Willie D vs. Melle Mel Boxing Footage Found
Wednesday September 04th 2013,
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I’ve been obsessed with finding out more info about this legendary event ever since I first read about it in The Source. Last year some highlight footage turned up, and now today we have some Yo! MTV Raps outtakes featuring more footage of Melle Mel getting his ass handed to him by the Clean-Up Man.

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Excellent work Robbie. Worth watching to see the expression on Melle Mel’s face as he gets up from being floored. Would be good to see Bumpy come out of boxing retirement and put some more heads to bed.

Comment by Chris Ward 09.04.13 @

That dont look like straight KO’s to me..It look more like he pushed him to the canvas twice..Just sayin’

Comment by lou 09.04.13 @

This fight proves one thing: Muscles can only get you so far without developed fighting techniques. Melle Mel is obviously muscled, but Willie D’s technical skills made them completely useless.

Comment by Larry Legend 09.05.13 @

people forget, Willie D was a professional boxer. I guess Melle Mell let his ego get the best of him.

Comment by Jay the Black Jew 09.05.13 @

In my head after each knockdown I can hear Willie yelling “Go play witcha momma!”

Comment by Enig Mue 09.06.13 @

WOW!!!!!! I didn’t think I’d EVER see this… Salute to Robbie!

Comment by Blitz 09.08.13 @


Comment by DF 09.11.13 @

Willie slipped but before he did he knocked Melly Mel the phuck out!!! If it was just a slip and fall Mel wouldn’t have been wobbling like a bobble doll.

Comment by KDOMARA 03.08.14 @

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