it while other acts such as bow wow wear more “traditional” hip hop attire but you know he’s a poser. Bottom line this “hipster” shit is definitely a trend I would just warn them from embracing it cause they will look stupid once something else becomes “hot” unless they think they are as fly as p.diddy (bandanas to shiny suits to mohawks to sean john wow!)

Comment by methodub 07.02.08 @

I don’t care for Lupe Fiasco, The Cool Kids or Kidz In The Hall or Kid Sister and I can’t stand Kanye, but their style is Hipster whether they like it or not, did Rakim wear a shirt and a tie or a fruity jersey?


Comment by Jaz 07.03.08 @


Comment by superEx 07.04.08 @

You’re right Jaz. Old school rappers never did wear any specific clothing or costumes.

Comment by Nathan Smart 07.08.08 @

yeah they did. watch flash footage or soulsonic footage or fearless 4 footage

Comment by mercilesz 07.08.08 @


Comment by Nathan Smart 07.09.08 @

but they (fearless, soulsonic, etc.) were doing BRAND NEW shit and rocking outlandish gear went along with blowing people’s minds sonically… but these canary yellow guys are feebly attempting a rehash of Native Tongues, shitting all over their older borthers’ record collections and dressing up like poindexters (their gear is not outlandish and other planet just like their wack sound isn’t anything mindblowing), it’s Mister Rogers, safe-and-sane, it took balls to walk down the street dressed like the Fearless 4, leather and Bobcat tails, with the squares snickering and pointing and everybody wanting to pick a fight, it doesnt take balls to wear a cardigan, the squares are wearing the same thing (you fit right in) one thing cannot be compared to the other, one shows bravery and rebellion, the other is homogenized and assimilates…

Comment by ScubaHoodedFuneral 07.09.08 @

You liked the music of those guys and so you’re willing to accept their outfits. Truth is, if Nas or Jay-Z were wearing things like this (and Jay-Z does at times) you’d be okay with it. It’s okay not to like someone’s music but to rag on them solely for how they look is on some punk-ass shit and should be left to our parents.

Comment by Nathan Smart 07.10.08 @

^then by all means have fun in your capri pants, listening to shitty music, but why are you on this blog? This is a tribute to ignorance not tolerance and the music supported here is good, so go back to myspace away from the judging eyes of us hardcore, well-informed meanies if you insist on playing nice with the other kids
P.S. Jay-Z’s a douchebag

Comment by ScubaHoodedFuneral 07.10.08 @

I’m not playing nice, I like the music so I don’t care if they wear dildos on their heads. I’m on this blog because I like the music supported here, in addition to the music it hates. And that’s the purpose of blogs and comments – so that we can come on here and argue about this insignificant shit.

Comment by Nathan Smart 07.10.08 @

dildos on heads would be kinda unnaceptable ha ha

Comment by mercilesz 07.10.08 @

look at all the well-adjusted, openminded people with dildos on their heads riding the vag bus… there they go off into the sunset of another decade, totally irrelevant, never to be heard from again. Like Overlord Ice Dog from Tuff Crew says:
“Seen ’em come, Seen ’em go…”

Comment by ScubaHoodedFuneral 07.10.08 @

time will tell – and it’s not what they wear that makes their music die out – it’s the type of music they make. It’s retro and almost by definition that makes it novelty and of course it won’t last. But who said music has to last? If I enjoy it now, I’ll enjoy it 20 years from now (maybe in different ways, but it’ll still be on my 10G 1TB iPod Classy).

My point is, lighten up. It’s music for people that aren’t you. No reason to call them gay or say they are killing the scene (not that you’ve said this about them) because that’s all bullshit. Just don’t critique the art because of the artist’s costume. Waste of time.

Comment by Nathan Smart 07.10.08 @

cracking on fools gear is totally a part of hip hop, don’t try to take that away from us!!! Whether you dis the young or the old… whether it’s Ghostface calling hipsters “little hoodie dudes” or De La telling the old-timers to “Take It Off”… or LL dissing Moe Dee’s space shades… it’s all part of the braggadocio which will always be rap, sorry NS, gotta side with CubaGoodedJunior on this one, I love clownin the corns, it runs as deep as the dozens

Comment by GarbanzoNice 07.10.08 @

^Ha, good one. How ’bout: “Yer shirt look like a dishrag… yer shirt look like a curtain.”

or Raekwon: “An gimme them bullshit Tims you got on, and you got the fake ones on!”

Or the mighty KRS-ONE lamenting about getting cracked on: “With one and a half pair of pants you ain’t cool.”

But I’m with Slick Rick on that: “It’s cool to dress bummy and be a dumb dummy and disrespect your mummy.” see: bummy=cool, but Erkel still just=Erkel

Comment by ScubaHoodedFuneral 07.11.08 @

an’ how’d this all turn into a commercial for Apple anyway? Braggin about that shit always sounds like “I wish I had records so bad but I’m too lazy to dig” to me… and THAT shit’s gay and killing the scene

Comment by ScubaHoodedFuneral 07.11.08 @

I never said don’t make fun of the clothes – I said don’t judge the music by the costume.

And who’s braggin? I was making a joke about the future – which by the way is ironic, dissing retro rap, saying heads are stuck in the past and then dissing someone for keeping up with technology.

but, really, I don’t care – I gave up the format wars back in my 20s

Comment by Nathan Smart 07.14.08 @

They actually kept it real during the interview so that was cool.Especcially when DJ On and On clowned him for his sweater…haha. All these young cats lack authenticity and that’s just it.You cats stay getting punked cuz ya heart pumps kool Aid you frosty lil treat batty bwoy.Fuck all you lil’ young homos who aint trendsetting but making the real young cats who wear their jeans baggy and listen to the quality shit straight jump ya’ll everyday…peace

Comment by BeanTown Breezy 07.28.09 @

Oh and btw…”School was my hustle?”….cuz your parents had alot of money and you grew up in the suburbs and attended Ivy league schools Carlton Banks wannabees!….fuck outta here.

Comment by BeanTown Breezy 07.28.09 @

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