The Search For The Ultimate Kid Rapper – Round 1

Kiddie rap. Great idea, huh? Almost as interesting as kiddie rap records is the beef between kiddie rappers. Chi-Ali and Illegal hated each other. Everyone hated ABC and Kriss Kross. Bow Wow and Romeo….who the eff cares. On with the round-up!

2 Low

Mentor/Ghostwriter: Scarface.

Naughty By Nature Wannabe? Nah, he was from the South, fool.

Career Highlight: That shit he did on ‘Face’s second album.

Current Career Status: May be working at one of J-Prince’s car dealerships.

Chi Ali

Mentor/Ghostwriter: The Beatnuts/Black Sheep.

Naughty By Nature Wannabe? Nah.

Career Highlight: It’s a tie between abusing Illegal while they were on stage and having his voice break in time for the “Funky Lemonade” remix.

Current Career Status: Shot a dude over some rare CD’s and got caught via America’s Most Wanted.

Kriss Kross

Mentor/Ghostwriter: Jermaine Dupri.

Naughty By Nature Wannabes? Correct.

Career Highlight: ‘Warm It Up’ had a good break in it I guess.

Current Career Status: One of ’em is doing a solo LP with JD.


Mentor/Ghostwriter: Dallas Austin.

Naughty By Nature Wannabe? Yep.

Career Highlight: Having D.I.T.C. beats on their album.

Current Career Status: Malik (aka Hershey Locc Hefner) finally released his album in 2005, while Jamal is currently rolli8ng with Yukmouth from The Luniz.

Da Youngsters

Mentor/Ghostwriter: Lawrence “LG” Goodman, owner of Pop Art Records.

Naughty By Nature Wannabes? Yup.

Career Highlight: Blessed with some amazing Pete Rock, Marley Marl, K-Def, DJ Premier and Beatnuts tracks.

Current Career Status: One of ’em did a track for Amerie.


Mentor/Ghostwriter: Some French douche (producer Claude Lemoine, also his dad).

Naughty By Nature Wannabe? Didn’t know who they were, but would have been.

Career Highlight: Was in the Guinness Book of World Records for having a #1 single at four and a half.

Current Career Status: Was emancipated from his parents after accusations of exploitation. Released a song in 2006.


Mentor/Ghostwriter: Signed to Michael Jacksons’ MJJ label.

Naughty By Nature Wannabes? You said it!.

Career Highlight: Easily the worst kid rap crap ever.

Current Career Status: The blonde kid grew up to become Marshall Mathers.

Another Bad Creation

Mentor/Ghostwriter: Michael Bivens.

Naughty By Nature Wannabes? No, they were mini-Bel Biv Devoes.

Career Highlight: They got to keep the matching outfits from the video.

Current Career Status: Released an EP called Grady Baby Compilation in 2006 for reasons unknown.

Lil’ Bow Wow

Mentor/Ghostwriter: Jermaine Dupri (again?)

Naughty By Nature Wannabe? No, his was too busy riding Snoop’s nuts.

Career Highlight: Dropping the “Lil” from his name.

Current Career Status: Currently making his sixth solo album, New Jack City Part 2 and trying to work out if Ciara was actually a dude after all.

Lil’ Romeo

Mentor/Ghostwriter: Master P.

Naughty By Nature Wannabe? No, his was too busy riding Lil Bow Wow‘s nuts.

Career Highlight: His TV show ran for three years on Nickelodeon.

Current Career Status: Did three movies last year and is threatening to release a fifth solo record this year.

Round 2

Who is the GOAT kid rapper? Round 1

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coincidentally, i befriended shyheim on facebook yesterday. no love for the rugged child?

Comment by rafi 02.09.09 @

Chi-Ali’s tape was cool, you can never go wrong with the Beatnuts. Most of this other stuff was hot garbage.

But sadly, they all better than Souljah Boy, Hurricaine Chris etc etc

Comment by Frost Gamble 02.09.09 @

i vote shyhiem.

Comment by done 02.09.09 @

ha.just saw the topic and thought bout 2 low.
i gotta go wit illegal.jamal n hershey loc
did a good job.

Comment by swordfish 02.09.09 @

Even though I looked at”Lil Kids”rapping back then as a gimmick,I voted Chi Ali.His debut and the remixes are still classics to this day,Illegal would be my close second,Diamond,Lord Finesse,and E.Sermon did their debut justice.

Comment by R.Jones 02.09.09 @

LeJuan Love!!!!!!!!!!

Mentor/Ghostwriter: Brother Muhfuckin’ Marquis from 2 Live Crew

Naughty By Nature wannabe: more like Milk D maybe

Career highlight: My Hardcore Rhymes, having DJ Man as his DJ

Current Career Status: ?????

Comment by ScubaHoodedFuneral 02.09.09 @

Illegal (mostly) wrote for themselves while Treach actually wrote rhymes for Da Youngstas too so that definitely confirms their NBN wannabe status. Hwo did you miss the Soul Assassins-affiliated Whooliganz though??

Comment by ian 02.09.09 @

Tragedy was the best kid rapper ever…

Comment by Antonio 02.09.09 @

Chi Ali! Wasn’t Dres from Black Sheep his mentor instead of the Beatnuts?


Comment by stieflkater 02.09.09 @

The Aftermath by Da Youngstaz damn near was Illmatic before Illmatic, all them hot beats and the album after that with Mad Props was nice too.
Crewz pop its the hiphop pop pop!!

Comment by chronwell 02.09.09 @

Youngstas was dope….but…..Chi Ali hands down…Dres lil brother had it and I wana hear what hes spittin now.I still bump his Red Alert promo on my walkman and it goes hard to this day. I used to cut that funky lemonade remix up in 92(i was a kiddie dj)…haven’t heard that in years. now….does anyone have the original Roadrunner by Trugoy where he says all of Chi Alis lines….I need that in my life right now. peace

Comment by Mercilesz 02.09.09 @

left out Baby D homie!!!

Comment by cbloom 02.09.09 @

What about the Hooliganz? Alchemist before he turned into a Puerto Rican from Queens and Scott Caan before he started getting acting gigs based on his last name.

Comment by Ridiculous Fish 02.09.09 @

Where the hell is Shyheim? He should win by default. His debut record, “AKA The Rugged Child”, was certified and let’s not forget he torched Biggie, Tupac & Big Daddy Kane on that classic MSG Freestyle in ’94.

Comment by DocZeus 02.09.09 @

Rap is a grown man sport y’all!

Comment by Traum 02.09.09 @

Short-term memory loss is no joke….looks like we need a Round 2.

Comment by Robbie 02.09.09 @

Lil romeo is currently at USC on a basketball scholarship

Comment by Jay 02.09.09 @

an old man got shot in the parkin lot
in front of his buildin, i hangs wit his grandchildren!

Comment by pigsty 02.09.09 @

Chi MUTHAFUCKIN Ali. I used to bang that tape CONSTANTLY in the early ’90s. I loved that album. It was hilarious to hear such a young kid rhyming about fucking mad bitches. And the beats are bananas.

Smiley the Ghetto Child wrote most of the album, if I’m not mistaken. So you’ve got the ghostwriter credit wrong.

I wonder what happened to the follow up album–it was supposed to drop in the Summer of ’93. He also had a bit part in the HBO movie “Strapped” which came out earlier that year I think (or the year before) I have one single from the follow up–which is a Premo joint…it’s off some Premo rarities comp, “No Surrender, No Retreat” or something like that.

Comment by Finally 02.09.09 @

Outta that list I’d either give it to [pause] Da Youngstas or Illegal, BUT, Shyheim AND A+ (you can’t front on dude) deserve to be in this list.

Comment by Jzs 02.09.09 @

malik released an album? just know his
12 and some compilated stuff.
mally g’s shit is classic.for me.
i’ll stick my dick in the ground and
turn the whole around…(one of the best
lines ever)

Comment by swordfish 02.10.09 @

That white kid in Quo is Australian (?!) choreographer Wade Robson who had a dance show on MTV not too long ago.

Comment by keatso 02.10.09 @

Who was that dude who was down with Snoop called again? The one who used to roll with DPG?

Comment by Brock 02.11.09 @

^ Mally G from Illegal.

Comment by Robbie 02.11.09 @

can’t forget Lil Vicious & Jam Master Jay’s group Fam-Lee

Comment by RL 02.11.09 @

that was lil malik aka hershey loc.
heard he’s a cousin off calvin.

Comment by swordfish 02.11.09 @

2low for the win, That funky lil naggin was pure gold, i listened to this when i wass his age.

Comment by Lumberjack 02.13.09 @

Lil Bow Wow career highlight:

“what you wanna be when you grown up?”
“I wanna be a muthafuckin hustler”

In case I remember correctly that it was him on the Doggystyle interlude..

Comment by Krisch 02.13.09 @

Low point of Chi Ali’s career: murdering his girlfriend’s brother, Sean Raymond.

Comment by Ballatician 02.19.09 @

I liked most of these artists but my fav kiddie rap duo was QUO for some reason they had tite rhymes,different rap style but was also similar to westcoast style sine they from cali they were my fav

Comment by QUOFUNK 03.01.09 @

Shyheim and A+ are the best kid rappers ive heard

Comment by Rghgb 06.02.15 @

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