The Day I Fell Off
Thursday December 18th 2008,
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Not me, obviously. But was there a particular incident or album that made you rip all your Word Up! posters off your wall and never listen to a particular rapper ever again? For some, it was Big Daddy Kane‘s Prince of Darkness LP. For others, it was KRS-One taking out PM Dawn (if you’re one of these foolish folk, please fall into your nearest volcano).

Dallas Penn offers: “Only dude I ever had faith in was Ice Cube and I think after I saw Boyz N The Hood I was like ‘Fuck this fake ass rap shit!’. Remember ‘Burn Hollywood Burn’? The next thing you know this dude is doing movies. I learned then that revolution is only the act of revolving – spinning around in the same place.”

Gotty answers: “First artist that comes to mind is Pac, when the whole East-West thing popped off. On a personal level, it pissed me off that he had so much so-called animosity towards someone…but wasn’t doing shit about it except rappin’. He tried to kill you & you made a song about it? GTFOH. As time passed, of course, we learned more of both Pac & Big‘s sides of the story, and even further, we know the end results.”

As for the Unkut take on this whole thing? Even though I was hardly a Slim Shady fanatic, he made some entertaining shit for a while, until I saw something so horrendous that I damn-near tossed my cookies. That’s right – his live performance with Elton John at the the Grammy’s. I won’t deny that Stretch Armstrong‘s favorite musician ever made some classics back in the day when he used to go on year-long coke binges and dress-up in duck costumes, but the EJ who’s seen twinkling the ivories in this clip is nothing more than a fat, boring fruit with a stupid earring. The fact that Eminem does a duet with this fudge is bad enough, but it would almost excusable if it actually sounded half decent. Instead, we were subjected to ‘The Rocket Man’ freestyling piano riffs and butchering the hook of an otherwise awesome song. Just as you think it can’t get any worse, they then proceed to hug and hold hands! From that moment on, David Faustino regained his position as my favorite white rapper.

Eminem feat. Elton John – ‘Stan’ Live:

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Nas – “Oochie Wally” was a shame, but thank God he came back from that….

Comment by MAAD 12.18.08 @

I actually felt Kane fell off with-Taste of Chocolate myself,I mean,”It’s hard being the Kane”was nice…but the rest”.P.E. took a tumble with-The empire strikes black,but those Pete Rock remixes for”Shut’em down”and “Nighttrain”saved the day.And I know I may lose some cats with this but I wasn’t feeling any G.Rap albums after-4,5,6,I mean-Rated XXX was cool,I thought it was foul that Cold Chillin released it the same day that G.Rap released-4,5,6,…and that they used all those tracks from the vaults,and gave that project the kind of push and budget they never gave G.Rap when he was on the label….Crazy.

Comment by Roger Jones 12.18.08 @

I agree with the Nas/oochie wally one. Also, Common and the whole Electric Circus fiasco. Oh yeah, and anything Mos Def did after Black on Both Sides.

Comment by BIGSPICE 12.18.08 @

I’m waiting to see how many comments until someone says “808’s And Heartbreak.”

This is less mainstream, but I was a huge fan of Jungle Brothers until “J Beez Wit the Remedy” came out. I was completely on the “WTF?” tip. After 3 listens to make sure it wasn’t just me, I was off them completely, never to recover.

“Straight Out The Jungle” is still ill, though.

Comment by B-Double 12.18.08 @

Dallas probably went nuts when Ice Cube did “Are we there yet” and a sequel! On another note, leave Elton John alone! :-)

Comment by Kiana 12.18.08 @

j beez wit the remedy was pretty fuckin dope. It was just over most peoples head production wise. Ur not alone i had to listen to that tape mad times but eventually it started making sense.that joint tip remixed on that album is freakin incredible.
However the Ultimate fall off song of all time is….ta daaa….STREET DREAMS…BY NAS…WTF WAS THAT ABOUT? AFTER ILLMATIC? cmon…and he never recovered from that bullshit.

Comment by Mercilesz 12.18.08 @


For the win.

Comment by Finally 12.18.08 @

^^ hey yo i’d take ‘street dreams’ and ‘oochie wally’ over that horrendous hot mess nas did with was that about?!

Comment by dj blendz 12.18.08 @

Oh yeah……
1.K-Solo-Times Up(Letterman was the lone hot track)
2.EPMD-Business never personal
3.A tribe called quest-the Love movement
4.Souls of mischief-No mans land
5.Gang starr-Ownerz
6.Group Homes-2nd album
7.LL 14 shots to the dome
8.OC-jewelz-(bumpy,DJ Premier & Big L almost saved this project)
10.Diamonds:HUGE HEFNER

The sad part is…there is so much more.Damn.

Comment by Roger Jones 12.18.08 @

RUN-DMC – Back From Hell
that new jack shit broke my heart!

Comment by Traum 12.18.08 @

To many albums, but that Prince of Darkness by Kane was definitely the first time I felt the ground shake from a rapper falling off.

Another falling off moment was getting The Source mag with Foxy Brown & Lil’ Kim on the cover back in ’96. I just couldn’t believe people actually thought they had mic skills and wrote there own lyrics.

Comment by DRLROCKWELL 12.18.08 @

what about when feminem’s bodyguards tried to protect him from Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at one of the award shows? what a feg…

Comment by JP 12.18.08 @

the saddest part is blendz is right…damn “a tear drops my eye”..
Roger Jones ur bein a lil too tuff on cats lol jeez what did u like? Souls was a definite fall off the map album
I kinda love Group Homes second album
k-solo had cant hold it back produced by sam sneed so i was feelin that but yeah ur right…that album had some joints on it though i cant front…jewelz was crack rock..Jealous ones Envy was freakin ncredible…That joint with Rae and he introduced us to the terror squad i mean the real terror squad Pun and Armegeddon. all in all u do make a case…oh yeah ownerz was such a disappointment.

Comment by Mercilesz 12.18.08 @

Ice Cube and Nas gave me so many moments, and I just kept giving them chances, especially Nas, as I feel Cube is completely done at this point.

For Ice Cube it was the predator album where he spits 2 bars of Das EFX’s style “had to get away quigidy quick”. Whats crazy is the only time I have ever heard that song was when it first came out in 1992, but I remember him doing that and being so dissappointed, that the memory is etched in my head.

Then he went from being in the NOI to making Friday and talking about pigfeet and hogmog in the movie. That was earth-shattering for my young pro-black mind.

Nas made Nastradamus. I listened to the tape front and back and wanted to give it back to the store I bought it from. The beats, rhymes and concepts were more wack than anything else. I was so disappointed, especially as he was all that we had in the fight against roc-a-fella taking over the game.

Comment by Kai 12.18.08 @

I actually threw my friend’s copy of Nastradamus out of a moving vehicle on the Belt Parkway. He still thanks me to this day.

Comment by BIGSPICE 12.18.08 @

mine was Ice Cube. I wasn’t a super fan like some of my boys but I thought he was dope. I brought all the albums, even as I started to like them less. Then when he did the whole Wessyde Connection/Common diss thing. Then the hollywood explosion and then still to be in “hip hop” mags with ice grills like he’s still “running the streets”. Plus all of the people who accused him of biting and/or style/song jacking: volume 10, king sun, cypress hill… It was just too much that I gave up and everytime I happened hear something after that I was never convinced to give him another listen.

To be clear, I have no issue with him being successful in hollywoord. I dont even care he makes silly comedies now but don’t do that then try to convince me you are still a super gangsta.

Comment by kevin beacham 12.18.08 @

I actually dug Kane’s Prince of Darkness. But it was a far cry from his first 2 efforts so he did fall off in that respect. The second Nas album is OK on its own, but compared to Illmatic, yeah, that’s falling off too. How about Black Sheep? That second album wasn’t a good follow up to that first banger. Hey DAS EFX fell off real hard. The first album was incredible lyrically and beatwise, but the beats on their second album were TRIPLE WACK. WIGGITY! lol Slick Rick too. All his albums after that Great Adventures joint were weak. He fell off too, but he can tour off that first album to this day!

Comment by DOC SAMSON 12.18.08 @

Nice & Smooth-Blazin’ Hot
Queen Latifah after Black Reign
Mc Lyte after the Ruffneck shit
Tony Touch after The Piecemaker

Jealous Ones Envy is classic!!!!
the Black Sheep & J Beez were pretty wack though..Din’t like T.I.M.E. either or the Fu-Schnikins after F.u.

Comment by 357 Nyc 12.18.08 @

“Jewelz” is a classic album to me.
“Ownerz” is kinda weak, but still great compared to a lot of other shit that came out in that timeframe.
I also go with “Nastradamus” as far as my biggest dissapointment. My brother and myself started supporting Nas albums after that fiasco.
“Ni*ger” is pretty dope though plus i copped that.


Comment by Big_Cee 12.18.08 @

haha i meant stopped supporting

Comment by Big_Cee 12.18.08 @

1.Terminator X’s-second joint
2.Intelligent Hoodlum:Saga of a Hoodlum
3.Steady B:V
4.Cool C:In the Ghetto
5.3 X dope;THE SEQUEL
6.Queen Latifah:Nature of a sista
7.Main Source:F*ck what you think
8.Brand Nubian:Everything is everything
9.MC Shan:Play it again Shan
10.KRS-ONE:Sneak Attack

This is really painful,but necessary,and sadly I got enough for a round three.

Comment by Roger Jones 12.18.08 @

saga of a hoodlum was dope but maybe im just a huge trag fan
brand nubian had some joints on it like word is bond cipha wit my boys and that joint wit busta…
3 xdope had the no words remix
everything else on ur list? Hot Garbage

Comment by Mercilesz 12.18.08 @

If you ever wondered what a rapper slitting his wrist in studio sounded like Nastradamus was it, the title track was the worst use of an EPMD track ever.
Big Daddy Kane’s appearance in the Don’t Curse video; the purple shirt and the cast was pretty much the beginning of the end.

Comment by Brooklyn 'Lo 12.18.08 @

@ mercilesz-That Trag follow-up was wack w/the exception of that”Grand Groove:remix”and those what’s your name”Skeff anslem and Large Pro remixes-neither appeared on the cassette though.I thought that Brand Nubian:everything was wack because they went”gangsta”because that was the fad at the time,and I was still open on”In God we trust”,I love EST and The Dope crew outta Philly,and that”No words”remix is my joint,…but that project came a little too late and too wack.I got lots more though.

@ Brooklyn ‘Lo-I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Comment by Roger Jones 12.18.08 @

Round Three…..
1.Jungle Brothers:3rd album
2.OC’s-3rd album
3.CMW-4th album
4.Ice-Cube:Lethal injection-(Really Doe was nice)
5.BRand Nubian:fire in the hole
6.Special Ed:Still got it made-Ha1Ha!Ha!
7.BiG daddy Kane:veterans Day
8.Ice T:Home invasion
9.P.E.-Muse ik en r mess age-wack
10.Doug E.Fresh-Do what I gotta do

Comment by Roger Jones 12.18.08 @

remedy was hot…sorry
all that other shit ur rite on point. what was with dougie fresh rockin hammer pants and wack ass miss jones singin background vocals….booo
i cant even speak on any of those other records…O.c made me cry when i hurd that i cant front. that album was a debacle.

how about UMC’s 2nd one?nobody brought that one up yet.
oh and cypress 2nd one…another failed attempt.
oh and tical 2000? what was that?
oh god i forgot mic geronimos 2nd one…wow

Comment by Mercilesz 12.18.08 @

oh yeah camp lo’s 1st one…they had two hot singles and i heard the album like damn “i like these guys?
oh and D-nice when he had Treach write all his lyrics…cmon dude
oh and every eazy e project when he started beefin wit dre.not good looks
oh yeah COMMON ELECTRIC CIRCUS…thats fuckin worse than Street Deams…I have been corrected

Comment by Mercilesz 12.18.08 @

@ mercilesz-See,…it’s an endless list of follow-up failures,you came up with some joints i completely forgot.

Comment by Roger Jones 12.18.08 @

*Black Sheep’s 2nd – aaaaw i still remember how disappointed i was hearing that one and Dres f*cking solo album ooh lord….
*O.G.C. – what happened ? wack production on the whole album
*Souls Of Misheifs 2nd – so damn wack…npt a single good song
i really liked these groups but after the weak follow ups i shut em down… Bogiemonsters 2nd was wack as hell too
and ooh off topic but the worst records i ever owned gotta be Me Phi Me and Nubian MOB…aaaaaah

Comment by Dro 12.19.08 @

Tim Dog’s Do or Die album with the exception of “I get Wreck”, “Sily Bitch” and maybe one more.

Comment by Marc Davis 12.19.08 @

sad part is thats the a and b side of one single

Comment by Mercilesz 12.19.08 @

how ’bout Prodigy’s fall-off after HNIC??

Comment by dj blendz 12.19.08 @

As we’ve covered most of them already, how about Redman and “Doc’s Da Name”? After 3 albums where he could do no wrong this shit felt like a paint by numbers effort compared to the previous material. Red can still rock the mic but I just felt he never hit the same ‘highs’ from this point onwards in his career. Either Reggie fell off slightly or I grew up?

Comment by Hooligan 12.19.08 @

1 llcoolj going back to cali, he still gets afew bangers but overall fell off.
2. ultra mag after 1st album
3. bran nubian after pubas solo album
4. fat joe after j.o.e. album, 1 hit wonder
5. ice cube as a rapper, still love his movies thou
6. biggies life after death cant compare to ready to die. 2 much puff
7. common, gets on the afrocentric shizzz
8. red and meth after they started making cheech and chong movies.
9. gangstar jazzmatazz (i still have love for them )
10. eminem “stan” he went all the way to left)
when latifah took over flavor unit
whentribe called quest broke up, tip cant do it alone ex. vivarant thing sucks balls and everything afterwards…

Comment by kapitan95 12.19.08 @

Why hasn’t anyone mentioned Infamy yet? Or what about every Premo beat since, I don’t know, 2004? Oh right, this is the site for people who listen to crap like A.W.O.L.

Comment by Tray 12.19.08 @

Raekwon’s 2nd album, that shit hurt…

Comment by redstarr 12.19.08 @

Yeah Q-Tip going solo was a painful time….

Comment by BIGSPICE 12.19.08 @

“I remember how large SuperRhymes was when he fell off”…
-It was painful to witness a veteran like Masta Ase stumble in that battle vs. an unknown dude from VA (BoogieMan).
-De La’s post-Stakes “if you cant beat em, join em” albums.
-Seeing Kane in the “To be your Man” video was brutal too. Didnt he dress as Dick Tracy in one scene?
-Nice n Smooth in the New Kids on the Block Video
-Pharcyde fucking with David Silver from 90210
-Primo working with “huge fan” Christina Aguilera

Comment by keatso 12.19.08 @

I agree with redstarr Raekwon’s 2nd cd was complete and utter trash.
Inspectah Deck’s debut solo had no wins except for the Rec Room single.

Comment by Brooklyn 'Lo 12.19.08 @

@Brooklyn Lo-I thought that,”Show an Prove”track was fire”,Man Deck came with verse after verse.I thought that”Power of God”track was nice too,but yeah…after that Rec joint…it was down hill.

@Keatso-I forgot those De La soul joints that followed,”Stakes is high”I actually just got back on board with”Impossible Mission”.

Comment by Roger Jones 12.19.08 @

Kurtis Blow – Kingdom Blow
Whodini – Open Sesame
Boogie Boys – Survival of the Freshest
UTFO – Skeezer Pleezer (although, I liked Lethal)

Comment by turtle 12.19.08 @

When my friend played me the tune that KRS-1 did with R.E.M., I was like ‘What the fuck is this all about?’. I think I remember reading in an interview that he himself looked back at that as a bit of a bad moment.

And I loved Wu Tang’s first two albums, but they haven’t really done more than a couple of decent tunes since Wu-Tang Forever, and that was 11 years ago.

Comment by End Level Boss 12.20.08 @

@ Roger Jones OC Jewelz? Really? It’s my favorite album of all time!

Comment by Bas 12.20.08 @

Cube fucked up with Westside Connection. Wasn’t a horrible album, but it symbolized stupidity.

I’ll still listen to Nas, but I realized that he will never make a good album again once I heard I Am.

Common started on the road to suck-hood when he made “G.O.D.” and “Retrospect for Life” on One Day, but Be was just depressing. This was supposed to be him returning to form after his experimentation, and he was struggled to sniff mediocrity.

Comment by gordon gartrelle 12.20.08 @

Buckshot-BDI Thug

Comment by cliff 12.20.08 @

Even though he benefited career wise, Jay-Z Vol. 2

Comment by stankon 12.20.08 @

@Bas-Yeah,OC: Jewelz.

Man I remember OC telling the Source just before”Jewelz”was released,that he was still HipHop…just with the direction of his second album it was time to”eat”(sell-out),and sadly the project got no real attention.Don’t get me wrong,I love OC-“Times up”,Born 2 live”,constable”,but I would never had even bothered with his 2nd album if Bumpy,DJ Premier,Big L were not guest artist.Word Life.

Comment by Roger Jones 12.20.08 @

With that said…..

1.Tha Alkaholiks-4th album
2.DJ Jazzy Jeff&Fresh Prince:…beat Mike Tyson-Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!
3.Grand Puba-Understand this
4.AG:(solo)-The dirty version
5.Ice-Cube:War & Peace(both cd’s)
6.YO YO’s-4th album
7.Antoinette:burnin at 40 below
8.Kam:made in america
9.Naughty By nature:Poverty’s paradise
10.Jeru da damaja:3rd album

Comment by Roger Jones 12.20.08 @

i hope u didnt buy all of these Roger cuz damn……some of these u knew was gonna be trash before even listenin to em..ha ha

Comment by Mercilesz 12.20.08 @


In this last batch,I bought that Antoinette,Kam,and AG joint.I heard those other joints because I use to work in a record store back then and got first listens to all the new joints that were released.But yeah,pure instincts saved me from most though.

Comment by Roger Jones 12.20.08 @

no doubt kid… i always wanted to work in a record store. respect

Comment by Mercilesz 12.20.08 @

oh shit though 99.9 percent was fire…if thats any consolation

Comment by Mercilesz 12.20.08 @

grand daddy iu -lead pipe
fat joe -don cartagena
geto boys -the resurrection
tuff crew -still dangerous
craig mack -operation get down
keith murray -it’a beautiful thing
above the law -time will reveal
mc eiht -we come strapped
das efx -how we do
onyx -triggernometry

Comment by swordfish 12.21.08 @

The day we let in Krunk into Hip Hop that was the end, not to mention ‘down down baby…cocoa puff rap’. This has led to the demise of rap, now we have artist like jeezy, TI,Cham.,mike jones and a whole bunch a bullshit rappers claiming they the king of this and that.This list can go on forever.

Comment by Woody Allen 12.21.08 @

Uh, second Gravediggaz anyone?
I’d rather die in a pit full of snakes!

Comment by Ruestar 12.21.08 @

How terrible Mic Geronimo’s second album was killed me a little inside.
Second gravediggaz joint too – man i anticipated that one Soooooooooo much. Then it was like “oh you HAVE to be fucking kidding me”.
The puff daddy remix of step into a world hurt me too. Completely ruined ‘I Got Next’ for me. “i know lets layer a bunch of classic breaks over the top of each other, while i talk like a poof all over it”. Shit still makes me mad.

Comment by Headlock 12.21.08 @

I was still with Nas up until the Street’s Disciple double LP. Then I was like, “Fuck Nas” but then I gave him another chance with Hip Hop is Dead and then I was like “he’s still putting out bullshit” and then I passed on his latest album completely. I still haven’t heard any of the songs except for that one about fried chicken and the one about Fox News. I’ve completely given up on Nas ever coming out with another dope album and it’s a damn shame because he’s incredibly talented. The only way he could get back to being real dope is if he had some people like the ones who come to this site executive produce his next album, enlisting classic producers and forcing him away from hyper-materializm, corny ass love songs and useless collaborations.

Comment by crusher 12.22.08 @

i was starting to get suspicious when Bobby Digital came out…but id have to say after hearing Wu’s the “W” I stopped hitting up record stores every Tuesday. Basically every album past 2000.

Comment by don c 12.22.08 @

Craig Mack- Operation Get Down yup you’re right swordfish that was a major let down , i still blame Eric B for that one, he was involved somehow right , and how about Eric B’s solo album ??! wow…and Phife’s – Ventilation no matter how much you like atcq that album was garbage. Last but not least D.M.C’s – Checks Thugs and Rock N Roll….haaa ha w t f ?

Comment by Dro 12.22.08 @

how about:
DITC-Wildlife and pretty much every other release from related artists after that like Show & AG Live Hard, everything by Diamond after Hatred, Passions…
M.O.P. after Warriorz. Always thought they were kinda hit and miss even before that
Freddie Foxxx-Konexion
Rakim’s solo albums
KRS after I Got Next and that already had some garbage on it
all Large Pro albums since his first album never really came out
everything by J-Live after his first album

Comment by boogs 12.22.08 @

I never thought there’d be a day that the Ra would ever make an album that sucked … then he went and made ‘The Master’! The first solo album was a winner IMO, but that second LP was awful! Ra’s verse on The Watcher 2 and R.A.K.I.M were a welcome return to form … but then every other new track I’ve heard is a pale shadow of what Ra once represented. He had a good run though … 5 LPs of pretty consistent quality.

Comment by Brock 12.23.08 @

Did anybody else get burned purchasing LaQuan’s (“Now’s The B Turn”) album Notes of a Native Son? I still get pissed off by that garbage and it was the only cassette I purchased that I purposely taped over just to forget how bad I got robbed.

Comment by DRLROCKWELL 12.23.08 @

u might be on ur own with that one DRL…that video was on some new jack swing ish…I bought Hansoul imagination though…so u know….

Comment by Mercilesz 12.23.08 @

@DRLROCKWELL-Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!-I remember seeing that video and almost going out and buying that single.But as mercilesz said,I started to see into the New Jack swing influence.Don’t feel sighted though by that purchase,just look at all the post above,we ALL bought some”wackness”.

Comment by Roger Jones 12.23.08 @

@ DRLROCKWELL-*slighted*

Comment by Roger Jones 12.23.08 @

@ Mercilesz & Roger Jones – Believe me I took a lot of heat for buying that garbage back then and I deserved it. I really tried to forget about it but reading all of these other posts let me knnow I know that I’m in good company.

Comment by DRLROCKWELL 12.24.08 @

Speaking on Red’s album ‘Docs Da Name’… I was at the album release party in this old NYC club called Tramps and some dude was wearing the Redman mascot costume all night just wylin’ out. Redman never showed up though.

I told this to my homey at DefJam the following day and he told me that WAS Redman in the mascot costume. After that it all made sense.

Ice Cube precipitous fall from hardened street sage to children’s B-movie matinee foil was too dramatic for my psyche. The rhymes he crafted for NWA’s debut album had me rioting on Virginia Beach at the 1989 Greek picnic.

I was all in, and then I had nothing.

Comment by Dallas 12.25.08 @

Jungle Brothers. I hung my head.

Robbie, Elton John is the biggest cunt in the world, by the way. No quantity of Bernie Taupin-penned 70s pop classics can surmount just what a cunt he is.

Comment by Daddy Bones 12.30.08 @

@ Dallas
I was at that jam back in 01.The ‘Doc Da Name’party, it was f-ing awesome. The chicks thought me and my boy from school were the NERD. They played NORE’s thug out track by the neptunes and bitches started circling us…HHHHHAAAAAAHAHA…special thanks to Akko

Comment by Woody Allen 12.30.08 @

as a life long cypress fan and with less expectations as each album came out it’s a toss up between the rock portion of skull and bones and when i first heard “what’s your #” . in both cases the bar went down a little… The new album coming this new year should exceed. Supposedly primo did a song with them!

Comment by newUnkutFan 12.31.08 @

first off i’d like to say that i respect them for at least making an effort to put out material.

Nas only has Illmatic and Stillmatic, everything else is just bad, album-wise.

O.C.’s second album was the nail in the coffin. Then he became Mush. MUSH? WTF!!!

Royce Da 5’9’s career choices.

Rakim when he told us “Don’t Sweat the Technique”.
Then he followed up that folly with signing to Dre’s label. A death sentence. Oh…then he performed a “new” song at the VH1 Honors. Painful.

Onyx- When i saw them perform before the first album dropped and these guys were like 5’4″. You can’t talk all that tough stuff and be a munchkin.

Biggie- when he got shot. Actually the 2nd album sucked.

Tupac- when he got shot. He played the fence pretty well when it came to putting out ignorant and thought provoking music.

50 Cent- exploiting the fact that he got shot.

Eminem – if i was him, i would’ve make ammends with Elton John behind closed doors but to do it in public and for it to not sound good? bad move. Plus i think he ran out of steam by his 2nd album.

Dr Dre – when he left his masters at Death Row and Daz got his masters and sued Suge.

oh yeah its supposed to be about music…

UMC’s second album

Butterfly (of Digable Planet)- his solo album.

Akinyele’s career

EL P- anything after the Company Flow album just doesn’t sit well.

Showbiz and AG – one of my producer friends says that Showbiz’s production was crazy at the time but i couldn’t get past AG’s rhyming.

Anything by Agallah or whatever he wants to call himself.

Anything LL Cool J did after the Bad album. It just seemed contrived.

Comment by jux55 01.10.09 @

“Anything by Agallah or whatever he wants to call himself”
^You mean 8off the Assasin from Purple City?
That reminds me, when he worked with PMD that was a definite disappointment…as was anything PMD did with the E.
Which leads to the literal falling off of Erick Sermon-when he jumped out that window, right around the height of the gay rumors.

Comment by keatso 01.10.09 @

I meant withOUT E obviously. Getting Mine in 09.

Comment by keatso 01.10.09 @

1. Kane’s 3rd album. I was In college. I was broke and I scrambled to get the $12 for his c.d. That m.fer still owes me.

2. Raekwons Immobilarity

3. LL 14 shots to the dome. I h8 him for that.

4. Antoinettes 2nd album..broke my young heart

Comment by C Style 01.16.09 @

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