The Case For Hipster Rap
Friday August 15th 2008,
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Veteran hip-hop writers Andrew Emery (Hip Hop Connection, Fat Lace) and Chairman Mao (ego trip, XXL Mag) have both penned intelligent articles which take a far more open-minded approach to all the the trendy tight-jeans rappers than my own five-minute, hateful rant against the smedium shirt brigade. I’ve also notices that Wikipedia now also mentions “old-school hip-hop website Unkut and Jersey City rapper Mazzi” as leading the Hipster Rap backlash or some shit. Even the effin’ UTNE Reader has got in on the action.

Deft Jams by Andrew Emery

Hipster Boogie by Chairman Mao

Hipster Rap – The Latest Hater Battleground by Jake Mohan

For what I promise will be it’s final appearance on these pages, allow me to wheel-out the infamous Hipster Rap Douchebag Poll, which I will shut-down once it reaches 1,000 votes. Honest.

Who Is The Biggest Hipster Rap Douchbag

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Being a ‘hater’ > being a ‘hipster’

Comment by Liam 08.15.08 @

math signs=nerd

Comment by mercilesz 08.15.08 @

That’s a great piece by Chairman Mao. But UTNE keeps it real. Mostly comes down to good ol’ fashioned homophobia. Only he speaks on it like something bad or something.

Comment by quan 08.16.08 @

I previously voted for Lupe on the strength of how fucking overrated he is, but after finally getting around to hearing hipster anthem “American Boy,” I’m going with Kanye. He raps for two minutes in a fake British accent about his pea coat.

Comment by Tray 08.16.08 @

geto boys. dito. first track.

Comment by swordfish 08.16.08 @

I agree….haters>hipsters…i’d hate anyday before i switch up to that bullshit….I hope that extra sweet dude from Kids in the Hall gets emotional

Comment by Paul Kersey 08.16.08 @

I know hip hop better than half the cats commenting on this site. I love the site for the coverage although occasionally the shots at older hip hop artists is annoying. I haven’t listened to all these cats but lyrically Lupe and Kanye are some of the only cats writing like emcees. Generally lyrics have gone by the wayside in hip hop so regardless of the experimentation with music and fashion they bring balance to a hip hop. Jay & Nas and any other lyrical emcees can’t carry the charts forever. The underground, hopefully will rise again but will they call it hip hop? I hope so.

Comment by eye ehn jee 08.16.08 @

“although occasionally the shots at older hip hop artists is annoying”

^ Not sure when I’ve done that, over than the thing about Run and ’em.

Comment by Robbie 08.16.08 @

“know hip hop better than half the cats commenting on this site.”

“Lupe and Kanye are some of the only cats writing like emcees”


Comment by chris 08.17.08 @

“I know hip hop better than half the cats commenting on this site.”
who are you?mr.hiphopedia?

“Lupe and Kanye are some of the only cats writing like emcees”
with this phrase you definitely show that you know better hip hop than the rest of the people commenting here!you twat!

Comment by mp 08.17.08 @

yeah i definitely gotta chime in here, to say that lupe and kanye are better wordsmiths than nas and jay is just ignorant, i don’t even like jay z and i know that hes more lyrically skilled than either kanye or lupe, and nas, come on man, hes like one of the original dope emcees, and as i recall, according to krs-one you ain’t no hip hop historian unless you’ve interviewed him, kool herc, or bambaata, so stfu over there with that shit, classic emcees will always forefather everyone elses style

Comment by gstatty 08.17.08 @

I know hip hop better than half the cats commenting on this site….lmao…please explain why and don’t put kanye and emcee in the same paragraph if you want to sound believable…gotta love these hip hop know it all types…”Jay and Nas cant hold it down forever”….they aint holdin down shit homey…hip hop lives on whether they make music or not…contrary to what you read in magazines or hear on the radio, not everybodys feelin them dudes like you may be….don’t MTV got a message board? You might wanna stay in that circuit, cause whether you like peoples opinions or not, check the range of artists who got interviewed here on this site regarless of whos hot at the moment, check the dusty lost joints you come across from time to time…this site is one of the ONLY true hip hop sites, and thats not ass kissin thats just the truth….and no disrespect just come a little bit more correct next time.

Comment by Paul Kersey 08.17.08 @

I know hip hop really well, too.
In fact, we had dinner together just last night.

Comment by Ruestar 08.17.08 @

rather than calling it quits on your little crusade, why have more frequent posts filed under “douchebag extravaganza” or something? this site is about glorifying ignorance, and the beauty of that is not having to accept the nonsensical horseshit these holier-than-thou queers like to call lyrics and style. I love these posts like G Rap week, man, and you’ve singlehandedly made your own little movement from them getting airplay and shit.

Comment by jc 08.17.08 @

this subject again??

Comment by dj blendz 08.17.08 @

Hip Hop sucks!!!!!

Comment by Prefonte 08.17.08 @

Wow @ folks actually taking pride in being haters.

The irony of this to me is that as much as “purists” get frustrated with people getting caught up in image and not the content of the music, they’ve been unusually infatuated with lumping these so-called “hipster” rappers (a title that none of them have claimed for themselves) in one group. I wouldn’t hardly consider Lupe the same thing as Lil’ Mama, or Kidz In The Hall the same thing as M.I.A. But of course, they’ve all been stuck in the same category because of people who haven’t bothered to listen past the imagery. That’s usually something to be expected by those who are outside of hip-hop and live to criticize the music, but not those who spend hours trying to prove that they’re more hip-hop than eachother.

One thing that I’ve always loved about this music is that there were so many different sounds/styles/etc. This is why it perplexes me that so many “real hip-hop heads” have been so stuck in the late-80s and early-90s to the point that they damn near refuse to accept anything else.

Comment by DANJAMANIA 08.18.08 @

I’m not a purist by any means (couldn’t be if I tried), and I do like some what is called ‘hipster rap’ (Wale & Clipse), but it strikes me as perfectly OK to call out people for being overly fashion obsessed and/or toolish both in and outside of their music. Pretty much every other ‘variant’ or take on rap music gets hated on, from Def Jux to Dipset, so why should hipster rap be an exception?

also, lol @ Ruestar

Comment by Liam 08.18.08 @

funny: the audacity to assume shit about people you don’t even know, about a subject that’s all inclusive, for better of worse.

and since we’re on the subject of heavy claims: i know more about toaster ovens than half the cats on this site….wait no i don’t, but how do you know? maybe i do…

Comment by snowdonkey 08.18.08 @

I vote none, just because to me Hip Hop is Hip Hop. Who cares what you wear?? It’s about the music ya digg. If you just don’t like the music they make then that’s a different story. Lupe Fiasco and The Cool Kids are two of my favorite artists of all time, and I hate that “Hipster” label people give them. And I love how people hate on The Cool Kids, but their style comes from 80’s Hip Hop, so when your hating on their style…your hating on the old school Hip Hop everyone loves and adores.

Moral of this story: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Pay attention to the music, not the way they dress. You gotta be open minded to style, everyone has their own.

But that’s just my opinion…

Comment by Optimus Prime 08.18.08 @

of all time…damn they only been out like 2 years

Comment by mercilesz 08.18.08 @

At least you didn’t include Mickey Factz here.

It’s certainly a good thing that rappers are wearing Levis, Jordans and dookie ropes again and referencing the whole classic Gucci and Louis V Dapper Dan look of the late 80’s after years of ludicrously baggy jeans and hoodies, fatigues, backpacks, xxxxl tall tees, Timberlands etc but seeing The Cool Kids live i’ve gotta say that, eh, Chuck Inglish squeezing his hefty frame into them 30″ waist 501s is not a good look up close on stage in a hot sweaty club.

Comment by brian beck from wisconsin 08.19.08 @

Nice to see theres still real hip hoppers that know what the deal is with these poser F**K’s!

Comment by RowanB 08.21.08 @

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