Build Your Own Hip-Hop Supergroup

Gotta get the Cream…

So there’s a bit of talk about Slaughterhouse, right? Joell and Royce are sick, Buddens has his moments and…err…Crooked I? As I was saying, who would you throw into a smoke-filled studio with a bag of Chinese take-out and a case of Becks? Four MC’s, one wildcard for guest shots. Go in.

Unkut Dot Com’s Roster:

The Headcrack Assassination Squad

Roc Marciano

Strong Island delivered us yet another unique wordsmith. A perfect combination of abstract wordplay and street science.

Killa Sha

Sha Lumi brings together twenty years worth of Bridge influence into an action-packed sixteen every time, with the best ad-libs around.

Sean Price

Sean P is that dude. I actually through both the recent Bootcamp albums just to hear his verses. Tends to burn everyone else on the same track.

Blaq Poet

Every time Poet hits the booth, he wins. Nothing fancy, just bare-bones gutter shit with a a ton of heart from one of the most reliable troopers in the game.

Wildcard: Doo-Wop

Wop is a great rapper because he isn’t actually a rapper, doesn’t try too hard, he has a great flow and he keeps it simple, dummy. Plus it’s mostly the voice.

Sid Romes Roams on the beat.

Gotty™ from TSS roster:

Nas – Why not?

The Beatnuts (circa late 90’s) – for the production & the fact that they like to fuck, drink beer & smoke some shit.

Ghostface Killah – No particular reason except that Ghost should always be included just to shake up the chemistry of any lineup of stellar emcees.

Ludacris – Because the only rapper who has unquestionably stolen more songs is Busta. While I’m not a huge fan of either, I’d rather have measured doses of Luda spitting precise rhymes over a throaty Busta “raow raow”-ing in the absence of coherent thought.

Bonus shot – Alfamega – w/a room full of inebriated rowdy rappers, somebody’s gotta keep’em in line. Maybe he can do a chorus or two. No verses please, Mega, thanks.

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The Funky Four Rap Sangaz
Devin – high on weed
Kokane – high on pills
D-Loc – drunk
B.O.B. – rookie

feature by
Hi-C – the original funky rap sanga

and by the way, Crooked I is dope!

Comment by Jasper 03.05.09 @

i’d have Lord Finesse, Akinyele, Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, and Thirstin howl. All spittin in full effect punchline mode over one of my beats,…

Old school selection i know but i don’t feel many guys spittin these days,..

A more modern selection maybe: Meyhem, Roc Marciano, Jadakiss, Ghostface, Again with me on beat. :)

..Looking forward to reading some other peoples selections…

Comment by RowanB 03.05.09 @

dope selection.
sean is da man big time.he’s rippin it
apart on any track.i’ll go thirstin for
howl too.and the ‘new n improved’ rugged man.
always nice to hear them spit.

Comment by swordfish 03.05.09 @

am sayin…. DOOM, Ghostface, Pharoahe Monch, Eminem, and Busta Rhymes…. each of these mc’s is crazy hype, as a super group the shit would be fuckin bananas

Comment by mr sin 03.05.09 @

how about…

percee p
inspectah deck
pharoahe monch
godfather don
…with gf don or beatnuts on the beats?

Comment by KQ 03.05.09 @

Scarface, Ice Cube, Percee P and Kool G Rap

Comment by chima 03.05.09 @

all honky squad:
Pete Nice
Tom J from the Knucklehedz

beats by J-Love and Sam Sever
guest raps and prod.from Edan the Humble Magnificent

Comment by stoolthrowa 03.05.09 @

Guilty Simpson
Percee P
Ghostface Killah
Sean Price

With Madlib on the beats

Comment by rambling conn 03.05.09 @

Rhymefest, Talib Kweli, Andre 3000 (provided he actually raps at least 85% of the time), and Bun B
Wild Card: Chino XL

btw, Crooked I is dope

Comment by Free Michael Phelps 03.05.09 @

alright so since unfortunately lyrics don’t matter anymore i’m picking some of the few rappers left that are still doin it and can still make you hit rewind say “dayum!”.

Raekwon, Jadakiss, AZ, G Rap
Production: Preem and Alc would alternate

Comment by JP 03.05.09 @

What about Nas, Foxy, AZ, Nature with Dre on the beats?

oh wait ……

Comment by quan 03.05.09 @

The Incredulous Shit Spitters

It would have to be MF Doom, Esoteric, Kool Keith and M Sayyid with a wildcard of Edan.

Mick Boogie on the beats

Comment by gstatty 03.05.09 @

The Nutty Niggaz

Kool Keith
MF Doom
Fat Lip from Pharcyde
Myka Nyne frm the freestyle fellowship

Comment by jay 03.05.09 @

First verse Roc Marcy
Second Sha Lumi
Thurd Ghostface
Forth Tragedy
All Chorus sung by TJ Swan
Cannons & uncompremisation – P BROTHERS
Side B Remix – Large Pro

Comment by ED209˚ 03.05.09 @

Killer Mike, Sean Price, Casual, Pusha T

Wild card: Mr. Lif

Beats: Oh No, Black Milk, P Brothers

Comment by Nordy 03.05.09 @

I think that a selection from the Crooklyn Dodgers lineups would make a dope supergroup. I’d go with Jeru, O.C., Masta Ace and Chubb Rock. Produced by DJ Premier but tracks by Pete Rock and Large Pro would also fit.

Comment by ceedub 03.05.09 @

Del the Funkee Homosapian
Chali 2Na
MF Doom (Beats and Rhymes)

Comment by Mexistan 03.05.09 @

Ed209 you really puttin that reocrd together aint you? when does it drop?

Comment by DANKWEED 03.05.09 @

Sean P spits better when he’s broke and bummy. Not feelin the coked out P. Put down the pipe homes.

Comment by P 03.05.09 @

The Un-Bearable Wackness of Being MC’s (The UWB MC’s)

Malachi The Nutcracker
Aesop Rock

And of course Primo on the beats cause he’s the only one who could pull this off (I see you Malachi).

Comment by sooch 03.05.09 @

ppls got good taste… but i dont think madlib has produced anything good in years imo the first quasimoto lp

Comment by er4se 03.05.09 @

and no mention of p bros on production? shit…

Comment by er4se 03.05.09 @

Here it is, try to step to this 5 headed monster:

-Tame One (An MC’s MC.)
-R.A. the Ruggedman (He goes all out on posse cuts; why not up the ante with an entire group project?)
-Pharaohe (Phenomenal Flow) Monch (Nuff Said.)
-Copywrite (One of the best punchline rappers out there.)
-Prince Paul (Too often overlooked, but he always brings the heat.)


Comment by skinnyjoe 03.05.09 @

With no parameters given, this is like ID-ing an Air Force One, the possibilities are infinite and intriguing.

Giving consideration to dudes who I would like to hear together, meaning their styles are similar, yet different enough to make a cohesive “group” how about:


Or, for “syllables, syllables, syllables” crew, how about:

Percee P

Really, you could do this all day…

Comment by digglahhh 03.05.09 @

Chino XL – he always brings something to the table when spitting with other emcees – peep that Riooot joint he did with Ras Kass, that joint with Immortal Tech, the stuff he did with Sway and Tech, Kool G Rap!!!

Papoose – I recently heard that Fat Joe ‘Fair One’ diss and ‘Alphabetical Slaughter’ and have to admit I was impressed!

Pharoahe Monche – love this dude, and feel he would gel really well with XL!

Eminem – when he’s on point, nothing short of awesome!!!

WILD CARD: Ras Kass – even though I don’t feel what he’s been doing more recently

Also, didn’t really understand the Crooked I comment … he is a heavy emcee!!!!

Comment by Brock 03.06.09 @

I don’t know much about Crooked I so he’s become ‘the other guy’ in the group. I also enjoy ragging on anyone west of Philly.

Comment by Robbie 03.06.09 @

how is this for the best reggae influenced MC’s super group:

– Chip Fu – for that Trini spice
– Busta Ryhmes – non stop strength
– Spice 1 – The spiggity spice!
– Bushwick Bill – always has some joker’s under his sleeve

Bonus MC
– Queen Latifah – Her chorus’ from back in the day had some CRAZY reggae flava!

Production by
– KRS One – check his track record! nothing but dopeness!

Comment by cenzi 03.06.09 @

Chino XL
Blaq Poet

On the boards: Large Professor, Pete Rock, Premo (only one beat)

Comment by Icon 03.06.09 @

no one mentioned Big L?? wow..
also A.G. aint no slouch,John Robinson aka Lil Sci been dope and what ’bout Ill Bill..
for the wildcard i go with Termanology,he got his moments lol..and why not put Statik Selektah on the beats

Comment by dj blendz 03.06.09 @


Saborrrrrr latino

Comment by $5 newports 03.06.09 @

U.G. (from Dwellas)
Lord Have Mercy
DV Alias Khrist
K.A. (from Natural Elements)
w/ Nick Wiz & Lord Digga on the beats

Comment by Mark Puffalo 03.06.09 @

Kool Keith
KRS (for comic relief?)

wildcard: one of the guys from Anti-Pop Consortium

El-P on the beat

Comment by eric 03.06.09 @

@ Robbie!!! First time I heard of Crooked was when he spit this sick freestyle with Chino on the Wake Up Show!!! Both came hard … there were rumors that Chino’s verse was going at Eminem for hijacking his style!!!! Check it: Chino and Crooked Freestyle

With regards Crooked … I find his rhymes a little cliche at times, but def. the best from the West … and he spits flames on every single one of those SH joints.

Comment by Brock 03.06.09 @

Master Ace
Chill Rob G
Pharoah Monche

Beats by Primo,P Bros,Extra P and K-Def

Comment by beatlover 03.06.09 @

uh yeah none of these made up crews could fuck wit the juice crew…best supergroup of all time

Comment by Mercilesz 03.06.09 @

you can say what you want just spell “Sid Roams” right

Comment by D-Day 03.06.09 @

damn…..every one his opinion but to front on Crooked like that….you must be from NY …..

but everyone can put a group together just name your four fav rappers right.But is that gonna be a good group together….most of the time not
but i put it like this

Big l
Would love to hear that

Bumpy Knuckles
Sean Price
Busta Rhymes
would be great

Crooked I
the Game
interesting or not?

Talib Kweli
Pharoah Monch

Large Pro
Kool G Rap

Jay Z

well i can go on 4 ever

Comment by GarryGanja 03.06.09 @

Even though I am an old school cat (check my previous entry with my supergroup choices) I would love to hear a group with Joell Ortiz spittin’ stuff. To make more “modern” names, he could be joined by Immortal Technique and the guys from NYG’z. And by the way, where is Krumb Snatcha these days?

Comment by ceedub 03.06.09 @

^^he got a new album out called “hidden scriptures” i think

Comment by dj blendz 03.06.09 @

Sid Roams are the Illest!!!

Comment by butchythekid 03.07.09 @

mf doom
sean price
rah digga

wildcard: obie trice

producer: khrysis

Comment by wallysean 03.07.09 @

Sadat X – MC vet with the uniqueness who never disappoints
Blaq Poet – attacks, what the fuck you thought was gonna happen?!?
Kool G Rap – the GOAT, if he can’t eat, nobody can’t eat
Greg Nice – mainly for hooks, for which he would be on every single one.

wild card – M.O.P. or R.A.

Comment by sean g 03.07.09 @

Unkut is trippin’ balls if yall think Crooked I ain’t nice. Ask Ras Kass, he vouches for the nigga and listed him in his own “GREATEST MC’S” list a couple of months ago. Canibus, Chino XL, Bun B, Just Blaze, Kurupt, Xzibit and the list goes on and on. All these niggas vouch for him. Stop sleeping and get educated. It ain’t hard to google the nigga. He got mad freestyles to peep on youtube.

Unkut lost!

Comment by NanoTech 03.08.09 @

Busta Rhymes
Sticky Fingaz
Greg Nice

beats by Primo

Comment by crusher 03.08.09 @

Special Ed
Andre The Giant
Breezly Brewin
Starang Wondah

plus production by DJ Premier, Showbiz, Pete Rock…

Comment by methebiz1200 03.09.09 @

Rah Digga (wild card)

Comment by BlueHayze 03.09.09 @

The Elements:
w/ chuck D or the last poets doing some spoken word chorus or something….

Comment by Brovah man 03.10.09 @

Smooth the hustla & trigga the gambler
Rae & Ghost
Heltah Skeltah

Over a Dilla, Madlib or RZA beat…yuck!

Comment by QUNYC 03.10.09 @

Ice Cube

Comment by thrice 03.10.09 @

my supergroup would be

Shoalin vs. The Mask

The Wu-tang Clan minus Rza and add MF Doom!!!

Comment by Silo 03.11.09 @

andre 3000
jay electronica
erykah badu

Comment by mikki dee 03.14.09 @

Blaq Poet, Party Arty, Reef The Lost Cauze and Guilty Simpson…

Beats by Primo,Buckwild and DR Period….

Comment by Robocop 03.14.09 @

Big L
Blaq Poet
Big Pun

Fuck it, if it’s a super group, I am bringing people back to life!

Comment by BIGSPICE 03.14.09 @

mos def

Comment by sabotaj 03.15.09 @


Wildcard: Pusha

Comment by Eastern_Digital 03.29.09 @

East Coast:
Sean Price
Chuck D

West Coast:
Snoop Dogg
Nipsey Hussle
Too Short
Ice Cube

Bun B
Young Jeezy
Pusha T

Comment by MossCo 01.03.10 @

krs ,a.g.,guru,g rap ( minus all that drugs n gun talk) with premier alchemist showbiz marley & 45 king

Comment by aRKayeM 04.22.10 @

ok. here it is. real rap.

black thought (howd yall sleep on this dude?)
mf doom
mos def
pharohe monch

and my wild card who could easily fill any of the above slots is of course.

sean p.

Comment by trevor deluxe 04.24.10 @

My Group


Comment by inga 04.24.10 @

Suga Free
Chip Fu
Tame One

would probably sound like a mess but I would like to hear them try and tie those many styles together

Comment by Jeffluv 04.30.10 @

Guru, Big L, B.I.G and Tupac over nothing but Paul C productions. Wild Card – God himself.

Comment by A'Pex 05.02.10 @

I mean, Wild Card – O.D.B. Fuck.

Comment by A'Pex 05.02.10 @


Comment by The Wrong NTFW 12.14.10 @

A bit late, but:

W.G.S.F.Y.K. (We Gots Sumpin’ Fo’ Yo’ Kids):

Prodigy (‘Hell On Earth’ era)
Kingpin Skinny Pimp
Waka Flocka

Beats: 40 % Beatminerz, 20 % Lex Luger, 20 % RZA (‘Forever’ era), 20 % DJ Paul & Juicy J (mid 90s era).

Feat.: Yung Kee, Ghostface, Bone Skanless, Slim Shady, Evil Pimp.

I’d DIE to hear that.

Comment by ihatebitches. 01.29.11 @

Late as hell…

The OG’s

G Rap
Percee P

Production by: Marley Marl, 45 King and Ced Gee from Ultra, all circa ’88.

Bring it up to date…

Ras Kass
Planet Asia
Jay Electronica
Black Thought

Production by Pete Rock

Comment by oskamadison 11.27.15 @

Bahamadia, MOP and DOOM in a group called “Sound engineers’ worst nightmare.”

Kool Keith, Junior Disprol, MC Frontalot and MegaRan.

Shock G, E40, Boots and Paris.

Brother J, Jeru, K-Rino and Tiye Phoenix.

Pigeon John, Open Mike Eagle,
Mikah 9 and Rapsody.

Murs, Chip Fu, Ghostface and J-Zone.

Busta Rhymes, Buck 65,
Tech N9ne and Jean Grae.

Wise Intelligent, NY Oil, Jasiri X andDread Scott.

Mc Hardhead, Mystikal, Busdriver and Rah Digger.

Comment by Dino 11.27.15 @

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