Download: Unkut Presents The 40 Oz. 2012

There goes another in year in rap. As Weirdo Rap and EDM Rap takes hold of the youf, it’s getting a little more difficult to pick-out 40 great examples of non-progressive rap that Mitt Romney would approve of. Neo-Con Hip-Hop to some. East-Coast Elitist music to others. We are the Conservative Rap Coalition, and we are legion. Sit back, grab a beer (or something stronger), and let this tape transport you back to a time when rap didn’t suck as much, and when drums mattered, loops were important and rapping about how awesome you were was still cutting-edge.

40. “Basically” – Big Shug

This track features a Fizzy Womack beat, use of the term “pause” and stories about the good old day of the Gang Starr Foundation. Approved.

39. “Chasin” – Reks

I may have only included this track because it includes a reference to being in Mom’s Basement, which is where I’m at right now and possibly forever.

38. “That’s Good for You” – Craig G

Marco Polo serves up Craig with a speaker smasher to get his Angry Old Man Rap on. May also be the best album cover of the year.

37. “Gladiator Music” – Gangrene feat. Kool G Rap

Obligatory Kool G Rap inclusion alert. Also the beat is pretty great.

36. “Self Conscience (J.Force Future Flavas “Deal” Revisit)” – Prodigy & Nas

J.Force revisits this Future Flava exclusive with a new track. A good excuse to hear some old Prodigy.

35. “RLTK” – Public Enemy feat. DMC

Great DJ Johnny Juice production here takes me back to 1986.

34. “Beats On ‘Em” – Bumpy Knuckles & Statik Selektah

Freddie Foxxx puts a lot of music these days. When he nails it like this, who can complain?

33. “Any Last Words?” – DJ Johnny Juice

Who said DJ tracks have to sound like an epileptic fit?

32. “Wash Your Hands” – JJ DOOM

DOOM’s time in the UK has clearly taught him some valuable lessons regarding personal hygiene.

31. “Get Stupid Pt. 2 (Beatbox Rap Version)” – Jorun Bombay feat. Mantronix, Trickey Tee and Greg Nice

Expertly reconstructed recreation of 1985 rap using old accapellas.

30. “StOoDiOtYmE” – DJ Premier and Bumpy Knuckles

My pick of the Foxxx/Mean Joe Preem team-ups. Pitbull Rap (No Pitbull).

29. “The Archer” – Killer Sin

Sleeper from the Man With The Iron Fists soundtrack. Fresh Out The Bing Rap.

28. “Slow Down” – Masta Ace

Quality story telling from the Masta over some old Special Herbs.

27. “Signs” – Apollo Brown & OC

The best Conspiracy Rap I’ve heard in a minute.

26. “Guns for Life” – Wu-Block

Can there ever be too much Gun Metaphor Rap? Yes, actually, but this worked regardless.

25. “Keep Your Eyes Open” – The Legion

Unreleased heat from 1995 D&D Studio sessions? The Bronx wins again.

24. “Get The City Warm” – Neek The Exotic feat. Bumpy Knuckles & Satchel Page

Oddly titled track that knocks thanks to a big beat from Alterbeats from France.

23. “Unstoppable” – Purpose & Confidence

Straight-up Brag Rap over a great beat. Essential.

22. “Justice” – Showbiz & A.G.

Moody musings from The Giant over an atmospheric Show production.

21. “Rulez To The Game (Remix)” – Beneficence feat. B-1 & Herb McGruff

Any 2012 song with B-1 and McGruff is required listening.

20. “Crime Library” – Vinnie Paz feat. Blaq Poet

This beat and hook are ultra violence. Another Marco Polo sure shot.

19. “Daily 1, 2” – Sadat X feat. AG

The Great Dot X can’t stop, won’t stop with Show & A on deck.

18. “Smoove” – Timeless Truth

This beat (by DJ Woof) is outstanding and this Queens duo are nice on the mic device.

17. “Hardknock” – Joey Bada$$ feat. CJ Fly

Token Under 30 Rap inclusion over a quality old Lewis Parker track.

16. “Big Sur” – Lushlife

A new school take on “Broken Language” that wins.

15. “Brand Name Marijuana” – Meyhem Lauren

I can’t get enough of these kinda guitar loops from Alchemist. “Too scared to hustle, but too cool to work.” Basically.

14. “Focused Up” – Large Professor feat. Cormega & Tragedy Khadafi

Queens royalty on deck. The real ‘Watching The Throne’ indeed.

13. “Iron Age” KA feat. Roc Marciano

This is the first real Metal Clergy track to my ears (the cut on Marcberg didn’t hit as hard). Lyrical terrorism.

12. “The Don” – Nas

I won’t claim to be the world’s biggest Heavy D fan, but he blessed Nasir with a winner before he departed.

11. “The Turning Point” – The Alchemist feat. Roc Marciano

Great guitar loop + great Marcy verse = Dope.

10. “Hit Me” – Mystikal

I think Noz J-Zone described this as the best song that Son of Bazerk never made. Worth it just for the White Guy Voice parts.

9. “STFU, Pt. 2” – Sean Price

The highlight of Mic Tyson. Also boast the best intro of the year and best scratch chorus of 2012.

8. “Nine Spray” – Roc Marciano feat. KA

The two best rappers of 2012 do what they do best over a godly Ray West track.

7. “Blood Of The Goat” – Action Bronson feat Big Twin & Sean Price

All rap songs should have an Alchemist beat like this.

6. “Legacy” – Luv Ny feat. OC

O.C. on some deep thinker shit > O.C. talking about popping bottles.

5. “Too Tough for TV” – Lil Fame

Self-produced Fame solo album please.

4. “Whole Wide World” – The Doppelgangaz

Matter Ov Fact and EP sound the new Mobb Deep on this, except they talk about eating the box instead of letting off shots.

3. “Cold Facts” – KA

This defined the genius of Grief Pedigree for me. “I own the night, the heats my receipt” may be the illest line uttered in some time.

2. “Bozak” – Roc Marciano

A bonus track from the re-issue of Roc’s debut that sounds like it recorded a few years back. Raw as ever.

1. “Poetic Justice” – $amhill

The realest song of 2012 from the brutally honest $amhill. The combination of Preservation’s majestic horn driven track and $am’s unique flow make this my most-played track of the year.

Download: Unkut Presents The 40 Oz. 2012

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G-g-g-get it.

Comment by @GenesiusX 12.12.12 @

great selection.raw unkut.thanks.

Comment by swordfish 12.12.12 @

Robbie riding for a Mystikal song? The apocalypse truly is nigh!

I still don’t get the appeal of that Nas song, though; that beat sounds like a MySpace page with 3 separate songs playing simultaneously.

Comment by brian beck from wisconsin 12.12.12 @

Robbie…the basement can’t hold you Sun! This 40…is w/Authority! Fuck the rest of the current/soon to be shitlists. (picture Chuck D hitting that ‘Authority’) Peace/Respect.

Comment by bboycult 12.12.12 @

lotta great CRC material for the 2012 yr..except of course for that Mystikal crap, great job.

Comment by lou 12.12.12 @

“I think Noz described this as the best song that Son of Bazerk never made. ”

I think that was J-Zone actually? In any case I agree.

Comment by noz 12.12.12 @


Comment by @MartinvdGiesen 12.13.12 @

Any 2012 song with B-1 and McGruff is required listening.

There are few unambiguous truths in the world; this is one of them.

Also, in before the Munson trolling!

Comment by digglahhh 12.13.12 @

One of a handful of Year-End lists that mean anything to me, annually.

Comment by @Citizen__Paine 12.13.12 @

good list. needs some AG da coroner though.

Comment by sancho 12.13.12 @

I need pro to download????

Comment by esto 12.13.12 @

Hey Robbie – can we get a re-up from a sharing site that doesn’t suck please?

Comment by Farns 12.14.12 @

yea i tried d’loadin it but cot damn zip files never work for me

Comment by lou 12.14.12 @

yeah the link doesn’t work

Comment by dee 12.15.12 @

^ Just click ‘continue as free user’. The files too big for the other file share spots.

Comment by Robbie 12.15.12 @

Thanks for another great tape Robbie, gonna buy a few albums on the strength of these previews. Keep serving the muppets in 2013!

Comment by Chris Ward 12.15.12 @

i guess u need to register or something.

Comment by dee 12.15.12 @

You have to click the download icon at the mid-right of the page, not the one at the bottom-right.

Comment by Ross 12.17.12 @

yo Robbie, what up with that CZARFACE joint!?

shit is hard and should be at least top5!?

Comment by BNSN 12.17.12 @

$amhill – changed man

Comment by TED 12.18.12 @

Dope.. A few of my favorite tracks up there too.

Comment by LEX 12.19.12 @

No Danny Brown?

Comment by vitaltwofor 12.31.12 @

Why No Raekwon?

Comment by vitaltwofor 12.31.12 @

thanks heaps for this rob! I pretty gave up trying to actively find good new hip hop jams about 10 years ago, and now here you doing all the hard listening work and sifting up the goods on a platter. Much appreciated. Loving the interviews too, that Silver Fox one was great…

Comment by richie1250 01.09.13 @

Lots of good sheeeeeeeeeit on this comp

Comment by @timsterne 01.10.13 @

Is that B-1 from Verbal Affairs. Wow

Comment by fuckyall 01.28.13 @

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