Cutty From The Wire’s 2008 Rap Round-Up
Wednesday January 07th 2009,
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Dennis “Cutty” Wise (aka “Coach”) doesn’t take shorts. Whether he’s doing a 14-year stretch or working the heavy bag at his gym, this dude don’t eff around. That’s why he was the only possible contender to host Unkut’s 2008 Rap Round-Up. If you remember Bobitto‘s Blindfold Test column where he plays records and asks for a response then you know the deal here.

Prodigy – H.N.I.C. 2

Cutty: Mmm hmm, this boy curses too much, man! Got a real unsociable attitude, too. Kinda like that boy who done put two in me when I was tryin’ to talk to Michael on that corner. That song with some Spanish in it was OK, though. You know I picked up a few of those Spanish curse words from doin’ them lawns, sonny.

LL Cool J – Exit 13

Cutty: LL? When I got locked-up he was just a young boy, man. His tape was alright, man. Looks like he take care of himself…that’s smart. You gotta stay fit, man. Your body is your temple, you know?

Robbie: Some people complain that his music is too soft now.

Cutty: You don’t call a man who been making records for over twenty years soft, man. He a man.

Lil’ Wayne – The Carter 3

Cutty: Why this boy got to be singin’ in to that damn computer all the damn time? Curtis never needed none of that nonsense, man.

Robbie: You mean 50 Cent?

Cutty: 50 who? I’m talkin’ about Curtis Mayfield, man! ‘Back To The World’ was my jam, man! The game done changed. This boy need a haircut, too.

Q-Tip – The Renaissance

Cutty: I think I heard this shit when I was over at Spider’s mom’s house the other night. She’d cooked me a real nice plate and everything, and I think I heard this playing in the bathroom or something. That woman throws down! She a real good cook, too.

Large Pro – Main Source

Cutty: This be some good shit to jump rope to, ya dig? Plus he ain’t sayin’ anything too crazy, man. He alright, man. Like his beard, too. Not enough of these here young ‘uns got the heart to grow a beard no more.

Nas – Untitled

Cutty: This is givin’ me a headache, man. I’d rather watch Benson than listen to this garbage, man. I gotta get up outta here, man. Might go for a run or somethin’.

Classic Cutty:

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shit yeah

off topic but…The Wire = my favorite show…ever

Comment by AFFEX 01.07.09 @

Dope Tangent Rob Nackers!

Comment by Lumberjack 01.07.09 @

Funniest Unkut post ever. Hilarious.

Comment by Scott 01.07.09 @

The Wire episodes 1-5 boxset,the best X-mas ever,and possibly the last”piece”of Programing worth watching.Y’all wrong though,Cutty is that dude-Ha!ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!

Comment by R.Jones 01.07.09 @

been out for a minute, but worth a listen if you missed it.

Comment by jowhite 01.07.09 @

LMAO. Funny. Inaccurate but funny.

Comment by TC 01.07.09 @

This is too funny! Cutty should be the new album reviewer! I love this site!

Comment by The Kid 01.07.09 @

Cutty knows. My top (and by top I mean listened to more than once) joints for ’08, in no particular order:

Craig G & Marley Marl – Operation Take Back Hip Hop
Kidz In The Hall – The In Crowd
eMC – The Show
Large Pro – Main Source
Q Tip – Renaissance
P Brothers – The Gas
DJ Design – Jetlag
Ghostface Killah – The Big Doe Rehab (I know it dropped December ’07, but I was bangin it in ’08)

P Brothers and DJ Design are the two I played the most.

Comment by End Level Boss 01.07.09 @

“Y’all wrong though,Cutty is that dude”

I’m sayin’ though. That’s why he’s doing this spot.

“Inaccurate but funny”

Cutty likes what he likes. Me? D.I.T.C ‘Rare Breaks Stack One’ for the win this year.

Comment by Robbie 01.07.09 @

I’m so jealous that you still have season 5 to go.

Comment by Dan Love 01.07.09 @

“All ya gotta do is add water…” Cuttys the man no doubt! Killer post blud, A Large Pro and Cutty collabs gotta be in the works…

Comment by Trem One 01.08.09 @

too funny

Comment by eric 01.08.09 @

Name the Bad Boy Records rap video he appeared in (without looking it up on wikipedia or imdb) to win a very special prize.

Comment by brian beck from wisconsin 01.08.09 @

G Dep’s ‘Bad Boy 4 Life’?

Comment by Robbie 01.08.09 @


It was Dem Boyz by Boyz ‘N’ Da Hood :

Slim is in it too.

Comment by brian beck from wisconsin 01.09.09 @

….and Wee-Bay.

Comment by farns 01.10.09 @

Hillarious shit Rob!

Comment by Hams 01.21.09 @

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